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  1. I just noticed today: generated without alpha blocks. https://i5.imageban.ru/out/2020/09/08/f594b98959649ad625504d451875c631.jpg
  2. Maybe one of the visitors to this forum will help and better explain the essence of the problem. I tried to do it as best I could. good luck
  3. not true. i posting about what LodGen set objSnowHD block name even if this block dont have vertex colors. not true. i posting about what lodgen has the same approach for models using texture contains in _Options.txt. Force system can't tell the difference if mesh have VC and not have VC. Something like this: List<string> TESTLIST = new List<string>(); TESTLIST.AddRange(File.ReadAllLines("TES5LODGen_Skyrim_Tamriel_Options.txt")); if (TESTLIST.Exists(s => s.Equals(TEXTURENAME, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))) { //you variant set block name to objSnowHD //but i suggest this if (BlockHaveVC) { set block name to objSnowHD } } i need soucecode and i fix this self.
  4. you do not read my posts? all posts have "about the supposed issue". which of this is not clear to you: ? what data do you need? Then I will ask differently: Why lodgen, using _Options.txt, set objSnowHD if model no have VC?
  5. for example: some model have VC and i am want force VC for 8+ cells through _Options.txt file. In this situation i have objSnowHD on some models without VC. it is very simple. I don’t need to explain what is VC and how does it work. i have my own program https://github.com/Mitradis/NifScan i know all this.
  6. for example file norextwallbg1way01_lod_1.nif using textures\lod\NordicTempleExt_LOD.dds texture. This texture containst in _Options.txt. BUT norextwallbg1way01_lod_1.nif dont have VC. As result after generated, block with this model have name objSnowHD BUT THIS BLOCK NO HAVE VC (EVEN WHITE). I don’t know how else to explain it. IsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod.dds IsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod2.dds IsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod2_n.dds IsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod3.dds IsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod3_n.dds IsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod_n.dds IsHDTextureMask=nordictempleext_lod.dds IsHDTextureMask=nordictempleext_lod_3.dds IsHDTextureMask=nordictempleext_lod_n.dds proposing a solution: if mesh file no have VC, EVEN if he have texture which is containst in _Options.txt, for this model do not set block name to objSnowHD.
  7. this https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/9c867cc6d6174d7c78505a2a214a0d76.jpg if one meshe file with VC using texture containst in _Options.txt all okey, but if other file wothout VC using some texture containst in _Options.txt i have this bug.
  8. I understood, but if one texture using in IsHDTextureMask for VC object, and this texture using in non VC object mesh gets a bug... I will have to do a lot of work on sorting and changing texture paths. Is it possible just to set a priority in the program? at the moment _Options.txt requires a lot of manual work.
  9. if i use _Options.txt file, lodgen change name of block to objSnowHD, but do not add white VC for working HD show shader https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/12/3610e1c06d9df44ef490745c4cbfd8a6.png if i generate without _Options.txt files then block name objSnow https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/12/bf438c99093fdf31ae1bfe89ed2a9f1b.png adding HD flag (and to Shader Flag 2) in object param does not give a result https://i1.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/12/2bd46410eb8d453883f0d8897f0bdb8b.png plz do something...
  10. Unfortunately new lodgen does not automatically add white VC for snowy objects: https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/9c867cc6d6174d7c78505a2a214a0d76.jpg how fix this if i use _Options.txt? https://i6.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/a86961c6b07551d72fb425cafff528a4.png meshes not have VC.
  11. Ah sory plz... i creat TES5LODGen_Skyrim_Tamriel_Options.txt file and add lines: IsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod.ddsIsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod2.ddsIsHDTextureMask=mountainslablod3.ddsnow i have VC.https://i1.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/e7142a23619594d93fd36fcbee617c09.pngBut i dont understand this what you mean about "not needed anymore"? And one question more: if texture path something like this "dlc01\lod\seruinswindowslod.dds" or "dlc02\lod\lightmattwall02lod.dds" in file need add only filename or path too?
  12. i still cant generate objects lods 8+ cells size with vertex color: https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/5a63aadbd9752f1bcef960afc1f2a87c.png https://i6.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/e2492f216a0b851b8dde356e815eca83.png https://i3.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/6e3aeb41d4d50fd3c3861ddfcd373191.png https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/3c2e9df9de51507cb3d2626ba69ab9e5.png https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/4728ca091b1f1a3e59161db4fcc39bca.png aaaaand)) https://i6.imageban.ru/out/2020/07/11/401a657cfdb5ee4aba7b9369a49b77b9.png it seems like a cruel joke. But version 3.1.2 still work perfect lol. How many years to wait for fix?
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