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  1. Ok so everyone says different^^ I want to do 100% the guide and my head give no rest since this issue^^ Well nathan meant on the discord data/source/scripts ^&
  2. Are you kidding?? See all the posts above.. What ist right?? Data/scripts/sources or the otherway? Nevertheless the game runs perfectly doesnt Matter this way or this way. Strange
  3. ok thank you! But do you mean Data/scripts/sourceS or source ?? :) because my skse folder says source.. if i type sources it woulb be a wrong path^^
  4. Lexy you know i mean? When first installing CK and you start and you klick yes for the sources/scripts.. iu wonder where there are installed because in my data folder is only the packed "zip"file... is this right? and in the source/script folder only these files...
  5. Thank you for answering. can you please give answer of my first post? i just want to go sure that the scripts of CK are installed correctly... But farmhouse chimneys has updated.. Page Two: Mod List - Expanded Cities, Towns, and Villages - Farmhouse Chimneys SE - Updated to v4.0.2so the merge needs to be regenerated or am i wrong? Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul and majestic mountains darkside has also been updated. any reasons why not mentioned?
  6. Relic Hunter has also updated a few days ago [Relic Hunter (Legacy and ASLAL addon)] COREMergedRelic Hunter (Legacy and ASLAL addon) - v1.4.3 - by IcecreamassassinFiles to download : MAIN FILES - Relic HunterOPTIONAL FILES - Relic Hunter Grass Patchlatest version 2.03 Farmhouse Chimneys Patches Merged also needs to regenerate. you forget to mention on changelog
  7. part 2 of sse engine fixes included the same datas as SSE CreationKit Fixes. tbb.dll is one of them. Which of them shall we use?
  8. 8. Locate and press the "+" next to Worldspace \ 0000003C <Tamriel> \ Block 1, -1 \ Sub-Block 5, -4 \ 0000BDC9 \ Temporary9 Delete record 00106EAAare thes the instructions you recently added? because in my case this isnt available or already deleted. its only available in skrim.esm but not in update.esm thank you
  9. Hi, i wonder CK installs so much scripts when first starting it and my script folder in the folder is only a few datas inside. Is there something gone wrong or is this correct and if correct where is CK all the nearly 15000 datas installing
  10. The latest update was difficult. The game looks beautiful These Times. I follow this guide since exactly one year. Last year christmas i started this guide and didnt miss even one update. Great work it becomes even more a real dream. Looking forward include v5. Do you update one last time this year? There are nearly 15 mods which has Updated. Merry christmas
  11. Means for loot youre setted rules doesnt make sense.. check loot meta data rules and also check you didnt overwrite any mod by mistake while updating them. Sometimes the name is another one and if you click install you overwrite the right mod
  12. NOTE: These files are located between roughly halfway and 3/4 of the way down the list:* Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.espare you sure?? :) in my load order its nearly at the top ^^
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