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  1. Something I noticed and I'm not sure what the cause is; third person battle axes and warhammers don't seem to have working animations. The enemies A-pose and the attack is seemingly instantaneous. Not sure what the problem is, though.
  2. Quick question: I just noticed that I can't forge Orcish equipment at the forge. I have the perk; is there something that changes the requirements, like with Dwarven and Ebony, so that the perk alone isn't good enough? Edit: Never mind, a quick glance at the files told me what I needed to know. Guess if you're not an Orc, you have to complete Malacath's quest first.
  3. The easiest way to use NPC changers that aren't in the guide is to put their folders in Mod Organizer under all of the guide-suggested NPC overhauls, and then tell LOOT to sort them after the OMEGA NPC Retexture Conflict Resolution. I did this with overhauls to Serana, Valenica, Elsif and the Courier. You just have to be careful, as it's easy to either get the blackface bug or have characters with incorrect inventories (though usually the Bash & Smash Patches will catch this). I would leave them active anyway. I'm pretty sure not all of the changes are actually carried forward. If zEdit is touching the same records as the KYE patchers, then yes, the changes get carried forward, but otherwise...
  4. Would anything get massively broken if I used Veydosebrom instead of Verdant?
  5. I figured it's worth mentioning, because I know I ran into this problem with a couple of merges... If the ESP has certain types of dirty records (ones that are supposed to be overwrites, but the record in the original being overwritten isn't there anymore, for example; they show up in xEdit in italics), then the resulting merge patch created by zMerge will contain a reference to the ESP with the dirty records. I had it happen during the Song Of The Green merge. It's possible that the reason the mod won't hide every plugin in the merge is because the merged plugin still has a dependency on those plugins...
  6. There been any thought on maybe replacing RW2 with The Cathedral Water Overhaul? I actually was trying to do the list with all the Cathedral mods, and the only one that makes it impossible is RW2 (well, and Luminosity, but I'm not even touching the complexity of trying to replace ELE+ELFX+RS with anything). And is there a reason to prefer Ars Metallica over CCOR? Especially since CCOR can eliminate a number of ESP's by itself (both cloak mods and bandoliers are unnecessary with CCOR, as they're all built in).
  7. Lexy, did you generate the NPC Retexture fix file by Mator Smashing everything together and then making sure that all of the conflicts are properly resolved?
  8. In this case, the black face bug is caused directly by the missing meshes in The Men of Winter. I realized that the most of the missing meshes in MoW were KS Hairdo hairs, and replaced them, and the black faces disappeared.
  9. Hey, anybody notice that the Men of Winter is missing A LOT of meshes? Like, most of the characters in it have hair records pointing to nonexistent meshes? What I do notice is that every man modified by Men of Winter have the black face bug.
  10. Okay, I'm trying to write a zEdit patch that'll automatically apply the True Spear Combat script and keywords to any weapon that comes up as a spear. I have the filtering working 100%, but when it comes time to add the keywords and script, zEdit keeps erroring out on the last line here: patch: function (record, helpers, settings, locals) { let weap = xelib.GetElement(locals.tsc_file, 'Tsc_SteelSpear'); let script = xelib.GetScript(weap, 'WeaponStyleSpearScript'); let scr = xelib.ElementToObject(script); const name = xelib.LongName(record); helpers.logMessage(`Patching weapon ${name}`); if (name.includes('Halberd')) { helpers.logMessage(`Weapon ${name} is a halberd; adding halberd keyword.`); xelib.AddKeyword(record, locals.tsc_keyword_halberd); } else if (name.includes('Shortspear')) { helpers.logMessage(`Weapon ${name} is a short spear; adding spear keyword.`); xelib.AddKeyword(record, locals.tsc_keyword_spear); } else { helpers.logMessage(`Weapon ${name} is a long spear; adding long spear keyword.`); xelib.AddKeyword(record, locals.tsc_keyword_longspear); } xelib.AddScript(record, scr.Script.scriptName, scr.Script.Flags); } Apparently, zEdit "failed to resolve element at path: scriptName", which suggests that it's expecting an xEdit path. But scripts don't have such a path. I tried resolving it by adding the original ESP as a master, but that errored out as well (the documentation says that AddMaster expects a filename, but it errors out saying that it's expecting a file handle if you give a filename and a filename if you give a file handle, WTF?). I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is.
  11. Actually, no. The reason you're not seeing any Sound Descriptors is because Wrye Bash removed the "Merge Patches" option a few versions ago in favor of using ESPLE patches instead. So that step is being skipped, and that step is likely what causes the overridden Sound Descriptors to show up in the Bashed Patch.
  12. I figured out what the problem is. Just for anyone who runs into this and wants to fix it, the Auri patch for Interesting NPCs has a dangling reference to the original Auri ESP. zEdit can't handle dangling references, so it'll just copy it into the the merge and add a requirement to the original patch. Removing the dangling reference fixed the problem (I guess one of the quests in 018Auri.esp was redone and never fixed in the Interesting NPCs patch). BTW, any chance we might get a version using the new Cathedral Water mod instead of Realistic Water Two? I wanted to use the former, until I realized that some of the consistency patches require the latter. Yeah, I saw that bug on Immersive Horses too. I'm thinking it's a bug in the mod itself.
  13. Does anyone else have trouble with merging Song of the Green? Every time I do it using zEdit, I end up with a Song of the Green Merged that contains all the records in 018Auri.esp, and also depends on 018Auri.esp as one of the masters. And Clean Masters won't remove it.
  14. Sorry uploaded updated version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1og51kavcsumklx/Berserk%20Races.7z?dl=0
  15. I converted the plugin into a simple patch that adds the necessary entries to the existing records in the original ESM. But it's still not working. Now, the races show up, but the quests that are supposed to start at the beginning don't activate. In fact, I searched for them in the console, and they apparently don't even exist. It looks like Skyrim isn't loading my plugin for some reason. I tried activating Papyrus to be able to check the logs, but I don't see anything.
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