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  1. it's always been the case in my playthroughs, I guess it's "normal".
  2. @Ser_Dakota As I understand it, with Omega you're suposed to skill progress (and therefore levelling) slower but gain slightly more perk points by lvl. You can tweak all these setting in "SkyrimUncapper.ini" under your Omega mod folder > SKSE > Plugins
  3. @Ser_Dakota I gain more than 1 perk point/lvl with default omega uncaper settings (more like 1,5 on average I would say), that's already more than enough imo.
  4. I second that, I tested misc XP for several hours and got XP from nowhere time to time.
  5. No problem SkyrimUncapper.ini [skillCaps] Everything at "125" [skillExpGainMults] fAlchemy=1.0fAlteration=0.8fMarksman=0.7fBlock=0.75fConjuration=0.7fDestruction=0.6fEnchanting=0.6fHeavyArmor=0.8fIllusion=0.75fLightArmor=0.9fLockpicking=1.0fOneHanded=0.75fPickpocket=0.8fRestoration=0.75fSmithing=0.7fSneak=1.0fSpeechcraft=1.0fTwoHanded=0.7 Experience.ini [General] bEnableKilling=1; fSkillCapBase=35.0;fSkillCapMult=1.5; Leve Rate Rebalance ESP (edited with SSEedit) fXPLevelUpBase = 250 fXPLevelUpMult = 20
  6. I'm using all three with custom settings, I'm only lvl 10 but my character progression seem well balanced atm.
  7. No it isn't, I'm using it by personal preference only and I try to answer his questions on that matter, that's all.
  8. Finding a balance with Skill uncapper isn't necessary since "Experience" has is own skill cap option related to level, we only need to find balance between Experience and Level Rate Rebalance.
  9. I understand but like tyrindor said and even considering the deleveled dungeons requirement, the first levels are ridiculously fast with Experience. I don't think you're suposed to be level 15 in like 2 hours even with Omega, it's gamebreaking to me and need some adjustments at least. Alright, I stay at 400+x15 atm and we'll see how it goes.
  10. Yep, like I said in my previous posts I chose 400 + L*15 after reading some feedback on these mod's comment sections, it seems that levelling (with Experience + vanilla curve) is way quicker until lvl 10-15 then more or less equal to vanilla until lvl 25-30 then slower and slower beyond this point. Tracing the curves give a more insightful view of what we can get: https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/43/1/1540217783-test.png Also, I think lowering "exploration" XP values might be a good idea since "Map Markers complete" add many map locations, what do you think?
  11. Yeah that's what I like too, that's why I'm kinda disapointed the misc reward is buggy I hope it'll be fixed one day! But since this guide add A LOT of content we don't want to finish at lvl 150, don't we? No it's two different things, "Experience" implement the new XP system and "Level Rebalance" change the vanilla XP requirement curve and we want to find a "sweet spot" between the two. Vanilla curve is 75 + x * 25 (where x = lvl, ex. lvl 9>10 require 75 + 10 * 25 = 325 xp, lvl 10>11 = 350 etc), requirement progression is rather quick but XP gains grow accordingly in vanilla, NOT with "Experience" wich give static XP gains from beginning to the end. Consequence: with Experience and without curve tweaks, character progression is way too quick at the start then became too slow as we advance trough levels. A steadier curve like 400 + x *15 can (theoretically) offset that but need further testing in the long run to make adjustments.
  12. I don't recommend XP kill*2, that's too much imo leave it at 1. You should also try "Level Rate Rebalance" with a custom XP curve, since "Experience" provide linear XP gains the "exponential" default curve isn't well balanced for it (testing 400+x*15 atm, seems quite balanced). Another point to note "Map marker" add hundred locations, maybe it's a good idea to lower all the "discovery" XP.
  13. I've experienced some "bugs" like this with misc quests, so I turned them off to be "safe". Besides that, did you tried different XP curves?
  14. Funny thing it happened just after I read your post: 50xp popping out of nowhere (with notification), too bad we can't rely on that fonctionality. Regarding the "4036 cells" bug there's a possible workaround here: https://www.reddit.com/r/EnaiRim/comments/9k21so/enairim_and_the_ability_condition_bug/
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