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  1. My primary concern is that my load order itself wouldn't be of much use as it's a monstrosity with a lot of manually-made patches, esm-ified things (with explicit forwarding of stuff I want to win on a per-reference basis), etc - not exactly the ideal test case where we'd be dealing with straight-downloaded mods from Nexus. I started trying to do a divide and conquer to narrow things down, and everything seems to be pointing to something in my own patches, not something downloaded from Nexus. I'll continue to try to find the most minimal list that hits the problem and provide info in that case - if I'm able to find a combo that isn't my own damn fault, I'll re-download everything from Nexus with vanilla settings and verify that you'd be able to reproduce it, and upload the files. :)
  2. So while I'm uncertain as to the nature of why it causes this error, as neither thing seems to actually be implicated in these patches, but I think I've got a workaround for this? (Apologies for the slight necro, I had the same problem and found this thread via a google, and it's less than a month old, so still felt relevant, and if other people happen to google in the future, having a workaround in the thread is probably handy). In the DynDOLOD Resources SE/DynDOLOD folder, there is a file: DynDOLOD_SSE_CuttingRoomFloorEsp_Tamriel.patch file. That file consists of the following lines, below a comment which notes that the details of this behavior are not documented yet and to ask for help on the forums: overwrite=skyrim.esm;0001a280 copy=cutting room floor.esp;0001a429,Cell=skyrim.esm;0001a280,EDID=NOLOD copy=cutting room floor.esp;0001a42a,Cell=skyrim.esm;0001a280,Record Header\Record Flags=0,EDID=NOLODSo I'm assuming that the reference for cutting room floor.esp means it should overwrite the load order in the first two digits, so in my case, with CRF and 0x37, this is saying it should copy 3701a429 (which is a house in whiterun exterior) into 1a280, which is a cell in whiterun worldspace (and then the second one is the door to the house). With these lines in the .patch file, my run crashes with a similar line to this one, immediately after the line where it's attempting to process DynDOLOD_SSE_CuttingRoomFloorEsp_Tamriel.patch. If I remove those three lines, it makes it further into the processing (working on another .patch file) before crashing, once more mentioning MusicMerged.esp. At this point I tried like 20 things and had some theories typed up, but I tried the simplest workaround possible, and it looks to have worked. MusicMerged.esp doesn't actually touch the cell above - neither the one which is being copied from, nor the one which is being copied to. It does change the music settings for the worldspace for Whiterun, however. It does not have any errors. However, editing the music record from MUSTownWhiterun to the default value of MUSTownTest makes this error no longer occur. As mentioned, after the above, I hit the same problem on DynDOLOD_SSE_legacyofthedragonbornv5esm_tamriel.patch with regards to Solitude. Same workaround - changing the Solitude music back to default - once more bypasses the error and allows the script to continue. It's actually running right now, and seems to be past the point of potential danger. Now, the frustrating thing is that it's not reproducible if I have a profile which has JUST these mods, so there's some additional variable I'm not able to find. The implication seems to be that if there are .patch files which are being processed by DynDOLOD which place references into cells which are present in a city worldspace which has its base cell settings modified to include new music types, and <insert other variable here>, we hit this problem. I'm not going to dig into it further right now, however, and I wouldn't recommend you go nuts over it either, as the workaround is quite simple: use xEdit to change the worldspace cell settings to not have the music change, run DynDOLOD, then edit it back (and forward the cell settings appropriately at the end, one would assume). It's not done yet, but that seems like it'll work. Hope I'm not out of line by attempting to post the suggestion? :)
  3. I assume discord has already mentioned this, but Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold has been updated to require the Creator's deleveled mod as a master. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/26575 I'm guessing there's going to be conflicts with OMEGA.
  4. Nevermind! Looks like the wiki is just out of date. It's in the Upper Gallery, but on one of the inner walls now.
  5. Rather random question - not asking for specific help beyond "yes, this is a thing folks have seen before" because I know I've strayed too far off the path of the actual guide for it to be anyone's fault but my own, I'm just not quite sure *how* it would have happened. So obviously, the Oblivion Artifact Pack is included, and I've gotten a number of items from it and put them on various displays throughout the museum. But oddly, while I have Frostwyrm, the display for it in the Upper Gallery doesn't appear - no spots for any of those items. But it's not like it's being overwritten by something else, there's no spot for ANYTHING there. (I don't have any of the other items from the set). Is this just a case of the wiki being for Oldrim and the display is somewhere else, or something like that?
