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  1. Happy that it helped you! Very weird problem lol.
  2. Yeah lol, but thanks for all your help!!
  3. Well, for a sec there I follow the hunch that it maybe was my computer and I upped my page file memory (it was pretty low at like 2 gigs) and I think it worked. I can't put my full DynDOLOD log in Pastebin because there is a 512 kilobytes limit but, here are the last few lines. Seems promising. [00:45:42.466] Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:45:47.507] LODGenx64.exe for Tamriel completed successfully [00:45:47.535] [00:45:47.567] [00:45:47.599] DynDOLOD Worlds completed successfully. [00:49:05.952] [49:39] Saving: DynDOLOD.esm [00:49:06.915] [49:40] Saving: DynDOLOD.esp [00:49:08.869] [49:42] Done saving. Can tell me what you think though.
  4. Yeah, Ran it and seems to be the same issue. Do you think it could be my computer or Skyrim SE/DynDOLOD? LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.7z
  5. So, I did that and LODGen seems to have encountered some sort of error, I was running it and it just closed.. but I see some sort of error in the log so maybe that can help. And the LODGen_SSE_Tamriel.txt in Export is last updated yesterday so I guess when I was running it then. Its 37 MB of typing it's so large I can't even post it on Pastebin. LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.7z
  6. Don't think it does, all it showed I included seems to be the same as the log. Even scrolling down I saw nothing more then the log showed. LODGEN.txt
  7. try this one https://pastebin.com/GNTZhSdL
  8. Ok, thanks, here it is. https://pastebin.com/JncE767C Also included the LODGen log, seems to be where the error happened. LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt
  9. So I ran DynDOLOD and it seems to have gotten farther then the x64 launcher but there was still an error. Although I am unfamiliar with any free external file service to post the log so if you could please provide one that would be awesome, thanks.
  10. I tried running DynDOLOD with open cities, trees in cities, maplightfix and misc college of winterhold tweaks and disabled and same issue :/. Although in the image I sent you (https://imgur.com/a/4OskU7N) I saw it saying something about a Null Reverence and I think that was part of the error in DynDOLOD could they be related? And when it says something about "Exception in unit userscript line 350: Assertion failure (C:\Delphi\projects\DynDOLOD\wbImplementation.pas, line 15477)" suppose we cant actually go to that file considering I don't think its an actual file location.
  11. Yeah, I am using that mod I can get rid of it though if it may be causing issues. And here the image is was wondering how to fix that lol. https://imgur.com/a/4OskU7N
  12. Ahh thanks, Here is what you asked for. https://imgur.com/a/nvibKkM
  13. Uhm, sorry but I don't know what those programs are lol. But I should mention that I was following the guide for 3D tree LODS, Although I had problems before I followed the guide as well. But I will try to fix those errors, ever since I installed the game (around July) I have been trying to fix my CTDs lol.
  14. Well apparently the screen shot did not load, unfortunatly tho i see that the (max. single file size is 14.14KB) and my screen shot is 38.8KB even when compressed. Am i doing something wrong or the the file size get smaller ever post? Sorry lol
  15. Thanks for the response, I have included both items you asked for, hope it helps. I had to compress the log and paste the screenshot in the post because I could only add around 50KB to the log. Thanks for the help! SSEEdit_log.7z
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