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  1. Ah, found the issue. Turns out it was not due to Enhanced Landscapes, but rather a bad passthru lod that shipped with EVT. I just had to regenerate the passthru using LODGenx64.exe and merge.txt through cmd and have it overwrite the old hybrid model. Thank you for helping me narrow it down!
  2. Right. First, here is this: https://modwat.ch/u/Drakonem. There are more changes than meets the eye, as manual edits have been packed into various esps, mostly into SmashPatch and WHPatch. Anything loaded after DynDOLOD.esp is disabled. I'm wondering if the issue could be caused by having more than the max plugins active (although some of them are esl flagged esps, so in game it loads fine.) DynDOLOD doesn't throw out any errors on that side, though, so I am unsure. I generated terrain LOD using xLODGen a while ago, but I don't think that should conflict with anything. I have generated LOD many times trying to fix as many issues as possible, but the persistent issue is that replacements made by Enhanced Landscapes do not show up (when a vanilla tree is replaced with a different model, as stated in the original post.) I was originally tempted to just run with full model fallback on, but it leads to running out of memory. I will try re-running DynDOLOD with a minimal load order (enhanced landscapes, EVT, DynDOLOD resources...) tomorrow, and get back to you with changes on that regard. Here are some logs that may be relevant (had to upload to MEGA because of size:) https://mega.nz/#!TcsGFQTY!vaZEJOgVS-cw8T3TJc9cRuU-wxK1JJ7xyJoPI6IMi-4 I am sorry for not being more specific, and thank you as always. I sincerely appreciate your help and everything you have given the community :) EDIT: grammar and misc.
  3. I did. I have had Enhanced Landscapes in my load order for a while.
  4. Hi there, I'm trying to understand how to get certain edited trees to show up properly in LOD. Trees edited by Enhanced Landscapes do not want to carry over into LOD. i.e. a tree REFR using the model TreePineForestSnow02 gets replaced by TreePineForestSnowL02 in the esp, but remains as the other tree in the LOD. I am also using EVT.
  5. Right, so no need for that. But the LOD models still run into the problem of being horrible matches for the actual mushroom trees, for whatever reason. I don't know if the LOD models carry over scale, so that could be the reason. I noticed they made scale changes to individual mushrooms references. Either way, it can be fixed by adding a few mesh rules. Just wanted to take this time to say thank you for all the effort you take into improving your tools and replying to support so quickly.
  6. I was doing that, and it wasn't working. Did a fresh install of DynDOLOD, still wasn't working. Turns out that, previously, I had opened DynDOLOD in expert mode and told it to only run on specific coordinates. Because I turned off expert mode, I could not see that that setting was still running as active. Turning it off fixed it, obviously. Thank you.
  7. Hi there, I'm trying to remove pop-in of some meshes from a mod called "Better Tel Mithryn." After reading through the documentation numerous times, I still can't get it to work properly. The mod uses custom meshes applied to its own statics. How do I get DynDOLOD to recognize it? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. The LOD for the Solstheim Mushrooms (DLC2Mushroomtree...) is abhorrent. The Vanilla LOD models match nowhere near close to the full. (done on high mesh rules) I was able to fix it by making my own mesh rules in DynDOLOD, but for the future maybe DynDOLOD could come prepackaged with hybrid mushrooms (don't know if that's possible or needed.) Or new mushroom rules could be added to the mesh rules index. Just thought you might be interested in this topic. Cheers, Drakonem
  9. Ah, got it to work. Sorry to waste your time. Was confused on how to get it to run with CMD. Thank you.
  10. Hello there, I'm encountering an issue with tree branches not matching up in the LOD because they are using hybrid tree models which do not use new tree branch textures I have installed. I understand I can just delete the hybrid models and have it fall back to the full model, but I was wondering how hard it would be to make the textures match on the hybrid model to avoid a performance hit. Thank you!
  11. Yeah, that makes more sense. I opened the atlas up with a DDS plugin from GIMP and they looked fine. Thank you for linking the suggestion. I actually found different suggestions from a few months ago and missed that one somehow. Regenerating the mipmaps with GIMP fixed it, and the trees look beautiful. Thank you for helping me! Here's a screengrab: I have also posted this bug to the EVT bugs tab on the Nexus, so hopefully you won't have to deal with this problem that's not even from your mod again anytime soon. Once again, thank you. I would give you something, but you already have my firstborn.
  12. Hello, I know there have been several posts in the past about issues with generation of Aspen LOD (trees appearing bare.) I have gone through them all thrice and still have not been able to resolve the issue of their LOD being bare. I've checked several things already: the textures are included in the "textures used" file located in the cache. The textures of the aspen (treeaspenbranchcomplod01-04) have no issues. Their texture paths are normal. I have installed the latest version of DynDOLOD and the accompanying resources. All my LOD works besides from these aspens. I don't know how my LOD could work and this be the case, but my atlas files look like this, with a weird grain: I... honestly have no clue what's going on. Tried generating w/o mods (textures, etc.) enabled. Same issue. Since the tree textures themselves don't have any problems, I'm thinking I must have screwed something up with DynDOLOD itself. I'm at my wits end here. EDIT: Even looking through the grain in the DynDOLOD_Flat_Atlas_Tamriel00.dds, it does appear that the Aspen textures are missing from the atlas files... odd. EDIT2: To be clear, I am using Ultra Trees.
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