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  1. Hello. Sorry to bother you again this time, but I'm not sure how to proceed from here. I'm getting a lot of missing files and then it shuts down due to an exception. Please take a look at the attached log file whenever you have some free time. Thank you. DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt
  2. I did mention in my original post that I've already done all of that. It worked the last time, but not this time, and I've no idea why. Installed the DX9 runtime twice, rebooted, tried launcher, tesv and skse_loader exes with and without compatibility modes.
  3. Hello. I've a problem with the ENB in Skyrim LE - d3d9.dll causes instant ctd upon opening launcher, and (0xc000001d) error code upon launching the exe or skse_loader. I've had this problem before, and installing older direct X libraries solved it before, but not this time. I've been googling for hours now, nothing seems to work. At one point I used to injector version, and that worked after a lot of trial and error, and then it just didn't after relaunching the game, and I didn't change anything. Tried admin rights, compatibility modes, all that stuff. Nothing worked. This was all after reinstalling Windows 10 Pro and restoring a backup of Skyrim + mods (Mod Organizer), which has worked before, but not this time. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Everything is clear to me now, I believe. Thanks for your time and patience.
  5. Btw should I be concerned about this? https://imgur.com/a/fU4LRLv
  6. I found the bothersome mesh. It's TreeThicket01 , a vanilla shrub. It looks like it's not included in the DynDOLOD by default. Do I go now and make a custom LOD for it?
  7. Yes, that is clear as crystal. I'm just trying to make them look decent is all. Your manual says using full models is not advised for LE, should I avoid doing that completely? I'm experimenting with the settings atm. Does the '\' general rule apply the settings to everything with no settings? For example: water1024.nif has no LOD4, 8, 16 and Grid settings, it's empty. Do the settings from '\' apply to those in that case? Or do I need to do them one by one? Also, the plants (shrubs, lavender, etc) are identified as type: objectTREE(TREE) in the console. Is that normal? Lavender and Blue Mountain Flower are both named in the console correctly, but those little shrubs (around Whiterun, to be specific) have no names (only '' in the console where the name should be, and there's also a new line 'lastRefrChange: Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp' ). Sorry, don't want to bother you with this possibly unrelated phenomenon, I'm just kinda confused.
  8. I see. I'll get to work then. What's weird is that the mod SFO does have pre-generated billboards, and I'm using that one. Also, I'm not sure how the double trees became one when I got closer. My main issue is having the distant grass look acceptable instead of the 2-3 odd 2D models of ugly shrubs. Then there are the buildings with higher res textures and parallax that are replaced by ugly version in the LOD. I haven't touched my load order of static object mesh and texture mods, it's been the same for months. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Update: There's something wrong and I've no idea what. It seems there are parts of SFO (and other mods that add/modify objects) that didn't have LOD generated. Do I have to do that with xLODGen separately before installing DynDOLOD? I thought it had that implemented in it. https://ibb.co/TtgygP5 https://ibb.co/ZLmNdJy
  10. Thanks for the reply. Doesn't the DynDOLOD installer have LODGen built into it? Isn't that what it's working on for a while during the long install period? Proper, high quality 3D models should be showing up in the distance, not those horrible 2D billboards. I installed every billboard right below their respective mods that add or modify objects (SFO, SMIM, EVT, for example), then I ran TextureGenerator, then following the GP video guide I ran the DynDOLOD installation. Resources, Patches, Textures and Output at the end of my install order in MO, just like the guide instructed. According to the guide it should 100% work, but as mentioned above, I get the bad 2D textures.
  11. Hello. I've spent hours trying to figure this out, but to no avail. Read all manuals, guides and watched all relevant videos. Game actually looks worse now than without DynDOLOD, since now the Lavender billboards stand out obnoxiously. That is fixable. However, the main issue persists. Here are some screenshots to demonstrate how it looks for me: https://ibb.co/tYFbtST https://ibb.co/54HmNdc https://ibb.co/x1CLfFR https://ibb.co/8mn6yT4 Not sure what I did wrong. I followed GamerPoets' guide on YT to the letter. I have the Indistinguishable Vanilla billboards, SFO + its billboards and Enhanced Vanilla Trees + its billboards. In the MCM menu it says DynDOLOD is active. Tried deactivating and reactivating, restarting game, nothing has changed anything. Any ideas or pieces of advice are welcome and appreciated.
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