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  1. I have been reverted/going back to just using solely this guide and nothing added to see if I could fix an annoying issue I have around Bleakwind Basin. Whenever approaching it or being near it or just above it, I always CTD within 1 minute or so. That is also on a new save whenever I go on a Main menu - > COC Riverwood (or COC Whiterunstables) -> Walk to the area. Always CTD'ing around that area. Just purely using everything as-is per guide, didn't fix it. So whatever it is, it wasn't any of the other stuff I added, but have removed. Anywhere else I walk is just fine, except that area. I heard and read something about because it's the center of the map, that it's known to cause such issues. Has anyone experienced this? I can not walk west of Whiterun or I will crash.
  2. I came across https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/26028 . If I wanted to try that, would it be possible to switch to that one? Don't know if it is relatively manageable to exchange the OMEGA Encounter Zones with that one.
  3. Can't even imagine what it's like to be in an area where tornado's are a common thing.. damn. Gonna try to troubleshoot a bit myself aswell. It's no biggy though, I could just delete the reference alternatively. It won't bother me in the gameplay that much.
  4. Has anyone noticed two specific trees being bugged on the mountain (between Riverwood and Whiterun)? The tree trunk is missing completely. I followed the instructions of the guide to the letter according to anything environment/trees related. So not sure what is causing this. Even did a retry of the instructions on that area, no dice. Here:
  5. I see, thanks for the feedback. Will have to tweak around the load order a little bit then. This Open Cities thing is a little tedious, but I can't play without it. An example of what I was unsure about: I have Books of Skyrim, and the OCS version. I can not activate it the first run (static, texture atlas, trees) because it is dependent on Open Cities. Thus I can only activate it on the 2nd (Dyndolod gen) run together with Open Cities and everything dependent on it. Same thing with a few of my Merged Patches (CLARALUX patches, Palaces and Castles Enhanced Patches, KIC + RWT Patches Merged) etc.
  6. I have been having issues getting this to work right with my modded Darkladylexy + Open Cities setup. The game works fine without Dyndolod and I tested it for quite some time, no random CTD's. However after trying the Dyndolod process several times, I am not able to get it to stop random ctd'ing. I have a feeling the process I am using isn't optimal. Basically after creating the bashed patch and smash patch I run the TexGen with everything loaded. Then I disable Open Cities and everything dependent on it. But here is the problem. A lot of merged patches (as I have patches for open cities merged with others that are fine to merge), plus the Bashed Patch and Smash patch is dependent too. So I am ending up with lots of disabled stuff in that. Alternatively, I tried to run Dyndolod just once without open cities disabled (with a created bashed patch and smash patch for this without OC), and then do the .ini thingy and redo the bashed patch and smash patch with OC. And do the last part with everything loaded. I am not sure what is the best way to deal with this?
  7. Silent Horizons (the previously recommended ENB for this guide) has a preset specifically for Cathedral Weathers. I use that one, I don't think I'd need to use the link you sent?
  8. If you add it in the bashed patch all should be fine. Alternatively, I think merging it in the weapons and armour patch should be fine + bashing that one in the bashed patch. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there is a problem.
  9. For some reason the Dyndolod updated has caused my Dyndolod to get an error in the process. It worked fine a few days ago with the same list with the previous version. But not with 2.61. I regret having deleted the previous version, so I can't rollback.
  10. Accurate line: <Error creating textures for atlas: Error: Executing TexConv returned error: "E:\Temp\Updates\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Utilities\DynDOLOD Special Edition\Edit Scripts\Texconvx64.exe" -nologo -y -m 1 -f R8G8B8A8_UNORM -o "C:\Users\--username--\AppData\Local\Temp\SSEEdit" "C:\Users\--username--\AppData\Local\Temp\SSEEdit\11F94AEB3B7A4483838982D8CF55EA6C.dds"> Problem persists after retrying at around the same time after the 4.30 minute mark.
  11. I have got the same problem since I updated to the latest version. I didn't have the problem with the previous version. Nothing in my load order changed either, was just doing a rerun of Dyndolod after the update. Everything worked fine with the other version. Thinking of rolling back to the previous version instead. This is what I got after 3 minutes or so of running the tool: "Exception in unit userscript line 342: One or more errors occurred" "[00:04:31.096] <Error creating textures for atlas: Error: Executing TexConv returned error: "E:\Temp\Updates\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Utilities\DynDOLOD Special Edition\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Texconvx64.exe" -nologo -y -m 1 -f R8G8B8A8_UNORM -o" and a lot more behind that line.
  12. Edit: Nevermind, I found the problem I think. Also, I really didn't want to double post. But it won't allow me to edit the post :(
  13. Not sure if you guys noticed it, but Jenassa has a strangely off-coloured light black face, in contrast to rest of her body. The build concerning NPC's and stuff I have exactly as in the build though.
  14. To break in on this subject, what is generally the fastest and best way to test-run a modding setup ingame? To be sure that it is relatively stable. My most infamous CTD hells after a not functional modguide was usually instant CTD'ing around or near Riverwood. I am myself still getting the optimal (but personal) build with this as main setup. But at some point I have gotten too ambitious (happens all the time) so I am dialing back again.
  15. Is it recommended to use the savegame Resaver tool at all? I know it's not part of this guide, but I noticed TUCOGUIDE recommends doing it every week. What's the consensus here?
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