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  1. Thank you for your help and advice, I'll travel that road.
  2. So I'm not sure what this means but this is with tll toggled. These are my terrain settings fBlockLevel0Distance=57344 fBlockLevel1Distance=147456 fBlockMaximumDistance=327680 DynDOLODGrassMode and DynDOLOD's config for mode are both set to 1. I'm quite sure I'm modifying the correct files - when they're modified.
  3. DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log.txt DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt GrassControl.config.txt I know well about DynDOLODGrassMode matching up. I've experimented with almost every combination of various settings imaginable to influence this situation, to no avail. For this generation I've reset all the settings - in TexGen, DynDOILOD, NGIO, and game INI files - to those found in the S.T.E.P. guide here.
  4. The first three of these linked images were snapped with grass LOD generated using settings for NGIO, TexGen, and DynDOLOD that are recommended by the S.T.E.P. folks. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 As you can see in each image there is a "band" of scorched earth that looks to my uneducated eyes like LOD8 maybe? Is this normal (I actually hope it isn't)? I've chatted with the good folks at S.T.E.P. and, over the course of a few days, we pedantically examined all of the tool and mod settings and could not identify a culprit. If I can provide more info (logs, config files, ini settings, anything) please let me know. By the way, the fourth linked image was snapped when the DynDOLOD mode was set to zero in NGIO's GrassControl.config.txt. According to my understanding of the setting that takes DynDOLOD out of the picture (so to speak) but it also completely tanks performance (FPS < 20). Image 4 Thank you very much for any information or advice you may offer.
  5. I sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding, DoubleYou. I will comb these settings and ensure through diligence and examining the console that they have been set correctly and follow all of you folks' advice. Thank you again!
  6. Those two Overwrite settings have been at those values in my GrassControl.config.txt since before my first post and haven't changed. The corresponding values in Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini also match those values and also haven't changed. I'll bring the issue up with Sheson et. al. at some future point. Again, thank you for all of your advice and help.
  7. Well, thank you all for your help and advice but I'm throwing in the towel on this one. I'll live with scorched earth, it is better than the 15 fps alternative. I have heeded and implemented all of your suggestions and re-tun the tools and this is the latest result. The pic on the left is with NGIO DynDOLODGrassMode set to 0. The pic is what I would expect if DynDOLOD were in the driver's seat but of course it is not and the FPS hovers at less than 20. The pic in the center is with DynDOLODGrassMode set to 1, and the one on the right is when it is set to 2. There is very little difference between them and FPS is acceptable. There is, as you say, something wrong in my setup but given the time and effort required to run the processes and probably do the divide-and-conquer thing on my load order, I'm all out of motivation to try to fix it. I do want to thank you again for your help and advice, you folks are the best.
  8. I had the mode set to 1 when I generated DynDOLOD. Setting it to 1 or 2 in NGIO makes only a marginal difference. I will, however, set it to 2 in DynDOLOD and re-generate, per your suggestion. I have the SuperDenseGrass toggle set to False in NGIO. I will set it to True and allow the SuperDenseMode of 8 to take effect. I have set the SkyrimnPrefs fGrassStartFadeDistance and fGrassFadeRange in Skyrim.ini to the suggested values. Thank you for your suggestions, and I'll report back after re-running all of the tools.
  9. Here you are, and thank you for your help. (sorry for the image, I don't have a console text capture utility installed) GrassControl.config.txt
  10. From my original post: FPS drops to the twenties everywhere.
  11. Thank you z929669. All of those settings (DynDOLOD mode, game INIs and NGIO) are exactly what I have currently. As I noted in my post, I've experimented with other settings for these values with no success. I guess the only question remaining is draw distance - I haven't changed any of the view distance settings in BethINI yet.
  12. The demarcation for grass shown in the center of the left image below below is stark and distracting. The bare areas fill in if I approach, as shown in the second image. xLODGen, NGIO, TexGen, and DynDOLOD were run with HD settings recommended by S.T.E.P. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:2.0.0#xLODGen Is there anything I can do to make the demarcation less drastic? I've tried changing grass LOD mode in DynDOLOD and NGIO (GrassControl.config.txt) to no avail. I also tried changing grass density but that didn't help, either. Changing the mode in NGIO to zero works (sort of), the bare areas fill in with appropriate grasses but that takes DynDOLOD out of the picture and completely tanks performance. Is there anything I can do with generation settings in any of these tools to improve this situation? I'm willing to sacrifice some performance if necessary. Thank you in advance for any information or advice you may offer.
  13. That was fast work. Thanks again.
  14. No, not the same tree. Different treee / file for each message, in fact. Thank you again for your excellent work on this and the other invaluable tools.
  15. I get about 4500 of these types of messages from virtually all worldspaces, are they a concern? The process did complete successfully, I think. I haven't started the game yet to see what, if any, effect this may have.
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