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  1. hello, I'm wondering if this navmesh geometery change was intentional? I have not seem something like that so far in the FO4LODGEN.esp https://imgur.com/gFxtdM4
  2. If I read this correctly? I only need to place level 1 mesh lod in records for a static object and it will use the same record for all 4 levels? Linked References with MultiRefLOD KYWD References linking to a reference marker with the keyword "MultiRefLOD" KYWD:00195411 are groups of objects that have some of their LOD levels replaced by the LOD level data of the base record of the marker. Typically the LOD level 4 is based on the object LOD of each individual reference of the group, while higher LOD levels are replaced by a single LOD object representing the entire group. I had placed the same file path to just one LOD nif 4 times previously, once for each level. Users have reported seeing LOD meshs while up close to objects. Another modder had a theory of adding too many Levels using the same mesh could cause this while someone else suggested it is a Vram issue and gave an ini edit to fix it. I have 6gb vram and didn't see the issue until I unpacked everything in loose files and had a very heavy green mod running in combination with my own (28gb or so)
  3. Thanks for the reply. There is a lot to learn for people. Mostly, I learn from reverse engineering things or community help. To run this program using vanilla assets or maybe vanilla LOD assets with increased texture size is easy. But I'm making my own LOD meshes and using billboard creator to get the diffuse textures. Creating the normal and specular is possibly where I am making an error. Assume was the wrong word to use. Apologies. What I guess I had hoped for was for you to recognize this visually and say "Ah yes, I have seen that before, its caused from "insert" that you didn't do correctly" Again, Yes process of elimination is the obvious step. But as for the obvious "first step" For me, it's usually to ask if the problem is recognized by someone more knowledgeable. Sometimes you get an answer and it can save time. I understand you probably have to deal with a lot of question all the time. Thanks for your time. Now to begin the needle in the haystack hunt.
  4. Hey, I figured it out. I had unpacked everything and deleted all original Terrain BTO meshes and Terrain texture Atlas from loos files but the BA2 archives still had them of course.. once I moved the BA2 files to another location it all worked. Now another question, Iget a flickering light on the lods some angles it shows worse than others. it seems to do with Bloom. ENB with minimal setting that wont impact performance will fix it. but is there something I might have done wrong? Here is a video of the issue And here is settings used. https://imgur.com/EZa82Ep It said on one elm alternate branch texture I made it was missing Normal and Specular so used some default texture. It was an alternate tree and quite rare, these shimmers seem to be clustered far more densely than that tree was placed. On that alternate Elm LOD nif, I had assigned the regular elm LOD branches Normal and spec since its the same, just diffuse was different colour, but seems I need to create specific each layer for each texture not to get that error. But as I say, idk if thats the case. I assume its to do with selecting the starting settings. I dont want to experiment too much regenerating LOD because my friend over and over coz it runs my PC quite hot during the process. So, I'll as here first for advice.
  5. Is it possible to create LOD for any static object and have its mesh generated into the BTO nif files? I know all the esp steps to take to assign a static its LOD nifs on each 4 levels (or less) I took the vines from Fallout 4 and made low poly, low texture versions of those meshes for lod files. But on generating the texture atlas, no small vine texture is applied. I choose 8K by 8K and there is still a lot of room.. It seems to generate an atlas of 8K by 2K only. Then looking through the BTO files, none of the vine meshes are present. Final test was to approach an area with vines using TCL from the sky. The vines had no LOD then appeared as I got closer. I've used this program a lot but maybe not this version. I had also made a new small LOD texture for some Large mushrooms and that was applied to the atlas and the mushrooms were seen in the BTO files, so I know the generation was successful at least partially. Any idea why vines didn't work? Is there some kinda cap or limit... because the esp I am trying it for has a lot of vines placed on pretty much every structure heavily in a lot of locations. One theory is to do with some nif properties of the vines themselvesbeing BSMeshLODTriShape and named as if they represent Two or 3 levels of LOD.. But Far Harbor pines were like that too and I was able to generate those into my LOD BTO's
  6. Just returning to say thanks. This method worked for me.
  7. hmm. I see what you mean, the elm branch looks like it has no colour but there is some. So fill with solid colour first, reduce transparency and then paste on billboard image I guess. I'll try this. thanks. Its weird I have done others and they have been fine in the past.
  8. Hi again Sheson, hope you are still active here. I been using the tool and its been fine, after my initial learning curve and many questions. But recently, I have tried to create coupe of new flat LODs for trees I got working from Skyrim resource pack and add them to Fallout 4. I have always made my flat lods using gamer poets video tutorial but these recent once are getting the white outline, as if AA has been left ON in nifskope. Do you think new Nvidia drivers could be causing this? its frustrating coz its a like 3 step prcess before you can even see if your billboard capture has the white line when applied to the nif, so trial and error is taking some time. Windows 10 recently updated too and I notice if HDR setting is on, simple screenshots coume out looking over high in contrast. So that is off atm, but will try it with on and try fiddling with AA setting in Nvidia control panel too. Just wondering if anyone else has reported this or you have an answer that might save my time and sanity. Thanks.
