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  1. so seems 2.55 resolves the issue i was having with it saying wrong version of plugin when setting IgnoreLargeReferences to 1 in SkyrimVR:)
  2. mostly got several other issues i'm trying to troubleshoot as well the most pressing being a very odd huge FPS drop when adding new NPCs to city cells but not in other cells(also only seems to cause the drop when looking toward the center of the city).....also I rerar dyndolod over 50 times trying to figure out this issue to begin with.. i'm just happy to have it working and being able to play right now.. i can continue troubleshooting in a bit but all is working now at least even if the dyndolod.esp version won't display in the MCM and I need to use the ESM..
  3. same result guess ill just continue to use with the ESM.. not huge deal just odd this wasn't an issue previously
  4. here is copy of my last log if needed http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=93702529933185419839
  5. wouldn't let me edit this twice but anyway seems to only happen when you set IgnoreLargeReferences= to 1 so it doesn't make the ESM.. when it makes the ESM i don't get the error.. tried two more times to confirm and same result without ESM error shows up.. was never an issue before
  6. been using this with SkyrimVR since first release did a full reinstall cleared out all my mods now no matter what I get the Dyndolod Requires Plugins generated with message which in VR prevents you from going forward as it locks you in the home screen. I 100% made sure to download both 2.54 resources and standalone.. i tried both from this site and the one on nexus same issue.. i use PapyrusUtil wasn't sure if that was issue so removed that same thing using the dyndolod dll. One thing I did notice was in the last release of resources some of the scripts are newer than the ones linked in the standalone scripts download but tried both ways and still same thing
  7. so oddly it was still happening after trees done in object LOD.. but then disabled Dyndolod completely and it now is still happening.. so guess it isn't just related to dyndolod but i have no idea why it went away when testing before with just disabling the tree meshes.. so now just gotta do the good old disable everything and narrow it down i guess..
  8. ill give that a shot.. to have trees done in object LOD is that just the ini setting TreeLOD=0 ?
  9. i do use sse fixes which has the plugin fix.. ill try removing the 3d landscapes billboards and run it again and see.. do you have any thoughts as to why it only specifically happens in the major holds and only directly looking into the center of the town.. just so bizarre to me why it does that.. i can walk around the outskirts of whiterun with LODs all around and no problem but standing on the entry bridge thing in whiterun looking towards the center it locks my FPS just so strange
  10. ok so narrowed it down to the tree meshes.. for my tree mods i'm just using EVT with the billboards it provides.. i also use 3d landscapes which has some tree lods
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