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  1. I am indebted to you Tech. I will forever be grateful to have experienced Skyrim through your work. Good luck to your future.
  2. Hey, I had one doubt. Is the Video Driver Settings intructions, relavant for Skyrim SE STEP? Because in NVidia profiles we are editing Skyrim game, not sure if it applies to SE.
  3. In the installation details for Enhanced Blood textures, the option for blood size is incorrect.
  4. In the patches section, instructions for kryptopyr's patches states to install a couple of patches related to TCIY. But we have not downloaded that mod in STEP SE CORE. Am I missing something? I had done a fresh step se core install a few weeks back so I might not be aware of the changes in the guide later on.
  5. In the instructions for creating the SKSE ini file, it's parent folder is instructed to be named SKSE64 instead of SKSE.
  6. I am confused. Is there any reason there are no instructions given to convert LE meshes for SE?
  7. In the drop down instructions for standard tree lod generation, it is not mentioned that you need to select all worlds in the DynDOLOD advanced menu.
  8. My life since past one year, check forum for update, repeat everyday.
  9. now that this is out of the way, can i get some that specifics :D
  10. I hope STEP guide goes up this month. We love you STEP Team!
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