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  1. I turned it off in MO2. Departures stopped. But okay, I realized that you can’t help me. Thank you for everything. All the best.I will look for the problem further.
  2. I did everything clearly according to the instructions. Everything turned out without problems and errors, but 5 out of 10 fast travels end with a crash to the desktop. The game always goes with me at 60 fps, that is, I have enough PC power. The game always goes with me at 60 fps, that is, I have enough PC power.From missions, I went through the whole of Saltesheim, the Thieves Guild, the main plot, and just a little bit of the side ones.The weight of one save is 10 625.The program for cleaning saves does not find anything superfluous in saving.I'm at a loss.
  3. Yes, I already figured it out. I just thought that this would solve my main problem ...The other day the game was updated to version updated all the mods to the corresponding versions. But I started having terrible crashes during fast trips, say 7/10 fast trips ended with a crash to the desktop.I thought it was not the right installation with Open Cities.Apparently not. ot the right installation with Open Cities.Apparently not. Probably I need to wait for the update DondOLOD for the latest version of SKSE for SE (
  4. I downloaded DynDOLOD from the forum - I found the lines. Downloaded from the nexus - did not find) It seems that everything worked out.
  5. There is no this line in the DynDOLOD_SSE.ini Here is what is located there:
  6. How to install the DynDOLOD in conjunction with Open cities, in the HTML guide and video of 2016, the instruction is only for the LE version of the game. Perhaps for SE, too, everything is clear / you can guess well knowing English. But alas, I’m not very good at it and use reverb or just like a blockhead repeat the video shown. A big request, write step by step how to install everything correctly for the SE version and Open cities
  7. I'm just trying to fix the shadow problem, you told me the direction. I ask you in more detail how this can be implemented, if you do not know, thanks, and on that, I will move on.
  8. Thank you for explaining and repeating. The fact is that RU Internet is very little instrumented by Dondolod, especially any nuances. Tell me, how can this be implemented at the ENB?
  9. The essence of the problem in the video. https://youtu.be/7B4vjqnFjoM
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