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  1. Rightie, here we go. All named properly n all that. Took me a bit longer than it should since I've not slept, but 'ey. SBT DynDOLOD.7z
  2. That's a fair point, actually. The trunk mesh is only 27 polygons. Might as well just keep it and restructure the nif like you said. Edit: Agh it does have animation. But it's very subtle, and it doesn't have any bones, so that's rather weird. Or at least, there is animation being shown with the mesh in Nifskope.
  3. Aye that's fabulous. Now I'm trying to figure out this tree mesh magic. The first step already failed, with editing merge.txt in .\DynDOLOD\Docs\trees.ultra\tools\re-uv as the command line tool just ends with code 0. Mere.txt: https://pastebin.com/9rzUNqzh The output log: https://pastebin.com/Nr1ZaqpF Since it fails with error code 0, I'm guessing that it means it didn't even bother to try converting since no valid files were found. Rather odd.
  4. Gotcha. The root nodes are named like BSFadeNode, right? I've been applying the transforms to the NiTriShape branches that directly descend from the BSFadeNode. Once I've got this pack done, would you be up for having it integrated into DynDOLOD? Sounds proper to have it integrated like the other tree mod LOD files.
  5. Aye sorry about that, found that document about half an hour ago. What I've noticed so far, is that the trees used in SBT really are just scaled up vanilla meshes. Will the LOD models appear properly with their scale properties having been increased? Only tree that needs entirely new LOD generated for it is TreeAspen04, as DynDOLOD is missing a treeaspen04passthru_lod.nif file. I'll have a go at making that the now, see if I can get a proper tree punted out.
  6. I took a very long break from Skyrim, but with a bunch of cool stuff having been released, I'm getting back into the modding scene again. Now, got a wee pickle here. There's a simple-but-good mod called Simply Bigger Trees, and I've been trying to get this working with DynDOLOD's new 3D tree LOD process. Made sure to edit the DynDOLOD_SSE.ini file, so that it has TreeLOD=0 . Also made sure that the LOD 4 is using the mesh rather than the billboard textures. Unfortunately, the billboard textures are used regardless of these settings. What's the process for updating mods to make use of this new feature?
  7. Can't edit my post, but disregard. Had a lack of sleep, so I skipped the part in the docs about the command line arguments
  8. Maybe I'm missing something, but after downloading the SE version of DynDOLOD from the OP, yet both versions of DynDOLOD look for original Skyrim, and refuses to interact with Skyrim SE. The following error is thrown: Fatal: Could not open registry key: \SOFTWARE\Bethesda Softworks\Skyrim\ This can happen after Steam updates, run game's launcher to restore registry settings. Verify game is starting in the desired game mode. And the log is: [00:00:00.054] DynDOLOD based on xEdit x64 (3D42BB5F) starting session 2018-12-26 22:07:18 [00:00:00.056] Using Skyrim Data Path: [00:00:00.057] Using Cache Path: [00:00:00.058] Using Temp Path: C:\Users\CMWin7\AppData\Local\Temp\TES5Edit\ [00:00:00.059] Using ini: [00:00:00.060] Fatal: Could not find ini
  9. I'm no stranger to LODGen, and this is throwing me for a round. Followed the starting guide on the front page, and for some reason, the generated terrain LOD causes the game to CTD upon loading an exterior cell. This happens with no mods active, so it's not due to some funky conflict. I installed this particular build of LODGen by making a folder on the desktop, extracting the archive into it, and renaming the executables to SSELODGen.exe & SSELODGenx64.exe. To launch LODGen, I use the following command in a .bat file: SSELODGen.exe -o:"H:\Modding\Skyrim SSE\SSELODGen Terrain" I used the following settings: Build Meshes - Enabled Build Diffuse - Enabled Diffuse Format - DXT1 Diffuse Mipmap - Enabled Build Normal - Enabled Normal Format - 565 Normal Mipmap - Enabled Raise Steepness - Enabled Protect Borders - Enabled Bake Normal-Maps - Disabled Max Vertices - 32767 Brightness - 0 Contrast - 0 Gamma - 1.00 Default Size Diffuse - 512 Default Size Normal - 512 For LOD4: Meshes Quality - 5 Meshes Optimize Unseen - 100 Diffuse Size - 512 Normal Size - 256 For LOD8: Meshes Quality - 10 Meshes Optimize Unseen - 200 Diffuse Size - 512 Normal Size - 512 For LOD16: Meshes Quality - 15 Meshes Optimize Unseen - 300 Diffuse Size - 1024 Normal Size - 1024 For LOD32: Meshes Quality - 20 Meshes Optimize Unseen - 400 Diffuse Size - 2048 Normal Size - 2048 My specs: CPU - i7 6700k GPU - Vega 56 8GB RAM - 32GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz OS - Windows 7 x64 Here's an archive of the generated landscape LOD. Note that uncompressed it balloons to over 4GB in size: https://mega.nz/#!uh810AKZ!zdh3VEotYjA_niq7kWDigCTMzh7f8eKJuCKduLv7mNY
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