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  1. I really like IC, I am talking about changes I make after completing Lexy's build. I usually do this build and then make changes after to suit my tastes. As far as adding or taking away from the build I am happy just doing my own thing after they do theirs.
  2. I have been experimenting with JK's as well and it has given me quite a few headaches. I am thinking about making a JK merge and leaving out or editing Falkreath since I usually spend a bit of time there in my playthroughs. You are right though, once you have used JK's it is hard to go back to what seems like empty cities. :) It's the same with Paradise Cities for vanilla skyrim. Once you see the cities with all of the trees it is hard to not have them there. Too bad there isn't a high res option for those trees though. I know someone was working on a mod that combines several of the city overhauls and makes them play nice with each other. I can't remember the name of the author or the mod at the moment though. I seem to remember he had the cooperation of several of the other mod authors though so maybe there is hope in the future. I don't remember if the Immersive Citizens folks were in on it or not.
  3. Have you finished the guide? If so maybe go back and check the notes for the merges that you made and make sure you enabled the files that it says to. Every time I have had this problem it was because I was missing a master somewhere. Check for a warning in the right pane of MO2 and it will help you track down which one it is if that is the problem. Also if you ran the Skyrim.exe without using SKSE while troubleshooting you may have also gotten Auto-updated depending on how you have that set up in Steam. You may want to check to make sure you still have the right version of Skyrim.exe before doing anything else.
  4. I think I have seen Lexy say that she does it this way herself. I know that I have been doing it that way with the exception of some that needed to be manually downloaded for some other reason in addition to or involved extra steps besides Niff Opt.
  5. xx is the formid of EnhancedLightsandFX.esp. Look at that sentence for a sec. I'll bet yours is something like 0516733B. I really recommend watching the video's by PheonixSunstar001 you can find the whole playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLVYcme1N7sXo9yzRMi1Izf8jhCnZ1x54 It really does help to see someone else do each step.
  6. Sort of off topic but: Frostfall is an immersion mod that sometimes contributes to immersion breaking scenarios. For example: I am there supposedly freezing my digital ass off outside of Bleak Falls Barrow and then I kill a half naked bandit who was supposedly standing guard for hours in the snow! I could excuse it if the bandit was say a Nord, but most times they are not. Even if they were Nords they would at least have some kind of protection from the elements... I mean come on! I remember back in Oldrim that most NPC's wore hoods and cloaks if you had that enabled within the mod. I wonder if maybe something has changed or maybe Frostfall is not playing well with INeed or something. Don't get me wrong, I love Frostfall but IMO for the cost / script overhead of Frostfall I would expect the NPC's to suffer as much as I do!
  7. There have been changes to the guide that may not be reflected in the load order she posted on Modwatch. Depending on when you completed certain sections of the guide your load order may be different than hers (as posted on the 2nd of October) since there have been updates. Look at the change log for 4 October. It looks like 2 changes may change the way your load order looks as compared to hers from the 2nd of October. Either way, I would hold off moving things manually until I heard from Lexy or one of the other folks with more knowledge than me. Things I learned: 1.) If we are supposed to do something she will have covered it in the guide. 2.) If it takes a few days to do the guide make sure to check the change log. The first time I did the guide I didn't follow it exactly and it caused me a ton of headaches. (This is when I found her load order on Modwatch) The next time I did it I followed the guide exactly, if the guide didn't mention checking a box or unchecking a box I left it alone. If it didn't mention a patch I didn't install it and so on... What I learned is that Lexy and the team are pretty meticulous and they more or less have everything covered. My main point is that IF she wanted us to compare our load order to hers it would be a step in the guide. I think it is not a step for a reason. If I am wrong I am sure someone here will correct me.
  8. I just checked and the load order on ModWatch was updated on the 2nd of October. Yours should look like hers as far as I know. Have you added mods that are not in the guide? Did you forgot to disable mods that you have merged? Looks like she does use empty Mods to help categorize her load order. Those are marked with ++++Name++++ if you are looking at the Modlist and have inactive checked. It also looks like she has a few that are not included in the guide that are inactive if you are looking at the Modlist and have inactive checked.
