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  1. Guys, activate the mods as you install them. When you do so the mod's plugins will then be activated in the right pane. Don't worry about the order of the plugins; they will be sorted in LOOT before you make the Bashed Patch. As you progress through the guide, you will be instructed to remove some .esps (or not install them) - this is so that they don't appear in the right pane when the mod is activated. And yes - Dodgybob - if you put an .esp in the optional .esps section in MO, it is hidden and won't appear on the left. This is one way to handle .esps that are merged in the merge section (that's what I did). Some people might delete them, but if you need to rebuild the patches you will need them back and it's fairly easy to reactivate from the Optional section. So, right before you do your bashed patch, you can right click and activate all your plugins on the right and then sort with LOOT. However, just prior to creating the bashed patch and the other patches, you need to deactivate the SSE-Terrain-Tamriel mod and/or .esm if it is active (As the guide instructs). This .esm is only used for the Lodgen step so it can be deactivated until that point. Otherwise all plugins are considered by Wrye Bash. Note that after you run Wrye Bash, it will merge some of your plugins and deactivate them. Leave them deactivated as they are now merged into the bashed patch.
  2. I'm finding that i get banded shadows in some interiors. It's a bit like the banded shadows shown in this fix: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27418 It's particularly noticeable in the Keep It Clean Inn bathrooms when bathing. It happens with the ENB turned on or off. I've read that this was a persistent problem for stock skyrim and according to the fix above it was remedied on an interior-by-interior basis. Anyway, I wonder if this is bothering anyone else and if there is any fix to be considered. Note that I've seen it on other shadows outside of the KiC bathrooms; in some shops (albeit more subtly). Thanks.
  3. Thx for the reference Mercury. That LO is a bit old, but regardless I do see some differences from mine that make me wonder a bit. For example, my ETaC-Resource.esm is number 20, and my FISS.esp is number 25. But LOOT is updated, so perhaps my order reflects the new load order rules. I notice that in that older list, some plugins have a * beside them and others do not. The ones that do not seem to correspond to the plugins that were merged in my bashed patch. I'd like to confirm this just to know that I merged the right plugins in the bashed patch... Shadriss - thanks. I know what you mean. However, if one were to follow the guide as doctrine, installing everything and following every step, it should produce a deterministic load order that one could verify against as a sanity check I think?
  4. I wonder if Lexy's current plugin load order is posted anywhere? I'd like to compare mine with it just to be sure I have it right. I trust LOOT and all, but I'm also game for 100% verification. Thanks.
  5. I appreciate the answers Shadriss - thank you. I have forged ahead and have a level 9 character. All is well, save for a few CTDs. Of course I"d like to have no CTDs so I"m looking into it. In particular, the CTDs seem to be follower-related. I've have two followers for most of my 9 levels so far - Gorr and Jenassa. I don't think I've had a single CTD With just the two of them, and have done many dungeons, gone into Whiterun, Riverwood, stores there, inns, etc, all good. The problems seemed to start when I picked up a third follower. The first was Hjoromir in Riverwood. I met him, and took him on, so three followers total, and then immediately entered the Riverwood Inn and after the scene loaded I turned to face the innkeeper and got a CTD. So I reloaded, did not take on Hjoromir, and was able to enter the Inn with no CTD. Not sure if it was a coicidence or not. Went on for several more hours of play without a CTD. THen, in Whiterun, after receiving the second Nettlebane quest at the temple, Maurice Jondrell came up to me and asked to accompany me on the mission. I said yes, feeling that the past fear of >2 followers might have been unwarranted. However, shortly after that I entered the Banded Mare, and the scene loaded, I approached the shopkeeper and CTD. I reloaded, did a few things, and then entered the Whiterun trader, approached the shopkeeper and CTD. So that was 2 CTDs within say ten minutes of having taken on a 3rd follower, but no CTDs for hours before that including many scene changes, dungeons, towns, etc. So I'm wondering, is there an NPC related CTD happening here with interiors. Has anyone else experienced this by chance? I wonder about the Interesting NPCs mod, but then while Hjoromir is added by that mod, Maurice is not I think. Also, could someone advise me on a way to debug this? I'd like to try to achieve stability here. I wonder if there is a crash log I can access to help determine the conflict. Thanks!
