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  1. I finally realized what it was. It was the Lightweight Grass Overhaul mod. I didn't realize it until I checked for mod updates and saw the changelog for it. Author had accidentally included his LODGEN files for the PineTrees which are the exact trees I had issues with. I really miss that MO2 can't check for conflicts in BSA files. If this was MO1, I would have spotted this. But since MO2 doesn't look inside BSA files and I was using vanilla trees, I never realized this unintentional conflict by the LWGO author existed.
  2. I actually started having problems with it at some point again. But the problem went away when I started using the High setting instead of Medium. I still have no idea why, and unfortunately that fix didn't work for you either.
  3. Thanks, but it looks like turning it off is worse. It doesn't behave like LE. Instead the billboard pops out (disappears) before the 3D mesh pops in. There's a pretty noticeable gap where there's nothing there.
  4. I'm surprised Indistinguishable Billboards doesn't match. I'm using vanilla trees. For now I'm making do with the LE version's premade billboards (the treelod dds file) and not having DynDOLOD generate tree lod. The LE version's premade billboards seem to match.
  5. Looks like the billboard itself is the problem. I also tested in LE and saw that it had the same issue with the mismatch. Only difference is that in Skyrim LE, the pop-up is sudden In Skyrim SE, it's a gradual dithered fade-in. Is that the only setting for SSE or is there a way to get the sudden pop-in back? I think the dithered fade-in makes the differences more apparent.
  6. I have my MO sorted by Priority so bottom of load order is what overwrites last. Plus, I also indicated I did the classic troubleshooting test of turning something on and then off to see what happened. When DynDOLOD was off, it worked fine. TreePineForest05 [TREE:00051126] I loaded in SSEEdit USSEP, Enhanced Landscapes, and the DynDOLOD generated ESM and ESP. The record is found in Skyrim.esm and nothing else edits the record. The DynDOLOD generated files do not have a Textures\Terrain\LODGen folder. Is that the issue?
  7. The DynDOLOD output is at the bottom of my modlist in MO2. I confirmed the issue was from DynDOLOD by using the LE version of the mod that had pregenerated tree LOD. With DynDOLOD off, I could see the indistinguishable billboards. With DynDOLOD on, it went back to looking like vanilla. For LOD generation hanging, it only happens on the Medium setting. I started using the High setting and that has worked consistently so I've been doing that instead.
  8. You might have to do it a few times. I tried a clean install (including clearing out the associated files in appdata) and was able to reproduce again, though I had to try a few times and also adjust the checkboxes. This might also be related to how my DynDOLOD tends to hang when I use the medium setting. Then again I reinstalled since I'm having trouble with it not generating tree billboards correctly in the first place (even on High), so maybe there's something wrong somewhere. I'm using Indistinguishable Billboards but the generated tree billboards north of Whiterun are still vanilla.
  9. Strange issue with SSE version. If I go straight to the advanced options, scroll to the very bottom of the mesh lodgen rules window, and then hit Medium (without selecting any worlds), a "Loading More Information" loading bar window pops up. It will finish and then restart again. Every iteration becomes slower. This doesn't happen when using the High or Low options.
  10. Not sure why I can't edit the posts... Anyway, if I use Enhanced Landscapes but uncheck "Generate Tree LODs" it works. Not sure if that narrows down the issue.
  11. Tested without Enhanced Landscapes and it worked fine. That mod might be the issue, but not sure why.
  12. Can't edit my post anymore, so have to do a follow-on post. I re-tested #9 and now that is giving an issue as well. Not sure if the initial test of #9 I accidentally missed one world space or if it was something else...
  13. I got really confusing results as I tested different combinations. First I ran the following combinations: 1) Selected all Skyrim world spaces: Generated to completion without issue. 2) Selected all Skyrim + Dawnguard world spaces: Generated to completion without issue. 3) Selected all Skyrim + Dragonborn world spaces: Generated to completion without issue. At this point, I was confused since I expected to run into an issue with either #2 or #3, since those two combinations cover all the world spaces. To be thorough, I tested a few more combinations: 4) Selected all: Stops generating as in originally described issue (sanity check test to ensure the issue was still present) 5) All Skyrim + All DG + DLC2ApocryphaWorld: No issue 6) All Skyrim + All DG + DLC2SolstheimWorld: Stops generating as in originally described issue. #6 suggests the issue is related to DLC2SolstheimWorld, but #3 from earlier (which also had DLC2SolstheimWOrld) ran fine so maybe there is some weird interaction somewhere (like with the DG world spaces). I ran two more combinations to explore it: 7) DLC2SolstheimWorld + SkuldafnWorld: No issue. 8) All Dawnguard + DLC2SolstheimWorld: No issue. Then I had a really strange idea for a test... So far when I select all, I was using right click --> select all. So I tried one more set of tests with surprising results. 9) Selected all manually (instead of right click): No issue! 10) Right click => Select all, then toggled DLC2SolstheimWorld off/on: Issue back! (toggled just to check if that did anything) 11) Right click => Select all, then toggled SkuldafnWorld, Sovngarde, Tamriel, off/on: Issue still back (toggled other options for thoroughness) This result was really weird. However, if that was really the problem I would've expected other people to have run into this as well. Might do a few more "right click tests", like trying it without Enhanced Landscapes and also updating USSEP to 4.1.6.
  14. Those are the last 4 lines after DynDOLOD stops doing anything. After running one world to completion, I guess those files were generated so they now exist. But it pauses at the same place. Below is a screenshot. Plenty of space on the drive. Is file access a possibility here? It generates about 800MB of meshes and textures before pausing. I can also get it to run to completion on single worlds as described below. The issue isn't SkuldafnWorld itself since if I uncheck that world, the next world after DLC2ApocryphaWorld then pauses. I tested with just running it on SkuldafnWorld and it runs to completion just fine. I get the usual "Save and Exit" option I expect. I'll have to run more combinations to see if I can narrow down which worlds when selected cause the process to pause. I checked all plugins excluding the base esm files and USSEP but the only errors I got were things like NPC tint layers, quests, and spell effects. When checking for errors on USSEP 4.1.5a, I get these errors: [00:00] Checking for Errors in [05] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp [00:05] DLC2WindhelmToSolstheim [REFR:04016FE0] (places ShipTrapdoor01 "Door" [DOOR:0002834E] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:00000D74] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C]) at 45,16) [00:05] REFR \ XNDP - Navigation Door Link \ Teleport Marker Triangle -> <Warning: Navmesh triangle not found in "[NAVM:000FC127] (in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of WindhelmDocksExterior01 [CELL:0000B4B9] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 34,8))"> [00:08] [REFR:0001A700] (places WRDragonDoor01 "Door" [DOOR:000252C7] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:0001A270] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F]) at 5,-1) [00:08] REFR \ XNDP - Navigation Door Link \ Teleport Marker Triangle -> <Warning: Navmesh triangle not found in "[NAVM:00041B96] (in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of WhiterunWindDistrict02 [CELL:0001A27B] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F] at 5,-1))"> [00:24] All Done!
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