  9. - Wyre Bash: I also didn't have any with the [NoMerge] tag so yes you are good there. And yes you leave them unchecked because they are now part of your bashed patch. -Lexy's load order: The last time I looked that load order was several months old. I would not rely on it for comparison. You can see the date on that page. - Interiors: Quick light (hold down "e" while not trying to interact with anything) can help out a bit. I went as far as to set it to "Wide" in the MCM because I can barely see anything. It always bothers me that people in places of work and Inns don't have more light sources. I don't think some of these "lighting" mods take into account reflected light. Regardless, people would have more light sources if it was that dark in places that they were trying to work or eat. I know most fans of the Dark and or lighting mods in general are against any source of ambient lighting which is the only way to approximate reflected light in game that I know of. Well at least until all of us are running RTX cards and ray tracing is available in games. Speaking of Quick Light, Does anyone know if there is a way to remap the default key to something else? I hate dismounting everytime I want a little extra light while riding at night.
  10. Please don't take this comment as me trying to be rude. That is not my intention at all. But... Please consider the following: First, I don't think it is fair to ask Lexy to troubleshoot your setup. Without knowing what kind of system (Computer) you are using and the specifications of it there is no way for her to know. Is your system as good or better than hers? This information is listed in the first section of the guide. There is some important information up there that some people miss. The most important being this warning. Notice: Please note this guide is currently considered a Beta version best suited for Testers and Experienced Modders Processor: i5 4670K @ 4.2 GHzMotherboard: Asus z97-KRam: Corsair Vengence Pro 32GB (4x8GB) @2133MHzGPU: Zotac GTX 980Ti 6GBOS: (Windows 7) WD Green 2TBGames: Samsung 850 EVO 256GB (Steam)Games: Kingston Hyperx Fury 128GB SSD (GOG and Origins)Games Backup: WD Blue 2TB Notice the 32 gigs of ram and the 6 gigs of video ram? While this guide can be scaled down in terms of Texture detail by using 1k or 2k textures instead of 4k and picking lower end options in many of the settings, the number of mods and type of mods in the guide REQUIRE a pretty good system to run. I apologise if I am off base here, but it sounds like you may need more system memory or you may have made an error while following the guide. I have completed this guide 3 times now and can tell you that with my system there are times when I can tell I am pushing it's limits.
  11. For everyone having problems, I really, really suggest watching these videos. Sometimes seeing someone else do the guide will help you figure out what you are missing. Installing Lexy's LOTD SE Guide - OMEGA Edition by: PheonixSunstar001 Link to the entire playlist, updated as he finishes each part. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLVYcme1N7sXo9yzRMi1Izf8jhCnZ1x54
  12. You did remember to deactivate SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm before running TexGen64 and DynDOLOD64 right? You also updated the DynDOLOD resources? I know it's basic, but I always have to recheck myself when it starts acting up. I finished that step earlier today with the new version and did notice it took a little longer than usual, but I am using a different build right now so I can't really compare to the load order you are using. There are some things you can change in the .ini if it is still hanging. I think the ones to change are //commented in the DynDOLOD_SSE.ini.
  13. You removed the esp from VIGILANT SE v130 and are using the one from the VIGILANT Voiced - English Addon right? I know you probably are but never hurts to ask just to make sure.
  14. As far as my ctd goes I removed the enb and now I can actually run around in game for 5 or 10 minutes before crashing. Dunno. I know enbdev warns against what they call "crapware" so I probably have something that ENBseries does not like running. My card actually requires me to run "crapware" for fan profiles or my PC sounds like a Jet engine ramping up. That's what I get for buying an overclocked EVGA. The game looks great without the enb and I usually don't use one in my normal build so it will not be missed. Now back to figuring out what is causing the crash now after I get into the world.
  15. Solution: Load only kye_srceo_patch.esp and remove Tint Layer 51 from records xx0519A8 and xx0DF734 (xx is the formid of kye_srceo_patch.esp) I had the same problem. What I resorted to was to click on the "+" next to kye_srceo_patch.esp and visually search for the ones ending in 0519A8 and 0DF734.
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