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  1. OK for whatever reason the 3D tree LODs don't have that problem at all. Now I'm just getting some crazy shadow flickering when the models change.
  2. That's the worrying thing, I've made sure of both those things. One thing I noticed, looking in MO it appears that the tree billboards are coming from Trees and Flora Merged rather than the actual billboard mods, and I have no idea why because Flora Merged is lower than them all and the left pane says it's being overwritten by EVT Billboards, your billboards and SFO Trees Only. Edit: Scratch that, the LODs in the actual DynDOLod folder *appear* to be coming from the right places (DynDOLod Resources, Trees and Flora Merged and *primarily* EVT Billboards) so I really have no idea what I did
  3. Everybody please laugh at the godawful LODs I've ended up with https://imgur.com/a/Bqz8QBb (Not using Ultra Trees was a conscious choice, but clearly I've done something wrong)
  4. nvm, it turns out it was working, the Relinker Output folder was in the zEdit folder instead of being transferred into the MO mods folder.
  5. I feel like a real jackass at this point. I have no idea what's up with the relinker. I'm pretty damn certain MO is portable. I have no idea why zEdit has a folder in Appdata. I figured maybe moving partitions around had something to do with it so I reinstalled zEdit after removing it completely, the relinker still doesn't feel like working. It goes through it's process and at the end it says it's relinked zero mods and creates no output.
  6. I'm not sure I understand, you can *create* plugins within zEdit? The prerequisites page doesn't mention the Armor or Enemy plugins at all. Besides that I'm having some issues with zMerge now so I'm thinking I might have screwed up badly. Looking in AppData there's no folder for MO, and I'm pretty damn sure I made it portable, so it's pretty odd. zEdit isn't portable, though, might that be causing issues?
  7. Based on the current instructions, I'm going to just build the zPatch with all currently suggested scripts from the Prerequisites page.
  8. Edit: Scratch that question, but Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - Conflict Resolution.esp and OMEGA Followers and NPC - Conflict Resolution.esp are imported into the bashed patch by default. They aren't critical to the patch's existence, and Mator Smash needs them, so I guess they should be reactivated? Edit: Choosing to assume yes. Edit 2: The Finish Line page still includes steps for KYE's Armor Patcher.
  9. What should I do about Wrye Bash "sanitizing" my load order? I'm pretty sure the mods it deactivates shouldn't be in the patch anyways, correct?
  10. I assume I don't actually need KYE Patches Merged and that it's inclusion as a master for some .ESPs is a holdover from earlier versions of the guide?
  11. ...Alright, I lied. After creating Animals Merged, Mod Organizer only shows it modifying one mod. I assume this is because MO only recognizes when a mod is overwriting *assets* and not if it's overwriting something within an ESP?
  12. OK, I'm at the finish line and I have one final question before discovering whether this Frankenstein of a game works... How do the mods with the .ESPs deleted function? LOOT throws out *tons* of warnings about them being missing and I have trouble believing they're all sitting in the patches I've downloaded...
  13. So... People on Reddit are pestering me about Wet and Cold apparently being a buggy, crashy mess on Special Edition, especially when it's combined with Frostfall. With how positive people have been about this setup and the total lack of comments on it I doubt it's actually causing many issues. Thoughts?
  14. You know, I have to ask... I thought this guide was pretty reasonable, until I realized that a "core" part of the guide is giving every woman in Skyrim giant bolt-on tits Just... why?
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