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  1. So I got everything working, but I have a couple broken textures, is as simple as reinstalling the mods they are from and rebuilding merges? For example, I have some purple tree trunks. Can I just reinstall the trees and flora section and merge to fix it? Also, will adding QuickLoot to this pack break anything?
  2. Hello, I've just finished the install guide up to the first testing point and I am crashing at Main Menu. I followed the tips in the section and am still getting a crash. I can enable plugins sequentially up to ESF Companions and have it launch, but when I enable ESF C it crashed again. I tried redownloading and reinstalling that mod, extracting the bsa, and converting it from scratch, but no luck there. Any idea what else could be causing the CTD? It crashed any time I enabled a plugin that needed BSA Distracted. I didn't realized you had to delete the original BSA file.
  3. So I'm level 23 and just unlocked the thunderchild shouts from the Greybeard library. I'm playing on I think Expert difficulty? (The one above Adept) And the Armageddon shout nearly one-shots town guards. I know it is literally called armageddon, but is it supposed to be that powerful??
  4. I am still getting 30 FPS outdoors with SLI disabled so I think I can just continue to switch it on or off when I want to play Skyrim, I still haven't managed to find anything online about why it would happen though. In another note, is HDT part of this pack? I don't see it as any of the mods but I wasn't sure if it might be a part of one of the patches or something. I wanted to install quick loot, but it is incompatible with HDT and I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  5. So disabling SLI seems to have stopped my crashes. Anyone know why SLI would cause a problem???
  6. I SOLVED IT! But the solution is strange. I got it to work fine by disabling Nvidia SLI. Has anyone reported problems when using 2 graphics cards in SLI?
  7. So an update, I crash on anything besides the vanilla start. With the vanilla start, I crash after the first couple frames unless I open the console to pause the game, then I can keep going through the cart ride by repeatedly opening and closing the console, but if I leave it closed for more than a couple seconds my game crashes.
  8. After restarting my game I am crashing again... why does this game hate me so?
  9. Does anyone have advice for fixing CTD's? I really want this modpack to work but I just can't seem to get it right. I've redone that merges and the finishing line but I still crash anytime I go outdoors.
  10. I checked all my mods and load order and redid the entire finishing line. Everything works great until I either start in an outside area with LaL, start inside and walk outside through a door, or coc to an outdoor area. Is there anything I could try? This is the same thing that was happening my first go at the pack before I reinstalled everything from scratch last week.
  11. I crash when I try to enter an outside area. Should I redo my LODGen and DynDOLOD?
  12. Bumping to this page since the last page ended a minute after I posted.
  13. So I somehow have 256 plugins... would someone be able to post their load order here for me to compare with mine and see what extra plugin I have that might have not been merged? And yes, I disabled Terrain Tamriel after using xLODGEN. Checked 3 times.
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