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  1. Edit never mind I figured it out; had a conflicting mesh version for some trees. Thanks for your help!
  2. Sorry I thought I had fixed it by installing the EVT trunk meshes, but no. The attached pics show the issue: the meshes of both the EVT trunk and the full model, opened via MO2 virtual folder, show the correct texture. The same trunk and model simultaneously viewed via Texgen preview show the old texture. The weird thing is I don't even have that texture installed anymore! What is happening??
  3. Where would I find the trunk NIF to check the texture path? Is it different from the full model NIF? I didn't actually change the texture path on the full model NIF; I just renamed new textures to match the original ones (I thought that would be more compatible). I am using Enhanced Vanilla Trees which uses a lot of alternate trunk textures.
  4. I think I am missing something: I changed the tree trunk textures of my snow pine trees to be more browns rather than all boring greys. Looks great in full model and Texgen-generated billboard, but Texgen doesn't seem to be updating the colour of the ultra lod trunk - they still look grey from a distance in-game and then turn brown when the full model loads, and viewing the 3d ultra lod tree model in the MO2 data folder also shows a grey trunk. Did I miss a step? When running Texgen I selected Tree, HD Tree and Rendered checkboxes in the Tree/Grass section. Thanks!
  5. oh I see. I will see if I can still make a decent billboard manually then! Thanks
  6. Hello! I created green variants of the 6 aspen trees and used them to replace some of the placed trees in the "Great Forest of Whiterun Hold" mod. Works and looks great! The only issue is the green version of TreeAspen04 isn't recognized by either Dyndolod or Texgen and is skipped. I suspect I could add a new rule to Dyndolod for that specific mesh if I had to, but how do I get Texgen to make the billboard? Since it is a small tree (or large bush?) I am ok with LOD4 being a billboard rather than a 3D ultra lod. I verified it has all the same field values as the other aspen variants, which are all automatically recognized and included by Texgen/Dyndolod. I added the "has distant lod" flag to see if it would make a difference but it has not.
  7. I ran it again (a 3rd time) and it worked! Thanks! Question: is there a setting in Dyndolod to allow these birds to be seen from inside a city (not using open cities)? For example, there are quite a few circling in the sky over the Windhelm docks but no sign of them from inside the city's child space. Or would the author have to also place some birds inside the child space to fake that effect?
  8. I installed Crows SSE and Seagulls of Skyrim and hope to be able to see them from a distance, but both just become visible when their cells become active. I removed any LOD file they came with and added separate mesh rules for each of their models: levels 4,8,16 are blank, VWD checked, Far LOD and Reference unchanged (Seagulls has a Dyndolod .ini file with this rule but it didn't automatically load in my Dyndolod rules list). Clearly I am misunderstanding something though because they still abruptly appear when I am quite near and disappear when their cell is unloaded. LODGen165=Beyond Skyrim\Mr_Siika\Seagulls\SKY_SeagullCircleCW.nif,,,,Far LOD,Unchanged,1 LODGen166=Beyond Skyrim\Mr_Siika\Seagulls\SKY_SeagullCircleACW.nif,,,,Far LOD,Unchanged,1 LODGen167=Beyond Skyrim\Mr_Siika\Seagulls\SKY_SeagullAnimRight.nif,,,,Far LOD,Unchanged,1 LODGen168=Beyond Skyrim\Mr_Siika\Seagulls\SKY_SeagullAnimLeft.nif,,,,Far LOD,Unchanged,1 LODGen169=Beyond Skyrim\Mr_Siika\Seagulls\SKY_SeagullFlapX.nif,,,,Far LOD,Unchanged,1 Am I using inappropriate rules, or is there another step I have missed to get these to register with Dyndolod? Thanks!
  9. Please disregard: I ran once more over night and the latest output works properly! Don't know what changed but is good now. Thanks!
  10. I know I am doing something wrong but don't know what it is, and can't find any relevant documentation on it. Basically I added The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold (TGFWH) to my load order, and have now run Dyndolod 4 times and it seems to ignore the trees etc added by TGFWH every time. Those added trees don't appear in game until up close, and I can see that TGFWH isn't even added as a master to the Dyndolod plugin. TGFWH works in-game so I know it is activated and working properly, and Dyndolod works in-game too because trees added by other mods are still visible in the distance. I can see in the log that Dyndolod sees the TGFWH plugin, and don't see any errors. I deleted the cache. I am no newbie at running Dyndolod, but I did just switch to MO2 so maybe that is something? I am running Dyndolod via MO2, and the previous Dyndolod I ran via MO2 prior to installing TGFWH worked flawlessly. Also I know TGFWH works with Dyndolod because I had it installed about 8 months ago and it was wonderful, but my system at the time couldn't handle the extra load. I think I am losing my mind! Any suggestions? EDIT: I may have found the problem but don't know how to fix it. I added a "patch" .esp after TGFWH to change about 50% of its added tree references from pine trees to aspens - I just used a script to change the "Name - Base" field from one tree base record to another. That works fine in-game, but I noticed a line in the log that says "[00:00:21.589] <Warning: 430 duplicate FormID numbers of trees references were detected, excluded from LOD>". That isn't attached to any plugin in particular but it is a huge number compared to previous logs from before TGFWH; I wonder if it is ignoring both plugins (TGFWH and the patch) because the patch overrides all the trees and so Dyndolod thinks it is all duplicate? Clearly I still want it to generate LOD for the winning record. I will try to Z-merge the 2 together so they aren't duplicating each other and see what happens.
  11. Thanks for the response! I have now turned off the Large Ref fix. Time to try out v3.0!
  12. I am having a couple issues (latest Dyndolod/texgen release, but happened in older version I was using before too). Dyndolod doesn't seem to be using the texgen output. I run texgen, verify its output reflects the current textures, install it (and see it in the appropriate data\textures\lod folder afterwards) but when I then run Dyndolod it seems to ignore those textures. For example, large lod like Whiterun city walls and the Mage's College clearly change from a different color to the correct color when I approach it. Ultra tree lod trunks also seem to be a different color. Am I missing a step? I added a rule to have mountains and cliffs use full model in lod 4, and lod 4 in lod 8, which looks great! I also upgraded near grids, used original lod assignments, and enabled the largerefs fix in the MRM. Running ulargereflodgridsize=5. But some "transition rock" meshes on the sides of mountains now flash from a distance like they are trying to show 2 slightly different meshes/textures simultaneously. Also, snow on mountain rock changes dramatically from LOD4 level to the loaded cell, as does shadow on mountain rock. Usually LOD4 has more snow and less shadow than the loaded cell. Is there a way to completely disable the fade from LOD4 to active cell (like just do an instant change instead)? Or make it actually fade? Right now mountain ledges seem to "strobe" for a second or two, which wouldn't matter since I am running full mesh in LOD4, except for the huge discrepancy in shadow and snow mentioned above - so it looks like shadow and/or snow are strobing as I approach mountain rock and it is very distracting. I turned the "time to fade in from black" in the MRM to 0.00 but that made no difference. Thanks!
  13. ok thanks for the reply! I will wait and hope Meh321 eventually makes a VR-compatible version.
  14. Would this be possible in VR? I recognize you have no control over the fact that No Grass in Objects and its requirements are SSE - only, but what if I ran the pre-cache on SSE using the same grass mod, and then used the resulting .CGID grass cache file to generate VR Dyndolod?
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