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  1. Ah! Explains parts of it :) However, I have been to Solstheim via the boat in Windhelm but cannot seem to get it to start! Walked around the island for several days :) Want to obtain the item for Shattered Legacy that need Dragonborn started :)
  2. Hi all, I cannot seem to get Dragonborn to initiate. Have done Way pf the voice, and Horn pf Jurgen Windcaller. That was about 20 days and 15 levels ago but still no attack by cultists. Travelled to Solstenheim but did not initiate there either. Any ideas? Thanks ever so much :)
  3. Hi all, recently encountered a big problem while playing through. Have played about 100h and am on level 35 so something that has happened mid game. My framerate drops to real stuttering, GPU spikes at 100% usage and sometimes everything freezes and alternates between foggy view and blinking light. Happened first time at my initial Solstenheim visit. All save slots are affected (have about 20 i rotate between). Sometimes I can play 5 minutes and it is normal and then it starts again. Anyone have any idea? It is not my system as I can play other games fine. Is there a cache or something that needs clearing? Was planning to reinstall everything at a later stage so hoped to avoid it now.
  4. Hi.... back with another question :) Am level39 Can forge dragonscale armor I cannot find a way to forge the Ritual Armor of Boethiah? I do not find a forge at Boethiah’s shrine but the book about the armor. Any ideas? Thx
  5. Forgot to write.....I have waited since about level 15 so lots more than 8 days. Thought it might be a level cap or a skill level requirwment. Do you reckon it would screw up a lot of things if I used console to progress the quest?
  6. Hi all, I cannot seem to progress the college of winterhold questline and get into Saarthal, where I need to retrieve an amulet fragment. I am level 37 but not a magic user. I have been admitted to the college, but after first lessons everybody are just walking around and questline does not progress. Any ideas?
  7. Hi all, After visiting Elsweyr I cannot get rid of that highly enervating drum-music. Fine for a short stretch in Elsweyr but it is the only thing playing, in and out of combat. Constantly repeating. Any tips? Does anyone know how to delete this song?
  8. Yes! That is the one I have....thank you! I will go to Bruma :) It belongs in a museum still refers to Falkreath though, maybe known but in case something needs to be changed :)
  9. Hi all, I am playing through this great â€guide†and have reached a hiccup. I cannot find the caravan to take me to Elsweyr. I have the â€It belongs in a museum†quest, I am lvl27, passed Way of the voice but Falkreath is empty. No caravan in sight. Any ideas anyone? KR
  10. Another simple and working option is to use the merge plugin hide script for MO2 available at https://github.com/deorder/mo2-plugins Saves a lot of time filtering and checking/unchecking mods
  11. Hi Lexy! In the STEP dev guide nothing is indicated as having to be regenerated (merges etc). Previous updates have indicated this. Simple omission or is it actually not necessary?
  12. Hi, If you, as I, have poor eyesight and find even the large fonts of SKY UI too small the following mod works well with the guide: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13763/ Helps me a lot and let’s me enjoy the game :)
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