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  1. Has anyone else had a problem with zMerge? Whenever I merge certain mods, and I go to the disable plugins, some are not put into the optional folder. At this point, can I just manually move them?
  2. Hopefully this is the last time I have to bother everyone. 1) When it comes to the NPCs, can I choose the non nude options if given or will that interfere with any resolution merges or patches? 2) In an older guide, there was a follower Toccata that was removed. If I still wanted to use her, would that interfere with any merges or conflicts? Could she still be used? If it requires making my own conflict patch I am not 100% sure what to do, so in that case I guess its best to leave alone right? Thank you so much again.
  3. Is "Enhanced Landscape Oaks Standalone.esp" supposed to be kept as Form 43 or will this be corrected during the merge?
  4. I hate to be a pain, but I know it says complete the whole guide first. Well, for some reason I felt I had to run it after doing the Heads Up Display section just to see if everything was coming out. Oddly enough, depending on where I placed the plugins, either A Matter Of Time or moreHUD did not show up in the MCM. I know that one will be merged later on and it has to got after another plugin, but I guess my question is, at this point, is that supposed to happen? I fee like in the past versions when I would play test through, there was never a problem. Why now? I even reinstalled. DO I take my chance and go all the way to the end, or should I be concerned and wipe it all out? Like always, I am very appreciative of all that you do with the guide, and all who help.
  5. Would we be able to start the guide and get the Prerequisites page started or should we wait till full update has been completed? Thank you for all your hard work.
  6. Anyone having trouble with the "Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods Merge?" It seems every time I make it, Dragon Bridge patch doesn't hide. Should I just hide it anyway?
  7. How do we add Stats to the Animals Merged file? I don't see the option in Wyre Bash
  8. Hey guys, Once again, thank you and I love the recent updates. My problem is when I try to do the Enhanced Lighting Merge, I am not sure why I can't make the merge. For starters, LOOT will not work, nor will zMerge. It seems to have something to do with Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches. When I deactivate the mod, all is fine. Any suggestions. (Sorry if this has been covered)
  9. Sorry if this has been answered, but with the new ZMerge, I noticed there is a Bethesda Archive box under the data tab. Does this need to be checked? Like always, thank you.
  10. I am currently playing with Wyrmstooth. Because of that I have dowloaded patches for YOT. Will tis conflict or be a problem with you newly added YOT - Your Own Thoughts Consistency Patch? Like always, much appreciated.
  11. Silly question - why was Extended UI taken out of the Heads Up Display Merge?
  12. In zMerge, I don't see the copy general assets in the data tab. Am I missing something?
  13. Now that we are using zMerge I have a quick question. If one makes merges from mods that are not part of the guide, or adds a mod into one of your merges, will zMerge handle it, or do we stick with Merge plugins?
  14. Hey, I was think about adding Sky Tweak to load order to adjust a coupe of things. Does anyone know if it will break or conflict with any mod in the guide. I tried my best to do research but I just want to double check. And if I can use it, where should I place it? Like always I appreciate the advice/suggestions.
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