  9. Can I ask? Can lodGen create the billboard atlas normal and specular textures from just the Source diffuse textures? I am unsure how to really create proper working Normals and specs using just Gimp. There is a Normal map filter tool, that seems to work ok, but specular? idk Guessing Photoshop probably has better plug-ins for this?
  10. Thanks for all of that info. Some things I knew about, such as adding a backlight value to the source and selecting that checkbox to use it rather than the default of zero. Very self explanatory and simple. As well as BGSM files taking preference and applying their properties over what is set in the NIF. None of my meshes use and Material BGSM. Everything else is new to me here. I really don't know a lot about what I am doing. Probably the best option from the sound of it would be testing the spherical normals. I am guessing with this option, since it ignores the normal verctor, It wont matter Which direction it points to begin with? I'd probably be ok with even the flat looking LODs and a light source looking like its above, since all the pines are mostly upright. Thanks this will give me some more things to test. My other option is to take the original Far Harbour LOD textures, erase most of the trees apart from trunks in each one and line up my own textures over the top, using the original far harbour Normals and Specs and of course Meshes. This I think was the method silver fox used. I wanted to have LOD more exact to the actual tree but even so, there is still an odd transition faze just as it transforms and shadows are added, Seems its never really going to be unnoticable. And of course there is the option of making Low poly 3D meshes of the trees, But using the auto tools in Blender to do that warps them too much and I certainly don't have the patients to do it manually. Just to test something I copied the BSTriShapes of the trees into the LOD meshes and generated.. haha. Best looking LOD I ever seen! It still ran at 40-42 fps but I have a feeling it would cause VRam issues once things started happening in the game, I cant imagine a vertbird flight for instance would probably CTD. Thank you for being so helpful btw.
  11. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wiqcey43qi41srv/Winter_Pines.rar/file This is the file WIP. FullPile02_0 will be changed back to FullPile02_1 later. That one Is easy fix though. I have tested so many flag settings in the bsShaderProperties in Nifskope. Currently you will see my settings I think. Trying Black as Spec.. but then later even removing the spec flag... I think my problem could be that I chose the Hero Tree Lod to use as a base, (vanilla, not DLC03) I think it might have shader properties baked into it? There are shader properties greyed out that I can't edit. I later found your Flat LOD in xlodgen Edit Scripts. dam, that probably would have been a better base to build from. It seem to start from a more basic generic standpoint. I assumed coz the hero Lod was a lod it would be fine, but actually, those trees don't appear often when you use that mesh for an entire horizon of trees I think you get trouble. Main thing is its goes from bright to dull when rotating camera. This only happens on sunny times and sanctuary bridge is best to test, standing at Red Rocket end. I use NAC and enable winter climate, I would never see this using climate mods as it seems to be only the sun effect that causes it... but I kinda wanna get it working on a base level. The guys who made these meshes, textures and worldspace edits before I edited them all gave permission to post this as a mod. I wanted it as an accompaniment to IcePick OverHaul, and an addition to Nuclear Winter by Divine. It is basically just a retexture or Boston Natural Surrounds, But I removed all other plants and Scols BNS added. Replaced all Scols with just single pines and Flagged every entry Visible at Distance. Also renamed the meshes so they are stand alone from Far Harbour. Unsure yet If I will keep it like that or not. Added some half dead pines, some dead pines and some aspen trees for more variation. (I think the Aspen trees aka chargen have bad vertex alpha paint, but that is vanilla game) but yeah its basically BNS with different textures and meshs Silverfox600 did the hard yards placing all those trees. The only edit I plan to do is removing 4 trees near CIT and editing 1 to sink it deeper.
  12. It seems that a setting in ENB in the Effects tab called Enable Detailed Shadows was causing this. I am no expert with ENB. I have never used any presets. I only used it because I heard it can utilise extra ram as Vram, that and it has a fps counter, lol. Its possible I am supposed to disable vanilla shadow settings in the ini files first. But simpler for me was just to disable The ENB setting I mention above. Still not happy with how bright the lods are Mainly coz as you get closer the LoD morphs into the real tree and at about the same distance the shadows are applied. So it goes from light to very dark. But messing with textures and meshes, back light power tec should get a better and more subtle result eventually.
  13. Thanks for reply. I tested something I should have tried earlier. I installed Boston Natural Surroundings mod and tested how its LOD looks. The shadows that pass along the tree lods in a sort striped pattern at a 45 degree angle were still there . So you are probably right about it being Something from ENB. I have always used ENB in its default state and previously used Boston Natural Surroundings. Maybe I never noticed it as much idk. Making my own textures and meshes I am very much looking at them closer. For the meshs I reduced the specular strength and this removed the odd effect of them getting brighter when rotating camera towards them. I will admit I also have basically zero knowledge on normals and specs. I use gimp and its Normal map filter, then increase the contrast to give more bump texture. For specs all I know is white = reflective and black equals dull. I read the FO4 specs are much more complex than this but I made a few for my Zombie mod just by desaturating the diffuse and adjusting contrast the get the desired look. its probably the bare basics of what is capable but it works. So for the tree lods I just made them basically black as I don't want any reflection and also decreased the specular strength.
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