  6. Fair enough! Artadius - shot in the dark, but speculation given my first experience with wrye and MO2: is your SSE install folder and the MO2 folder on different physical disks, but using soft links to connect or something like that? Back in the day, steam wasn't properly supporting multiple drives, so I had the program files on C:, but my steamapps folder was a soft links to another drive. I can't remember the details of the error, but something with the wyre settings for how it found the directory via MO2 wasn't super happy with that. If your install is involving multiple drives, I'd look into that.
  7. I'm actually playing right now, so I've been sitting these out, but general thanks to you and all the testing team for continually refining the list :) I think the next major one I'll be looking at updating for is when Odyssey of the Dragonborn and LotD v5 are released. Out of curiosity, what's your expectation for delay on inclusion in the list following their release?
  8. While I'm sure it's a known quantity in Discord, for folks who don't go there (since this guide seems to really like luxor's stuff), he's been a madman of late - TONS of small ones (not sure if you're planning on subbing any in), but the two most recent ones are pretty big: Nordic Ruins 4K and Caves and Mines UHD. Ruins has LOD files.
  9. Can't help specifically with the other ones (well, re: 2, I have a different UNP-based, albeit not bodyslide one, and haven't been having any troubles FWIW). But for point 1: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13092-lexys-legacy-of-the-dragonborn-special-edition/page-422?do=findComment&comment=225456 So looks like the first one is just because of some behind-the-scene stuff with the mod owners, and the second one is okay explicitly because of one of the patches we have installed.
  10. Okay, looking at it again - the .esp is in Immersive KS Hairdos, which in turn is merged as part of Faces Merged, so I'm not sure there's an easy way to "turn off" that stuff, particularly after running Smash, etc. Looking into your earlier posts, it sounds like there's nothing involved in this install other than the mods from the list itself. Doing some quick checks - for Nord males, 128 hairs, Khajiit Male there's 11, Khajiit Female there's also 11, but going to nord female it's up to 350, with 300 of those being from Faces Merged.esp. It varies a bit from there (338 for Bosmer, etc), but still a higher number. KS Hairdos takes up 2.89GB on my disk between meshes and textures - it doesn't SEEM like that should be too much, but I don't know - I never CTD, but when I had it on a platter disk it lagged for a bit while it loaded everything. Just as a sanity check, have you tried downloading and using a preset, to see if that sidesteps the problem? e: Seems like this has happened with other folks before too: https://www.reddit.com/r/SkyrimSEMods/comments/7jrxv4/ks_hairdos_sse_causing_race_menu_to_crash_to/ Looks like there was a workaround for LE, no idea if this thing works with SSE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33526 Commentary on that mod: To use this in SSE, find EngineFixes64.ini within the SSE Engine Fixes Part 1 Mod file and change [PrecacheKiller] enabled to enabled=true.SSE Engine Fixes is part of the build already. So if this is the problem, you can try that out maybe?
  11. I'm still at work, so can't take a look at what files specifically, but I'm guessing one of the esps provided by the mod list explicitly references the files provided by KS Hairdos, so straight unchecking probably wouldn't work either. Bleh. :/ Sorry I'm no real help - just want to reaffirm that you're not crazy because I did have something similar (albeit not as severe).
  12. Just spitballing an option: try unchecking KS Hairdos once and see if the error still happens. I don't think it's necessarily an error, but I do remember that when I did my first start-up of the guide (which was also before I just went "screw it" and threw everything onto a dedicated SSD, which I think made a large difference), switching gender from male to female caused some SERIOUS lag, and from my experimentation, I think it was from the game trying to load every hairdo, in high poly, with high textures, all at once. Not sure what your machine is like, but it may be choking on that, and it would seem to fit the criteria: not a problem for males, and I don't think all hairdos are loaded/apply to Khajiit? My personal build is now so far afield of the original guide that I'm afraid I can't provide more help than that one anecdote, but I definitely ran into a minor snag there.
  13. Registered just to toss out a thanks to Lexy and everyone who's involved in making/curating this list - I'm having a blast playing through again, and learned a good deal about the underlying details of the process getting everything together. :) This is one of those things where right clicking in the wrong place can give the wrong list. PhoenixSunstar001 has a youtube video walkthrough of the whole thing, and the link I posted there has an exact timestamp for where he takes care of this the first time. Make sure you're doing the same series of steps. The amount of time will vary depending on a number of things - CPU you've got installed, whether you're on an SSD or an HDD, how many different optional mods you've got installed, etc. The one sanity check I'd make sure of is that you have SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm checked while running it.
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