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  1. then something else must be changing that value. A guy on r/skyrimvr had the same issue and never touched the ugrid value and hat it set to 11 by default. he solved it the same way i did. last time i just forgot to creat the .esm as i usaully use it. Disable Dyndolod using the documented method Set uLargeRefLODGridSize=5 in SkyrimPrefs.INI Generate LODS using Dyndolod Load Skyrim and exit interior cell Save & Exit Set uLargeRefLODGridSize=11 in SkyrimPrefs.INI Load Skyrim
  2. ok so now i got it to work in a.....let´s say curious way. VR version has ugridlarge set to 11 by default. so i uninstalled dyndo, set the value to 5 and launched the game. then i closed it, reran dyndo installed it and put ugridslarge back to 11. and don´t ask me why, the rather unconventional idea i had, made it work....lol https://i.imgur.com/BJk0Wqu.jpg if the issue returns, i´ll report back. i can´t thank you enough for all of your awesome work and your amazing support!!!! ty, ty, ty cheers, Rally
  3. well that´s weird. here you go again. i also put in the requested files. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zGq9oBt7H1jfWpZN-ZTTG5t_qoI5sY49 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zGq9oBt7H1jfWpZN-ZTTG5t_qoI5sY49/view?usp=sharing one of these should work now ;)
  4. k so both options didn´t work. neither on/off nor console command made a difference. i reinstalled dyndo today, ran it and now i have the glow but the texture of the roof is missing. see pics for comparison. by day the LODs are fine, but as soon as the windows are supposed to start glowing (related to time) the texture disappears. when i´m close enough, it´s perfectly fine and all visible. that mesh must have issues, getting the texture applied for some reason. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L8Ko4qknsqiyYyfavQMldK49UkkOWHwX
  5. i´m using an unmodded save right after helgen. yes the line is there, here´s an image https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nzYhg99RDBr4raSdpW7YeOF9vkakM3s- will try activating the menu through MCM next time i´m in game! thanks agin for your support
  6. i also made sure that texture is in resources but for some reason won't show up. the wrroundwindow is pink, when checking with nifscope https://i.imgur.com/i67q3BP.jpg
  7. k so tcf doesn´t work in VR for me (=CTD) so i tried to get as close as possible to show the issue. here are some screenshots https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bxl8S2vtibICPxuNb4KtWnqEXhiqnDxk
  8. thanks for your fast reply! sorry my bad. the listed textures are the ones in my folders. but for some reason the upper windows are not glowing. fyi i´m playing in VR so will try to take proper screenshots. never tried tfc in VR tho ;) i have these files too - wrcastlestonetowertop01_lod_2 - wrcastlestonetowertop01glow_lod_2 - wrcastlewoodtower01_lod_2 - wrcastlewoodtower01glow_lod_2 here´s a link to my google drive with the 3 files you asked for https://drive.google.com/open?id=17JmmGbVpWFDnAA7WHQXOy80wEP77M1fG
  9. Hello, so i set up the game with the latest version of Dyndolod. I´m using SMIM, Noble, Skyland Whiterun, Rustic windows (regarding the Dragonsreach issue). It´s just the upper windows not glowing at night. High Hrothgar i.e. is fine. I checked all meshes and textures and there´s none missing. FYI i´m using dynamic lods. these are the related meshes in my data/meshes/lod/whiterun folder: - wrcastlemainbuilding01_lod - wrcastlemainbuilding01_lod_2 - wrcastlemainbuilding01glow_lod_2 - wrcastlemainbuilding01lod_lod - wrcastlemainbuilding01lod_lod_2 and these textures in data/textures/lod: - wrbuildingslod01 - wrbuildingslod02 - wrcastlelod01 i looked through everything and played with load order, double checked all mods, but i´m running out of ideas. Really appreciate your help! Thanks a ton in advance :) P.S. i attatched my logs if it helps
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