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  1. When we do the Merges, pick the Mods to be Merged and their Masters, if one of these Masters has a Master is this also required or can be ignored?
  2. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194?tab=files Update Files Compatibiity Patch for LOOT v0.14 Masterlists Date uploaded04 Feb 2019, 5:41AMFile size2.3MBUnique DLs4.7kTotal DLs5.4kVersion0.14 The latest LOOT versions (v0.14.x) have incompatible masterlists when run alongside the packaged 'lootcli' within MO2. This patch provides compatibility with those masterlists. Replace the files inside the 'loot' directory in your MO2 installation.
  3. @ Lexy Should we be using the Compatibiity Patch for LOOT v0.14 Masterlists that came out in Feb for MO2 ?
  4. Evening OK Totally Confused now, the new zEdit instructions are about as clear as mud. Uncheck everything except the options listed under zPatch. In the Left pane Under the NPC Visual Transfer add the following: NPC Retexture Merge SSE.esp RSChildren.esp and OMEGA NPC Retexture - Conflict Resolution.esp zPatch.esp should be listed, Click the 'Build' button by its name. The first two Patches are no change so simple but the change to zPatch is beyond obsqure. Left Column I have: Build Patches NPC VisualTransfer Cell Encounter Levels In Name Khajiit Ears Show No Dragon LODs NPC Enchant Fix Know Your Enemy's Armor Patcher Know Your Enemy Patcher Right Column zPatch.esp Which has nine(9) patches below it all enabled and then the 2 original no issue patches How do I add the new requirements? where should I be clicking? TIA
  5. @ Lexy Hi, Do you have an end goal for this Mod Package? Reason to ask is I would love to start a totally fresh game and play through all the content, but my concern is you will add something else awesome or change something massively (Followers and Horses in the last month) and would really like a 'stable' platform. I do remember you responding before to a message saying there was a Museum Update incoming which was going to be massive and would require a fresh start, do you have a time frame? I know I can start now and simply ignore updates for any and all mods, but my OCD'ness kicks in when something changes and hence broken save, pain agony and another fresh start. TIA
  6. Yes I can just imagine them busy, but would be nice to also think they are more than just inanimate objects. I will take a read through the Follower Network Mod.
  7. Me Again OK I use the Museum Safehouse as my main residence and whenever I go there the two followers I use most the time wander about eat drink etc etc, but when I do a quest that is best done solo and I tell them to wait here, that is what they do just stand still. I am sure there must be a way to get them to use the place as home and just do stuff, but I cannot find it. Could someone point me in the right direction please TIA
  8. Helm Auto Equip / Un Equip It was working, but I have rebuilt all the merges as was away for a couple weeks and added the new followers and horses and now it doesn't work, what have I missed? TIA
  9. Further Update It appears that LOOT was the issue, with Trees and Flora Merged at the end of the load list all is great no broken Textures if I let LOOT place it, which it does pretty high in the list then the Textures get messed up. Though still would like to know if I should be getting the missing texture messages in DynDOLOD
