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  1. Thanks for the response! I have now turned off the Large Ref fix. Time to try out v3.0!
  2. I am having a couple issues (latest Dyndolod/texgen release, but happened in older version I was using before too). Dyndolod doesn't seem to be using the texgen output. I run texgen, verify its output reflects the current textures, install it (and see it in the appropriate data\textures\lod folder afterwards) but when I then run Dyndolod it seems to ignore those textures. For example, large lod like Whiterun city walls and the Mage's College clearly change from a different color to the correct color when I approach it. Ultra tree lod trunks also seem to be a different color. Am I missing a step? I added a rule to have mountains and cliffs use full model in lod 4, and lod 4 in lod 8, which looks great! I also upgraded near grids, used original lod assignments, and enabled the largerefs fix in the MRM. Running ulargereflodgridsize=5. But some "transition rock" meshes on the sides of mountains now flash from a distance like they are trying to show 2 slightly different meshes/textures simultaneously. Also, snow on mountain rock changes dramatically from LOD4 level to the loaded cell, as does shadow on mountain rock. Usually LOD4 has more snow and less shadow than the loaded cell. Is there a way to completely disable the fade from LOD4 to active cell (like just do an instant change instead)? Or make it actually fade? Right now mountain ledges seem to "strobe" for a second or two, which wouldn't matter since I am running full mesh in LOD4, except for the huge discrepancy in shadow and snow mentioned above - so it looks like shadow and/or snow are strobing as I approach mountain rock and it is very distracting. I turned the "time to fade in from black" in the MRM to 0.00 but that made no difference. Thanks!
  3. ok thanks for the reply! I will wait and hope Meh321 eventually makes a VR-compatible version.
  4. Would this be possible in VR? I recognize you have no control over the fact that No Grass in Objects and its requirements are SSE - only, but what if I ran the pre-cache on SSE using the same grass mod, and then used the resulting .CGID grass cache file to generate VR Dyndolod?
  5. Just curious - now that "No Grass in Objects" has been released with extended grass draw distances, do you think something better could be done via Dyndolod (or Lodgen) instead? If Dyndolod/Lodgen is aware of worldspace landscape textures, then maybe it could read the grass plugin to see which grass textures belong to each landscape texture in the worldspace and then use a simple billboard mesh system like tree billboards to add them dynamically? I think it could be a lot more performance friendly than the "No grass in Objects" plugin since billboards have fewer vertices than entire grass meshes, and one could perhaps set a lower density for grass billboards than for real grass models in loaded cells. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. I know that's what is so weird - I use that output log religiously to ensure all billboards and static lods are being found, and Treepineforest02dead isn't even listed in log. Neither is the name of the mesh. Which explains why every instance of that tree pops in. I and going to try to create a separate rule for that mesh and see if it finds it then. Update: adding the separate rule for that mesh worked. :) Question: is there a way to anticipate the 8-digit code used in 3d static tree lods? Like dlc1treepineshortheavysnow_5761FDF4passthru_lod. Sometimes I have to run Dyndolod twice so the first time the log will tell me what code it is actually looking for (and didn't find); then I rename the mesh and it works on the second run. But there must be an easier way I haven't figured out?
  7. I have a tree popping in around Morthal, used the console to pinpoint which one it is in Xedit. It doesn't show up in the Dyndolod log at all, and in Xedit Dyndolod doesn't overwrite the tree record like it does with all the other trees! Do I need to flag it in some way so Dyndolod gives it a LOD? For the record, it is Treepineforest02dead 000b927b.
  8. Is there a way to set a separate rule for the distance where tree billboards show mipmaps vs the full texture? It seems like Dyndolod is assigning the full billboard texture to LOD 8, and a mipmap to LOD 16. The problem is the LOD 16 level is totally visible at fblocklevel1distance 70,000 and the tree billboards make the transition between LOD 16 and LOD 8 pretty jarring - they look absolutely terrible/blurry while the LOD 8 billboard version of the same tree looks like the tree is supposed to look. For example, when I stand on the Guardian Stone side of lake Ilinalta the trees on the far side by the mill are very visible and blurry, and when I get closer they "pop" into the normal-looking billboard, and then as I get even closer they turn into static LOD 4 and finally the full model. The last 2 transitions are reasonably invisible, but the "pop" from blurry billboard to normal billboard is the most noticeable. I will also say that Dyndolod is so amazing and necessary in VR because everything appears life-sized, so distant LODs and billboards are much larger/fill more of your field of vision than on a computer screen. For reference all my billboards are 1K and I set the tile size to 1024.
  9. My apologies, I typed an update a couple days ago but it clearly didn't post. Turns out it was my error causing this: the tree bounds in SSEedit for that specific tree were incorrect and it was stretching the billboard to match the original tree dimensions (I had swapped in a different tree model, and carefully renamed the billboard to match but missed the bounds). Thanks for your help!
  10. I can confirm all BTO files were just generated today. I reviewed several LOD 16 BTO files in Nifskope and weirdly every chunk of landscape has only tree billboards from one specific dead tree mod - but that is not what it looks like in-game.
  11. I'm having an issue with my tree billboards I hope you can help with. I use 3d ultra tree lods for LOD 4, and billboards for LOD 8 and 16. The nearer LOD 8 billboards look great, but very distant LOD 16 billboards are often misformed or a wrong size, and then they pop into the correct shape/size when I get closer (when it transitions to LOD 8 ). Here is one of the more egregious examples: https://imgur.com/a/j9Mjxl4 I don't understand how this is happening though - wouldn't LOD 8 and LOD 16 use the same image and text file, so if LOD 8 is correct 16 should be too? This was happening on an older version of Dyndolod but I just updated to the current version and it is still happening. Skyrim VR Generated tree lods deleted cache first and did the correct "save from inside location" procedure when reinstalling Dyndolod Appreciate any help you can suggest!
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