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  1. How I can make pre-rendered textures in the textures/lod folder if use for example city retexture without pre-rendered lod textures ?
  2. uGridsToLoad don't take effect =5 =11 I painted landscape textures red, you can see same radius of real textures regardless loaded cells It's clearly visible in tundra.
  3. No, it's new game. I "coc'ed" in location from main menu. I find out, it's LOD terrain textures (terrain\tamriel\tamriel*.dds). Why I see terrain LOD in loaded cells? Full models of objects, actors but terrain LOD. Full landscape textures I see in the area that less than loaded cells (uGridsToLoad).
  4. I have problem with landscape/terrain textures. I have it in vanila game and with landscape mods. uGridsToLoad=7, but I see landscape textures pop-in in loaded cells. I try Skyrim Launcher Ultra settings and BethINI Ultra settings. SSELODGen didn't help me. i5-9600k 16 GB RAM, Radeon Vega 56 8GB, NVMe SSD. For example, Cathedral Landscapes (tg console)
  5. I found interesting setting in skyrim.ini fLandTextureTilingMult, it's help with landscape tiling problem. But it make seams in loaded cells far away. How I can remove tiling, but don't have landscape seams? [spoiler=fLandTextureTilingMult=1] [spoiler=fLandTextureTilingMult=2] [spoiler=fLandTextureTilingMult=3 (default)]
  6. But tree LODs use your texture file. I can correct brightness for example DynDoLOD_Tamriel.dds in graphic editor after generation. Why I can't correct it in DynDoLOD before generation?
  7. DynDoLOD use textures from \Data\textures\DynDOLOD\lod\DynDOLOD_%WorldName%l.dds for hybrid 3D trees crowns, and billboards wich generated by DynDoLOD. But LOD Brightness not take affect to this. How I can tune this brigntness. I manualy colored this texture atlas for visibility
  8. I use hibryd 3D trees LODs, high rules (tree Static LOD4 | Billboard | Billboard), but I see always 3D LODs. 3D trees LODs is feature with more hit to perfomance, I use EVT, 3D trees LODs hit down my FPS from 100 to 70. I think 3D tree LODs only for 0 level LOD will be better. P.S. I'm sorry if I don't understand something, but english is foreign language for me.
  9. Can I make 3D tree LODs near and billboards in the far or it's separate metod of tree LODs?
  10. Where I can read more information about ; Change PortalBoxes in processed worldspaces to just Boxes - can help with performance in Skyrim/Enderal PortalBoxFix=I don't see any change in fps.
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