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  1. Cant use this without this crash effecting my game "Game has crashed with exception address 0x4368D4!"
  2. Ah, thank you again, an esp doesn't generate for me, thats the issue. For refrence when this is fixed, usually after doing the final run of dynDOLOD for open cities, do I need to save it or would I just exit, gamerpoets just says "continue on as normal" but I don't know what is meant by "normal" at the end of his open cities skyrim tutorial.
  3. It loads correctly without an esp present or even if I delete it from the load order but as a result without an esp generated from installation, DynDOLOD fails to load into the game, but if I generate one following the steps of the installation of dynDOLOD and then loading it unchecking the "Generate DynDOLOD box" following the same steps, it gives me that error. bugreport.txt
  4. Its also saying this now after I install dynDOLOD instead of the "index error" when I uncheck "Generate DynDOLOD" and try to load it DynDOLOD_TES5_log.txt
  5. Sorry for the confusion, So I follow gamerpoets steps before I create the archived output and texture folder? Or is it a bug on the second pass if it doesnt create an esp, because it gives me the index error when there is an esp present. All previous dynDOLOD installs get wiped by revo so there is no older files from an older installation at all.
  6. When I delete the esp that was made from installing dynDOLOD and following the steps for open cities, another one doesn't generate when I load dynDOLOD
  7. Is an esp suppose to generate on its own after the generated the second time dynDOLOD is loaded after you change the files? Because without a new esp in the load order dynDOLOD isnt generating.
  8. Ah, it finally loaded properly, but after I follow gamerpoets steps for open cities do I disable DynDOLOD_Output in NMM and enable it again to generate another esp or remake it?
  9. I unchecked it in the load order and it and it says "DynDOLOD.esp already exists, either activate it for updating or remove it" Im using the x64 versions of DynDOLOD and TexGen, should I remove the non x64 versions?
  10. How do I get more space to upload things on here, I ran out from the last two posts and don't even have enough allowed to post the bug report. I tried to see if I could remove the last two files I uploaded to be allowed more upload space but I cant. Ill just paste this here
  11. Ah it worked and generated properly , also for open cities skyrim, do I still follow gamer poets guide because when I do I run into the same line I was getting when unchecking dynDOLOD in the advanced window or is there a new way to install open cities skyrim?
  12. Oh I dont use special edition or have skyrim VR, im using legendary edition, thats what the one on the website says at least and the nexus one is displayed as 2.47 but thats the one im using which is odd that it says its an earlier version.
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