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  1. Sorry for posting again ... but this issue is driving me nuts. I have ONLY installed the Mod Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul. Any dialogue added by the mod, I can see lips moving but no Voice. No other mod installed. Then I tested using the previous version of the mod; ie Complete Fast Travel Overhaul and everything works as intended. Again the only mod installed. Any clues or suggestions ?
  2. Bjorlam the guy on the carriage in front of whiterun has voice for greetings but no voice for other informative sentences. I noticed this is may be related to the mod CFTO. Is it a bug from my side ?
  3. Check whether both esps haven't got their metadata to load after each other.
  4. No. .. actually I meant if you use a mod for Skyrim SE 1.5.50 while my game is still 1.5.39
  5. When I run ReLinker (both 40 and 44 versions) ... I am getting no output file. The Relinker end with: NO Changes required. Press enter to continue. For info I did a smash.all to each merge pack before merging.
  6. If a mod has been updated to the newer skyrim version, can the same mod be used for the previous version of skyrim?
  7. I created the Animal Merge and then loaded all esps belonging to the merge in Xedit. I noticed that the merge completely changes, actually creates a new PKID number. Is this ok ? https://ibb.co/hokrpe
  8. While going through this Guide, I encountered some patches or addons to existing mods which are not in the guide. Which of these are already covered by the Conflict Resolution Patches of the Guide or whether they are safe to use ? 1. Andromeda Convenient Horses Patch-17839-1-0 2. Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch v2.4-11069-2-4 3. Bruma SE Signs SMIMmed-10924-1 4. Campfire - Better Dynamic Snow Patch SE-14415-1-0 5. Cutting Room Floor - Alteration Shield Spell Fix-2723-1-2 6. Cutting Room Floor - Lighting Overhaul-5732-1-1 7. Falskaar - Tweaks and Enhancments - The Notice Board-18401-2-5a 8. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal Combo Mod-17831-1-0 9. Helgen Reborn - LootableSigilStonesHR.7z-12997-1-0 10. Immersive College Of Winterhold - New Npcs-9252-1-0-4 11. Immersive DawnGuard DaySpring Pass - Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Patch-4126-1-0-3 12. imp_helm_Helgen Reborn-12897-1-0 13. imp_helm_Immersive_Armors-12405- 14. imp_helm_USSEP-12405- 15. Moon & Star Immersion Patch-4301-2-0 16. RealisticWaterTwo LOD Fix-9249-1-0 17. RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition - Dimmer Glow Maps-1937-1-0 Thanks
  9. The guide uses Vigor - Combat and Injuries. If instead one uses Vigor a la SOT mod will this be OK or will not be compatible with the conflict resolution files of this Guide ?
  10. In the install part of the Mod Eloquent Reader, I suppose the esp file from the Main File has to be deleted. Since the optional esp will replace it and then be merged. This is not clear in the guide, because if the Main esp is not deleted it will co-exist with the merge.
  11. In the DYNDOLOD section .... the guidance given is for ULTRA TREES generation. Can you please advice what one should do if Traditional LOD generation is preferred (VRAM issues). Thanks
  12. LOOT suggests to clean these esps: convenient horses.esp imp_helm_legend.esp MajesticMountains_Moss.esp MoonAndStar_MAS.esp is it safe to clean them ? I read that it is unsafe to clean the horses esp. So I am unsure !
  13. In the Guide, when it comes to the installation of Unique Border Gates it is suggested to load/save the UniqueBorderGates-All-PointTheWay.esp in the Creation Kit since Wyre Bash complains during the bashing process. However, I bashed the guide files and Wyre Bash gave no error regarding this esp (did not convert esp)
  14. HI. When I pass each esp through Bash Tags Autodetection, some esps get bash tags not listed in guide. Should I add them or ignore them - and only use the ones suggested in this guide ? Thanks
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