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  1. Thanks Sheson, I will try the new version and report back.
  2. @ sheson, thank you very much. I am still using Skyrim LE, sorry that I didn't mention the Skyrim version I am using.
  3. Thanks both of you for your replies. I have uploaded the images to imgbox and it seems that the links don't work. Here are the original pictures. http://imgbox.com/CheENyAn http://imgbox.com/ZHCgX8H8 The right picture shows the LOD generated with 2.67 and the left shows the same bto mesh generated with 2.81. No different configuration was used. I already tried changing the brightness within the configuration menu of Dyndolod but as I mentioned before only the one tree isn't generated with the same brightness as the original 3D tree whereas it was generated correctly before. So if I change the brightness the other trees will be brighter too. I am using the latest version of Dyndolod with Skyrim LE. My DynDOLOD Ultra trees for Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.5b found here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98499?tab=files and Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.5b.
  4. Hi sheson, I have got a question concerning the terrain generation. Whenever I generate LOD with xLODGen the terrain looks much darker than the foreground. If I use the noise textures and brighten it or generate the lod with a higher brightness setting, so that the ground looks bright enough, other parts of the landscape that I don't want to change also get brighter. I noticed that the grass mod that I am using is somehow covering all of the nearby landscape. Would it be somehow possible to use the grass texture to generate certain parts of the terrain so that there is a smooth transition between the nearby grass and distant terrain? It is very noticeable when riding through the countryside and is not very immersive. Here are some pictures: Thank you in advance and thanks for the great tool!
  5. Hi there, I updated my mod list to the most recent version of DynDOLOD from version 2.67 to 2.81. After generating the ultra trees certain trees are brighter than their up close full 3D tree. This didn't happen with version 2.67. The hybrid trees and the mods that I use stayed the same. It doesn't have to do anything with ENB because when loading the .bto meshes in Nifskope the difference in brightness remains. I didn't change any settings in the DynDOLOD_TES5.ini so that can't be the problem either. There is also no difference in the texture atlases. What could be the problem here? Thank you in advance! Pictures to show the difference:
  6. Hi Sheson, I decided to use option 3) and added NoReUV to all affected nodes. The trees are rendered without seams and even the bto files got a bit smaller. I checked all those meshes in Blender and the UV was way larger than the image bounds. So I could not change the UV to fit the texture without loosing detail. Maybe I don't know enough about UV and textures yet but at least the NoReUV tag solved the problem. Thank you
  7. Hi sheson, I am in the process of building new tree meshes in Blender for SFO 2.5b and later for 2.8. This time I reduced the tree trunks to a lower poly mesh. In Blender and Nifskope everything looks fine but after generating the lod with Dyndolod I get seams and split tree trunks: https://postimg.cc/gallery/zlqcgjeo/ Have you got an idea what is happening here? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi Shadriss, Yeah! I didn't think of this. True all users would be having that problem, under the condition that they used the hairstyles. Just did a google-search and there were some posts about a missing hairline or a mesh edited in a way that renders it transparent with SSAO or IBL in conjunction with ENB. Maybe that is the problem. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hi I am the creator of the SFO 3D Hybrid trees for SFO. Unfortunately, since SFO has reached version 2.80 the 3D trees you will find on the download page are not up to date. But if you still want to use them, you have to grab the matching Billboards from the SFO page on Nexus and if you want to have Ultra trees you will have to use the Dyndolod 3D trees for version 2.x under old files. For installation follow sheson's comment above. I will update the trees in the near future.
  10. Hi there, just a wild guess and I have not enough knowledge about Special Edtion's nifs, but maybe it has something to do with a transparency setting in your nif file. Lock for Alpha Properties or similar. It might also be a faulty entry in the ESP. Maybe try to compare a functioning hairstyle with the incorrectly rendered hairstyle in Nifskope.
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