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  1. Just did like the guide said, ENB Series and PhoenixVivid ENB-Reshade Edit: Reinstalled ENB Series and PhoenixVivid ENB-Reshade don't know what I did wrong the first time
  2. So when I got outdoor everything is white : https://i.imgur.com/emykGXR.png Any idea how I can fix that?
  3. Had wrong version of Relinker. I had the 2.43 download from mega in Prerequisites. Moved the ESM. So I did again Relinker and DynDOLOD and it seem to be working! At least the character creation menu. Thanks.
  4. When launching SSEEdit: Background Loader: Fatal: <Exception: "DynDOLOD.esm" requires master "Cutting Room Floor.esp" to be loaded before it.>
  5. So finished the guide and... crash on startup (skyrim logo on left and loading symbol on bottom right)
  6. So my xLODGen stoped responding 1 hour ago since then no new file have been created is it over? (1980 elements in texture/terrain/tamriel)
  7. On NVIDIA Inspector in the guide it is said "* Frame Rate Limiter 58 (From the drop down menu select 58)" is it also the case with a 144 Hz screen (and HavokFix64)?
  8. Mod is hidden while the author is correcting an issue with the mod, should be re-open when he have fixed the issue.
  9. Hi, it's me again, trying to install No BS AI Projectile Dodge (Magic and Arrows) - Immersive Projectiles Nondetection of Enemies. But when I click on the link it say "Hidden file" and "This mod has been set to hidden by its author" can't find the mod when searching on nexus also. Anyone have any other source from the mod author?
  10. So I misunderstood this part: "Load only kye_srceo_patch.esp", I tought it was loading it alone in SSEEdit but I guess it was in MO, my ESP have a Mod Index of 130 so I guess it ****ed with the ID since I couldn't find one finishing by A8. Thanks for the help.
  11. Might be dumb as **** but can't find it with 080519A8 or anything finishing by A8, already reinstalled it didn't change anything :(
  12. Hi, thanks for the guide I'm struggling on the cleaning of Know Your Ennemy. The guide say : But I can't find 070519A8 or 070DF734, can I have some help?
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