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  1. Got it makes perfect sense! Thank you!
  2. Hi Sheson! Thank you as always for DynDOLOD, it's a must-have! I was wondering if you have any recommendations to improve the rendering of distant water which is currently a solid blue color? I currently run DynDOLOD with high mesh rules, max tile size 512 and was wondering if there are any settings to tweak to make the water LOD look a little more similar to what it looks like up close? Currently using Realistic Water Two. Thanks for your time!!!
  3. Thank you so much Sheson! I updated to the most recent version of Wrye Bash, created a bashed patch and kept everything checked (bashed patch, sky proc patchers, fnis, tes5edit merged patch, etc.) and DynDOLOD ran successfully!
  4. Thanks so much Sheson!! I do in fact use a Bashed Patch and TES5EDIT Merged patch so I will uncheck those before running DynDOLOD!
  5. Hello! I updated to the latest version of DynDOLOD and an encountering the following error (bugreport.txt file attached). In the DynDOLOD window, the error says the following: I was wondering how I might resolve this issue? Thanks! bugreport.txt
  6. Thank you so much Sheson, I really appreciate all of your help! The issue is resolved! It turns out that there was a Special Edition mod I installed (HD Saw Dust) with the file path data/textures/effects/fxsawdust01.dds and fxsawdust01_n.dds that I was using with Oldrim, because I had read that textures work fine between the two games. I saw that the MillLogPile.nif was pointing to the fxsawdust01 files in Asset Browser, so then I thought, what if the issue is a Special Edition texture that doesn't work with Oldrim? Once I uninstalled that HD Saw Dust mod, the purple/pink texures went away! So sorry for wasting your time, I'm definitely going to uninstall all Special Edition textures I have installed with Oldrim. And thank you for the protip about using Asset Browser! I will definitely use that to debug these issues from now on!
  7. Thank you both so much. Thank you Sheson!! I was able to identify the textures paths that are missing from my Data folder that MillLogPile.nif is pointing to. My last question if it's not too much trouble, would the best fix then be to find the BSAs where these missing textures are coming from, unpack them and then manually drag the textures into my Data folder texture path?
  8. Hi Sheson! Thanks so much for your time. I have a strange issue specifically with lumber piles in the game, which currently look like the screenshots in the spoiler tags below. I opened up the console and identified base id: 00071c47 Lumber Pile (Meshes/Furniture/Clutter/MillLogPile.nif) as the object that's affected, and beneath the base id says "lastBaseChange: DynDOLOD.esp." I was wondering what "lastbasechange" means? I'm 1000% sure this issue is being caused by another mod, but I'm completely at a loss as to which because I don't have any lumber pile texture mods or manually remove any lumber pile textures. The only plugins that are touching base id: 00071c47 according to TES5Edit are Skyrim.esm, Immersive Children and DynDOLOD. Then there's the pink squares sawdust effects on the lumber pile (base id: 0001cc0f Effects/FXSawdustOnThefloor02.nif), the only plugin that is touching it according to TESVEdit is Skyrim.esm. Might these issues be something you've seen before? Could it be an issue with my master files being corrupt? Thanks so much for your time, and sorry to bother you!! In-Game Screenshots TES5Edit Screenshots Mod List
  9. Hi Sheson! First off, thank you so, so much for DynDOLOD, it's been an invaluable part of my load order. I'm unfortunately experiencing a strange issue where, a few seconds into Skyrim's vanilla intro sequence, the game freezes, and Crash Fixes gives me this message: "Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with form ID: 0xD5544, base form ID: 0x2A293 and type 0x22 failed to produce loaded node most likely due to corrupted mesh or other reasons." Once I disable DynDOLOD from NMM, I'm able to complete the intro sequence. I tried rerunning TexGenx64 textures, then reran DynDOLODx64 to generate up-to-date meshes, skse, textures and .esp output files, but the game froze again during the intro sequence. :( I was thinking that if I wait to enable the DynDOLOD.esp until after I exit the gate in Helgen, maybe the issue will be solved, but I remember also reading that DynDOLOD should work immediately without having to be disabled at the start of the game, so I started thinking that maybe something might be wrong with my install. :( Mod List: https://pastebin.com/embed_js/i5w3SzND
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