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  1. That's what I want to know. What files exactly do I need to delete so TexGen doesn't give me this message anymore:
  2. This is my data folder in steamapps/common/SkyrimSE/Data, we are talking about the highlighted textures folder? Here's what that looks like: I'm using vortex as a MM, so isn't this normal?? Unless we are talking about different texture folders?
  3. Hmm I'm just more confused now. When I ran texgen for the 1st time, i installed the output manually without a manager. However the DynDOLOD output, I did. I don't think I should delete the texture folder, it contains a lot of things? I no longer have the output of texgen since it was moved from the output path folder, not copied. The problem is, I cannot run texgen as it wants me to uninstall the previously generated texgen output. So how Do I uninstall it manually?
  4. I did but it doesn't really help. When I first installed DynDOLOD I ran TexGen first and installed the generated files by just dropping them into the data folder, not by installing them as a file archive in a Mod Manager. How do I know if my load order changes affect the Tex Gen source textures? I assume it does because I removed the ELFX exteriors which where used the first time. Since I didn't use a mod manager for the texgen output, how do I uninstall them manually? So what I need to do is generate new LODs for all worlds and install those as a fresh mod, aka DynDOLOD_output.rar, right? Do I keep or uninstall the existing one in the mod manager?
  5. Do i need to generate new textures with TexGen? I tried doing so but it tells me to uninstall the previous ones and idk how.
  6. Hi there! I was using DynDOLOD with an ENB that required ELFX with the exterior addon. I ended up not liking the ENB and uninstalled it and am now trying to install a new one. However, this new ENB requires ELFX to be installed without the exterior addon, so I reinstalled ELFX without it. Now Vortex is telling me that DynDOLOD is missing the ELFX exteriors master file, which makes sense. But how do I fix it? Edit: This is the ENB i want to use, if it helps: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35118
  7. But how do I know which worldspaces were completed and which ones not?
  8. Here's a screenshot. So how do I fix this without messing it up? Just force quit dynDOLOD? Then start again and do all worlds except MarkarthWorld, proceed as instructed on the nexus and then repeat these steps for MarkarthWorld and finally overwrite?
  9. Been trying to install DynDOLOD today and things went well so far, but I'm now at the step of generating the LODs with DynDOLOD.exe and it seems like it got stuck at "MarkarthWorld Generating LOD". It's been running for over 2 hours at the time of writing this, and I wonder, is this normal? I've seen posts on reddit by someone who has let it run for 3 weeks and still didn't go any further. Is it possible to abort and revert my Skyrim to how it was before, in worst case?
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