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  1. ahh no luck, im gonna go ahead and reformat my pc. thanks for sticking with me guys, really appreciate the help! it'll probably be a couple days before i get everything back up and running, but i'll let you know if i encounter the problem again. this time around i'll try to make everything more organized, get rid of windows fluff, and follow all setup instructions to a T so i can avoid user/windows related issues.
  2. I use bitdefender, and there's currently no conflicts there.. i think. At least i excluded all folders related to modding (game, base directories, LOOT/xEDIT, local files...). i also added rules for loot and MO2 in my windows firewall. Is there anything else that could be blocking it?
  3. I actually did have admin privileges on loot, but unfortunately revoking admin didn't solve it. Also i gave admin after plugins disappeared hoping that it would fix it, but that's good to know for future reference so i know what not to do in my scenario. when i launch the game every mod (from what i can tell) is working still; weapons, armor, character, environment, gameplay. Just with severe performance loss and extremely long load screens. probably bc i deleted the loot files from "C:\Users\MyPC\AppData\Local\LOOT" that i originally setup before this occurred. It was really bizarre because everything was working and the game ran meticulously (before deleting local loot files) the night before; fast load times, no ctds and steady 40fps over Boston. (turned collision of, went through truestorms settings, spamming things with lots of visual/lighting fx. trying to crash the game). Then the next day i was playing and wanted to edit something and discovered the tools stopped working for no apparent reason. so i installed the archived versions of LOOT and MO onto the D drive, ensuring to unblock each. created a portable instance, set base directory inside of "D/Mod Organizer 2", installed dummy.esp and loot still won't show it. Didn't run as admin. getting the same "[warning]: Blocking load of resource" from loot, and empty usvfs logs still.
  4. I installed a dummy.esp directly to the data folder, and the loot found the dummy plugin. So i guess for some reason the tools aren't wanting to recognize the virtual files, or similar to what you said with there being an issue with the paths. Like i implied though, i have very limited knowledge on how virtual file systems work. https://imagebin.ca/v/4NHh6OIJxah8
  5. I did reinstall MO2 several times, but the line was already set to "gamePath=D:\\SteamLibrary\\steamapps\\common\\Fallout 4". Also tried renaming the ini file and it reset MO2 but i'm still experiencing the same issue :( I even tried leaving the base directory at their default locations, installed the unofficial patch as a test plugin, but it still didn't detect any plugins (besides the game and DLC). could it be that MO2 isn't recognizing the base directory? (which all the mods show up in MO2 and in game, just not for loot or FO4Edit) "Your base directory, the directory where MO2 is installed, is C:/Fallout 4 directory.", I actually have the base directory in "C:\Fallout 4 directory", whereas mod organizer is installed in "C:\Mod Organizer 2". So they are in separate folders under the my C drive. Should the base directory folder be located inside of the mod organizer folder? edit: I assume the virtual file system is supposed to put Mod plugins inside of the games data folder without them actually being saved there. With that said, can I edit Loot.ini and force a path to "C:\Fallout 4 directory", or is it supposed to detect the mod plugins in "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\data". I'd imagine if i did i'd be able to the all the mod plugins, just none of the core game plugins.
  6. oh yeah and this, Loot and FO4Edit launched through MO2. https://ibin.co/4NDMRYfPOtv9.png
  7. yeah, the correct game is selected in loot. and all the plugins work in game (granted when i deleted local loot files it gave the game hour long load screens, and impacted performance), they just don't show up in LOOT/FO4Edit. The usvfs.log is empty when ran in debug. Heres the mo_interface.log though https://pastebin.com/QcQXuL3i screenshots of MO2 paths, and file locations https://ibin.co/4NDJaqJMKfkv.png I used red lines to break everything up to make it a bit easier, but it's still messy. FO4Edit is in the Fallout folder that was just me experimenting, i'll probably put it back in my c drive.
  8. yeah i tried that already. i've seriously gone through at least 50 forums and nothing has helped.. in fact, i opened this forum bc i ran out of forums after awhile it gets really disorienting, and my brain has gone to mush. chances are it's something silly that i'm overlooking. that or i just need to reformat and start from scratch. sucks because this was my best attempt so far, i should probably be more productive over the break edit: just wanted to add that of all the sites i've visited, the STEP forum is the most helpful and the most informative. Really appreciate the support y'all provide to the modding community
  9. I added the rules to outbound on windows defender, still no luck :/
  10. windows 10 installed this update on the 16th: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4023057/update-to-windows-10-versions-1507-1511-1607-1703-1709-and-1803-for-up and the issue started on the 17th LOOTdebug: [17:10:27.379623] [warning]: Blocking load of resource at https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Mono:400,700|Roboto:400,300,300italic,400italic,500,500italic,700,700italic so i guess something is blocking loot from accessing the internet? Bitdefender has also quarantined lots of files from C:\Users\MyPC\appdata\local\google\chrome\user data\default\cache and most files are from the past couple days(a majority being blocked on the 17th).. it's worth mentioning i stream all my tv shows, but it's sorta coincidental that most are from the same time frame. of course i don't wanna go restoring and excluding malicious files. i have tried running MO2 and LOOT with bitdefender and firewall deactivated but it didn't make a difference. I remember why i stopped modding last time...
  11. I really appreciate the responses. I'm running v2.1.5 (i tried the MO2 v2.1.6 Dev Build 5 but reinstalled v2.1.5). I tried downloading through github installer, and the archived version. I also ensured i unblocked, gave admin privileges, and excluded folders from av each time i reinstalled. before reinstalling everything i cleared local appdata for MO2 and LOOT to do fresh setups. I also tried using default directories, (portable instance) C:/Users/MyPC/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/NewName and (new instance) C:/Mod Organizer 2. downloaded a couple mods hoping maybe it'd hook, but had no luck. sorry if i'm providing to much unnecessary info. I can also provide screen shots of file locations, MO settings, logs, whatever will help.
  12. So I've been researching a couple days and i think I've tried just about everything that everyone recommended. so i'll elaborate a bit more. i use MO2 and everything was working great a few days ago, and suddenly the tools won't detect any mod plugins, coincidentally after a windows 10 update. mods work in game however. what I've done so far: update all tools, MO2, and F4SE. all tools have designated folders under my C drive. MO2 base directory is located in C drive, and all MO2 paths are set to that. (none of the programs are in my game folder or programs folders). FO4 is on D drive. I've deleted local appdata for loot and MO2. disabled gamebar. all mod related folders have admin privileges, and excluded from AV. any other suggestions would be much appreciated..
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