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  1. I actually installed this yesterday but I wasn't sure exactly how to use the Crash Log. The error seems to be occurring at 0x7FF74FBFB363 on Thread 14140. Do you know how I can figure out which mod this is?
  2. I keep getting a CTD at the same area while walking up the steps halfway between Ivarstead and High Hrothgar. Anyone know what could be causing this or how I can troubleshoot it?
  3. Anyone know how to make the Fog more transparent? The fog seems too solid white and it's really distracting during rainy/foggy weathers especially combined with blowing snow. It seems like it pops in too close as well when i'm running and looks bad when it pops in. It could just be me though, I'll post a video if i don't find a solution soon.
  4. Got everything working! (Well apart from the 10 minute launch thing). Pretty much the only mod I like that isn't a part of the guide is the plants from the Skyrim 3D trees and plants mod. Some of the trees look out of place but imo the plants meshes and textures are really nice. Was just wondering if anyone knows how I could add the 3D plants to my modlist. If I can get it all working I would be happy to share screenshots
  5. Thanks for the advice, I checked my Nvidia 3d Settings and Shader Cache was already on (Maybe I need to delete the old cache). I tried temporarily removing D3d11.dll and d3dcompiler which i think should determine if it's an ENB issue? Didn't work though still a 10 minute launch without ENB.
  6. Oh hmm I wonder why mine takes so long to launch, I haven't installed anything outside of the guide and never had this issue with anything else on my SSD. Anyone know what could be causing my game to take 10 minutes to launch? I tried disabling PrivateProfileRedirector but that didn't help.
  7. Sorry for all the questions but I'm pretty much finished the guide! I was wondering if it's normal for Skyrim to take around 10 minutes to launch the game (Installed on SSD). Once it's launched everything in game loads quickly but the 10 minute startup is really making it slow to troubleshoot a few things :/
  8. Just building the bashed patch and it says it's missing TrueStormsSE.esp. I removed the esp cause it was in a merge. Should I ignore the error or renable truestormsSE.esp?
  9. Almost finished up but I have 1 error in Loot under Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul.esp that says "This plugin is incompatible with "Dawnstar.esp", but both files are present" Any ideas? Edit: Read somewhere else in the thread that I'm supposed to ignore this error. Is that correct? didn't see anything about that in the guide.
  10. Once I've merged the ESP's what do I do with the old mods that's esps have been merged? Do I untick them in the left, delete only the esp or just leave them?
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