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  1. I'm sorry. This was my first time using mod organizer, so it flew over my head. I've been using NMM for years and switch to vortex only recently. I elected to move to MO2 so that I could follow this guide, and through it get the experience to use it well in the future instead of self-teaching like I had with other managers. I'm going to try to manually delete the bash patch from where I sent it and start over.
  2. Well, on top of that, I just realized that LOOT is deactivating all of my merges instead of the plugins inside of them when I sort it during the finishing line stage. I've made sure that the merge plugins hide for mo2 was set up as the guide instructed. What should I do?
  3. So I'm at the finishing line and I successfully made updated the bash patch. I saw the line "The Bashed Patch, 0.esp is automatically moved to the Mod Organizer/Overwrite directory for inclusion in the game." and got a little confused as to if I was supposed to take it out of the overwrite folder so that it could be included. I took the overwrite folders and dragged them into unmanaged bash patch, 0. I Immediately regretted my decision when I realized that I couldn't access the file tree for the bash patch in mod manager to put the files back in the overwrite folder case they were needed elsewhere. Did I mess up? If so, what should I do?
  4. I was going through the Weapons and Armours merge and the consistency patch for the Blades light armor came up with a few unresolved references in Merge Plugins. I went ahead and let the scripts take care of the errors. Was that a mistake, are those purposeful? If so, what should I do instead?
  5. Bumping this because I'm curious what those up on high have to say. But I think the solution is to treat them like other ESL tagged merges-to-be and change them to normal ESPs in xEdit.
  6. Also: When it comes to body mods, WICO specifically, the SFW versions will work? Do I need to be careful of any overrides later on?
  7. I'm sure somebody has already asked about this, but what is the team's thoughts on the cathedral project mods and their possible addition to LOTDSE?
  8. I'm sure somebody has already asked about this, but what is the team's thoughts on the cathedral project mods and their possible addition to LOTDSE? Edit: Wrong forum, sorry.
  9. ignore me, this should be in the suggestions and I can't seem to delete this :/ EDIT: Just saw that the thread is locked so I guess this can stay despite the fact that literally nobody cares either way lmao
  10. Aeonbarr is one of my favorite horse mods because it essentially lets you craft a horse to your liking. It offers a quest to get it, or you can get it immediately from the mcm. Don't feel like anyone's talked about this mod, so I was wondering if I could add it without breaking the game and if there's a chance for this mod to make it into the modlist eventually.
  11. Figured it out! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  12. @DarkladyLexy Thank you for replying! The thing is that is actually the line that's throwing me for a bit of a loop. How do I merge these two together in Mod Organizer? I've selected both in mod organizer and right-clicked to check my options, but nothing looked like an option to merge the two. Am I missing something obvious?
  13. Problem A: I've reached true scholars and I'm confused if I'm supposed to merge the main and the patch now, and follow that pattern for any mods that have optional files that should be merged- or wait for when I have all of the mods downloaded before merging. It said to merge the two in mod organizer which only confuses things further. Problem B: Even when I did attempt to merge the two true scholar downloads in merge plugins, the optional patch didn't show up in the plugin list even though I have it enabled along with true scholar main. Help?
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