  10. Graphics Issue; I am having a texture missing issue, I get lots of purple blocks when in mountain regions. I have rebuilt DynDOLOD and the log files are giving lots of missing model lines but does run to the end; Building lists of base elements for LODGen and DynDOLOD 1776 [00:00:50.387] Ignoring Skyrim.exe [00:00:51.440] Missing model "meshes\bstamriel\landscape\trees\bskgkbjungletreenew11v2weeping.nif" - ignoring BSKGKBjungletreenew11v2weeping [TREE:08600964] in BSAssets.esm [00:00:51.511] 09071774 elsMountainButteMoss02 MNAM defined LOD meshes not found, using filename matching [00:00:51.944] 09071773 elsMountainButteMoss03 MNAM defined LOD meshes not found, using filename matching [00:00:52.190] 09071772 elsMountainButteMoss04 MNAM defined LOD meshes not found, using filename matching [00:00:52.212] Missing model "meshes\bscyrodiil\landscape\plants\azaleashrubflowering01.nif" - ignoring CYRTreeAzaleaShrubFlowering01 [TREE:090D26DB] in BSHeartland.esm [00:00:52.239] Missing model "meshes\_byoh\plants\byohhouseingrdfluxyel.nif" - ignoring BSKBYOHTreeFloraFlaxYellow01 "Yellow Flax" [TREE:0D00B9C8] in BS_DLC_patch.esp [00:00:52.273] Missing model "meshes\bstamriel\landscape\trees\bsktreeweepingwillow12.nif" - ignoring BSKTreeWeepingWillow12 [TREE:086028C3] in BSAssets.esm [00:00:52.348] Missing model "meshes\bstamriel\landscape\trees\bsktreeweepingwillow11.nif" - ignoring BSKTreeWeepingWillow11 [TREE:086028C2] in BSAssets.esm [00:00:52.446] 09071771 elsMountainButteMoss05 MNAM defined LOD meshes not found, using filename matching [00:00:52.468] Missing model "meshes\bstamriel\landscape\trees\bsktreeweepingwillow10.nif" - ignoring BSKTreeWeepingWillow10 [TREE:086028C1] in BSAssets.esm [00:00:52.635] Ignoring DynDOLOD.esm [00:00:52.673] 09071770 elsMountainButteMoss06 MNAM defined LOD meshes not found, using filename matching [00:00:52.699] 0B128984 WWWRTWall01Outer looking for rtwall01outeraltbrown [00:00:52.733] 0B128984 WWWRTWall01Outer looking for rtwall01outeralt [00:00:52.900] 0B128983 WWWRTWall03Inner looking for rtwall03inneraltbrown [00:00:52.911] 0B128983 WWWRTWall03Inner looking for rtwall03inneralt [00:00:53.086] 0907176F elsMountainButteMoss07 MNAM defined LOD meshes not found, using filename matching [00:00:53.267] 0B128982 WWWWRWallCap01 looking for wrwallcap01altbrown [00:00:53.272] Missing model "meshes\plants\floramountainflower01black.nif" - ignoring TreeFloraMountainFlower01Black3DNPC "Black Mountain Flower" [TREE:1B1FF219] in OMEGA CACO Patches Merged.esp [00:00:53.273] 0907176E elsMountainButteMoss08 MNAM defined LOD meshes not found, using filename matching I have followed the guide, and the only variation is that I have updated https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16438 Landscape Overhaul to V1.7 as that came out before I did my merging any ideas ?? **** UPDATE **** Disabling Trees and Flora Merged, but enabling the 6 composite files causes Smash Patch to also fail to load but the Purple missing textures is gone
  11. Hi again @DarkladyLexy and Shadriss Thanks for the input as to adding additional mods. Only looking to add a new sword and a new Armour pack so I think these should be safe to drop in. But as I now have a stable build if it goes wrong I will know what to remove :)
  12. Thanks, everything marked inactive is part of the Bash Patch, guess I'm still getting used to MO after many years of NMM and Vortex. Would you suggest any mods I now add for personal choice I just let LOOT position them and avoid adding them to any of your Merges?
  13. Finished the guide Whoop but have a question or two. Done everything followed it implicitly and rechecked everything and making a brand new character it works Yay me, if I load the test bot created at the 'Time for a Quick Test point in finishing line' I immediately get a CTD as soon as the mods start loading. My question though is looking at my Plugins I have a large list of ESP and ESL that are not enabled and when I run LOOT just to check for issues in case (yes I'm paranoid) LOOT reports back 49 warnings, 2 errors (lexy said previously ignore them) 80 total messages and 221 Active Plugins from a Total Plugin count of 251. So should these inactive plugins be enabled, OMEGA CE.esp is one TMBVanillaArmorandClothes.esp is another ?? TIA **** Ignoring these issues, I must whole heartedly congratulate you on a really well done Mod package, game looks amazing
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