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  1. When I try and run DynDOLOD for grass LODs it takes a long time. At the moment it's been over an hour and I'm still genning Level 4. Is this normal for grass LODs or is there something going wrong? UPDATE: Was still genning at 10:40 so I canceled it and now I'm genning without grass LODs.
  2. Ah I see. I think the issue is that the Whiterun tree LODs simply don't exist. I did a run with Dawn and DynDOLOD without Open Cities and they're still not there. Sounds like there's nothing that can be done.
  3. I'm running Dawn of Skyrim alongside Open Cities Skyrim and I've successfully followed the instructions to correctly load OCS, but my Dawn of Skyrim LODs aren't appearing (most noticeably Whiterun's new trees). Is there a way to have DoS LODs generate correctly with OCS? Did I do something incorrectly already? Thank you!
  4. Okay! Well it seems my problems have been fixed on the DynDOLOD side of things. Thanks a ton Sheson, I'll be sure to give you my secondborn too.
  5. So it appears by creating Overwrite as a mod and loading it everything is fixed. Even smaller issues with my LOD are gone. Am I safe to delete the loose files in Overwrite or should I just keep it as a mod? My Creation Club mods are also stored in Overwrite for some reason.
  6. No, I cannot see the museum in Tamriel.4.-16.24.bto. It says the file is part of the "Overwrite" mod. Would you like me to reupload my screenshots?
  7. Here's an interesting development: If I toggle the DynDOLOD.esp off the LOD works fine.
  8. I have DynDOLOD Output loaded last, but the issue still persists. I was able to find this in LODGen_SSE_Tamriel.txt after further searching though; 3E004087 00000000 -55314.347656 100706.976563 -8728.261719 0.0000 0.0000 135.0000 1.0 DBM_MuseumBuilding 00000000 -LargeRef meshes\dbm resources\architecture\museum.nif meshes\lod\dbm\museum_lod.nif meshes\lod\dbm\museum_lod_1.nif meshes\lod\dbm\museum_lod_2.nifAlso here is my current load order, if that matters at all:
  9. Hi Shenson! I checked the log file and I couldn't find anything like you quoted, so I checked the Resource Core. It appears to have the correct museum_lod,nif (2 and 3 also). Code: 0 seems to be in order. I'm going to try and move the mod priority (left pane) around a bit and see if that fixes anything. I think Skyrim Flora Overhaul and ELFX might be overwriting some things. I'll report back when I'm done testing. Here are some more pictures I took of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/c5YqVIn
  10. Thanks a ton Shenson! I'll have a look as soon as i get home. If it's an issue with the script files do I need to rerun the DynDOLOD generators? Should Output be loaded last on ModOrganizer 2 in this case?
  11. Oh yes, of course. Apologises. I'm running Skyrim: Special Edition with the most recent version and that of SKSE. I just started a new playthrough last week so I just downloaded all the stuff a few days ago. I should have the most recent version of DynDOLOD and Legacy of the Dragonborn.
  12. Hi! I heard that DynDOLOD had Legacy of the Dragonborn support, but it doesn't appear to be working quite properly. I generated LOD properly, but the museum still isn't appearing quite right. The majority of it isn't visible at a distance. Any help would be much appreciated!
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