  6. Glad to report that I'm 'finished' and the game is running. Wow it is beautiful and the framerate is great (gtx1080). I might even try running DyDOLOD on High as I am seeing some tree draw-in that is a bit undesirable and apparently I have frames to spare. Any other suggestions for further 'ultra' graphic settings that I can activate are welcome. But as it stands it's jaw-droppingly beautiful. Thanks so much to DarkladyLexy and the team that produced this guide! I'm truly grateful to return to this classic game in style. Of course, I have a few questions still. Mainly I want to decide whether some small issues I've noticed might indicate that I've borked the install somehow. 1) During initial MCM setup, as I go through the options as in the guide, when I get to Keep It Clean, nothing is shown when I select this mod. However, if I leave MCM, then go back in, the Mod options for KIC are then shown and I can activate it, etc. I have seen this with some other mods, and it usually happens after I've gone through a few tabs first. Is this slightly glitchy behaviour to be expected with MCM?. I seem to remember a bit of it with Vegas... 2) Racemenu. I picked a Nord and had empty lists for all the facepaint, handpaint, etc. Are these class specific? Should not there be populated entries there? I don't see why a Nord can't put on face paint. Scars were available though. 3) I encountered a giant battle between Stormcloaks and Imperials on the way to Whiterun. At someone's cottage. ON the front steps, maybe 10 stormcloaks just slaughtered 10 imperials. Is it open warfare like this already? I don't remember this type of thing happen when I played vanilla back in 201X but if it's a feature I'm okay with it, just seemed a little extreme - this giant mosh pit melee... 4) Carry weight, with all the side packs, front packs, and back pouches, and back packs I found among the dead imperials, gave me >500 carryweight. I was able to haul all their armor and weapons back to whiterun and sell it all for cash. It's bit immersion breaking to be able to carry an entire armoury worth of gear on my back (and sprint with it). After all, I'm a bard. I had a look through the MCM settings but wasn't able to turn it down. With all Bethesda games I find that there is way too much money/loot in the world and I want to have to claw at every septim to get ahead to the inevitable position of unlimited and unspendable wealth. 5) Can we turn down health regen rate anywhere? 6) should we be adjusting the game overall difficulty with the vanilla difficulty setting (e.g. adept, expert, etc.)? Thanks in advance for all your help with these pesky questions, and I apologize if these have already been answered in this forum; I wasn't able to find them readily. Again I'm more than grateful to be immersed in the now _stunning_ world of Skyrim once again. You.Are.Amazing. Thank you.
  7. Trying to catch up with the updates here. In the updated instructions for: [QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium]it talks about cleaning an .esp that doesn't seem to be installed in the FOMOD install: Manual xEdit Cleaning Required: Problem: ObsidianWeatherBrumaPatch.esp is flagged as an ESL and won't properly merge when using Merge Plugins.Solution: Load the mod in xEdit then Right click on the Record Flags in the File Header a popup box should appear Left Click on Edit and untick the ESL checkbox to turn it back into a proper esp now save and exit. The esp can be now be properly merged.I didn't see ObsidianWeatherBrumaPatch.esp in the updated OMEGA CACO Patches Merged page. Am I making a mistake or should this cleaning instruction be removed? Thanks!
