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  1. ok sorry I didn’t indicate details about my configuration... But I thought about seeing the number of people with similar problems that this could help some. Again sorry
  2. Hello, for those having problems generating Lods with Dyndolod, what I will say may seem very strange but it works here for me. I had a lot of bugs when I was generating lods, "out of memory" most of times but other too that i dont remember details. With 16go of memory I did not understand where it could come from. I finally found it and there it starts to be weird for me but maybe someone will understand. I use my TV as a computer screen, and sometimes as it's long either I turned off my screen or I watched TV while Dyndolod was working and I ended up noticing that Dyndolod was bugling when I was doing this and only when i was doing this, solution was that i need to leave my screen on, don't turn it to watch TV and dont using too much my computer. it's very strange but i think that it can't happen only to me so if it can work and help some people.... And if someone have an explanation I would be curious to know!!
  3. Hello no it's not a problem, i already try it one time and it was working well
  4. Hello Lexy's you don't put the FOMOD Instructions for Kalilies NPCs and the link for Pandorable's NPCs - Dragonborn point to a wrong nexus page (Metalsabers Beautiful Orcs of Skyrim) Curious to look all those NPC change Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!
  5. hello Lexy i got a Cyclic interaction error message in LOOT when sorting load order before merging the "Landscape Fixes For Grass Patches Merged" : Cyclic interaction detected between "Dragon Bridge.esp" and "Landscape For Grass Mods - Arthmoor's Ivarstead PATCH.esp": Dragon Bridge.esp  [Master] Landscape For Grass Mods - Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge PATCH.esp  [Group] Ivarstead.esp  [Master] Landscape For Grass Mods - Arthmoor's Ivarstead PATCH.esp  [Group] Dragon Bridge.esp Got no idea where it coming from !
  6. Hello Lexy, I think you forgot to mark in the Changelog page that you updated the "Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches - ELE Merge" Sorry to be the one everytimes telling you error you make or invent some sometimes.., i don't really like that but i think it help and almost i'm stuck at home for recovery and boring so i wait your update everytimes with impatience.. :)
  7. and a mistake in changelog page with the names of the 2 conflic resolution patches and in regenerate section u misse the KIC + RWT Merge Hurry to see the change with this new enb !
  8. Hello Lexy, i think u missed the "BSA Extracted" tag for Silver Arrows
  9. Hello Lexy, i think you make a mistake in the change log by invert information between CLARALUX SSE MCM and Nether's Follower Framework
  10. Hello Lexy, there's a little mistake with the "Cloaks of Skyrim Ultra" in the "Weapons and Armor Retextures" section, you don't update the link to the SSE version . https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29258?tab=description Oups no that's me sorry LOL
  11. Wow Shadriss thank you a lot. I use a AMD graphic card, i don't look enought this part of the guide..
  12. Hello, i got a big problem since a long moment now that i don't find the solution. In every houses i go in there's a lot of noise, like somethings collide rattling themself but i dont see them. When opening doors of room in house (not new cell) i see everything flying in and sometimes hurt my player. Sometimes i got problem to move trought doors and when i move near the water too, she make a glitch with recurring water sound when I walk away from it. I try many things, désactivate mods as to finish with only the cleaned esm not working. Redo all Skyrim and skyrimpref ini setup not working. Redo the cleaning of esm not working. Do someone got a idea where it coming from ?
  13. Hello Lexy, do we need to redo the "Snazzy Patches Merged" since you added manual xEdit Cleaning instructions to the "SFCO - Immersive College of Winterhold Patch.esp" ?
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