  8. I ran DynDOLOD and in the log there were a multitude of cases where it didn't find something. For example: Missing model "meshes\bscyrodiil\landscape\plants\vinelong01.nif" - ignoring CYRTreeVineLong01 [TREE:090CC255] in BSHeartland.esm Missing model "meshes\bstamriel\landscape\trees\bsktreeredwoodcoastalforest04.nif" - ignoring BSKTreeRedwoodCoastalForest04 [TREE:08601139] in BSAssets.esm Missing model "meshes\bstamriel\landscape\trees\bskvurtwlbristleconebentdead.nif" - ignoring bskvurtwlbristleconebentdead [TREE:08600B02] in BSAssets.esm <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\dragonborn.esm\treepineforestdeadashl01_00017f5a_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\srg_treepineforestdead02_000b927b_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> I searched the mods folder for each of these files and did not find them, so am thinking there is not some path/overwrite issue causing it. I just wanted to make sure that this is to be expected - particularly there seem to be a ton of normal maps for trees not found and it uses a 'flat replacement' instead. I ran the game it it seems to work! The LOD looks good (coming from new vegas so...:), so perhaps DynDOLOD did work correctly. Just wanted to see if those errors/missing files were to be expected or if I had borked it somewhere. Thanks.
  9. I was confused by the instructions in the Wrye Bash section, as there are some double-negatives: A popup asking to deactivate mods prior to patching may appear. If a mod is marked "NoMerge", simply uncheck the box next to it then click [Ok]. This will deactivate the mod files not marked "NoMerge" and they will be merged into the bashed patch.The popup I get is called 'Deactivate these mods prior to patching', but then the Sub-box is titled 'Mergeable', and then the description above talks about mods that are marked as 'NoMerge'. On the one hand, based on the outer window title I think I should deactivate these mods, but on the other hand the sub-box seems to indicate that these are mergeable (i.e. not NoMerge). I see no other mods that are marked 'NoMerge'. Anyway, if you could give me some direction here I'd be grateful. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all your help so far. I'm at the Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Overridesection where it describes SMASH Override v1.02. On Nexus I can only locate 1.01. Could you direct me to 1.02? Thanks!
  11. Another noob moment here; realized that I've been generating merged patches on new profiles where the vanilla esms were active (forgot to activate the cleaned_esms mod). Should I regenerating my merges or does it matter? Thanks!
  12. Question re: wrye bash tags. I've been setting them by right clicking on the bottom right pane in wrye bash and checking the appropriate tags. Do I also need to add them to the description? With one of the merge mods apparently the description was too long to add bash tags, so I'm wondering if it's necessary for the functioning of wrye bash and/or LOOT to have them there. Thx in advance. Dirks
  13. General question re: merges - when we have a merge created, and place it in the MO Left Side according to instructions, in order to deactivate the merged .esps, I've been going through each Mod that has a merged .esp and moving the .esp to the 'Optional .esps' section in the MO information tab. That leaves the Mod activated, but the .esp is hidden from the load order. Is this the correct method, or should we be disabling merged mods entirely? The reason I thought to left them activated was that I wondered if some assets would still be required by the merge.. Thanks, Dirks
  14. Thanks for your reply. I had reinstalled Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches SE and failed to reinstall your .esp replacer for DBM_IW_Patch.esp. I failed a pre-Idiot Check there:) Thanks again. Dirks
  15. DarkladyLexy and team: thank you for this wonderful guide. I can't wait to play the game but have to pace myself so I don't make mistakes along the way. I'm deep in the merge section.. I've had a problem with the LOTD Patches Merged process, and can't find reference to it in the forums so wonder if you could help me. When I run the 'check for errors' function on merge plugins for my new LOTD Patches Merged merge, it comes up with an error on the DBM_IW_Patch.esp. When checking this .esp in SSEEdit, indeed there is an unresolvable reference at: IWLIBestWarhammer [LVLI:06040CF7] 'LVLI \ Leveled List Entries \ Leveled List Entry \ LVLO - Base Data \ Reference -> [0604125C] < Error: Could not be resolved >' When I look into the records there I find that references to all but the second last item are valid. I wonder if this means i neglected to install a mod, but all the masters for DBM_IW_Patch.esp are indeed loaded. I'd be grateful for any help you can provide and again - thanks for an _amazing_ modding journey thus far. Dirks
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