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  1. You want the highlighted number for the mod in question. When you open the mod in SSEEdit, find it, take note of the number next to is (might be two numbers, might be a number and a letter), and then replace the first two digits of the form ID you are searching for with those two digits.
  2. You can use either. I've used them both today. I did notice a bit of a wrist seam on the sse 4k version, but it was only there on one of my ENBs and Shiva seems to be quick to fix things regardless. It seems like you did everything right, with the bash patch. Those mods should, indeed, stay unticked (unless specified int he guide like Hunterborn). Have you tried multiple starts for LAL, or is it a certain one that is crashing? I don't have a modified LO, but if you have your own Modwatch, that could be beneficial.
  3. That was my first thought, but they're saying that the esm requires CRF, an esp, as a master. DynDOLOD.esm should only have the other esms as masters.
  4. I'm glad it worked for you! I don't whys or hows, lol, I just know Relinker wasn't made specifically for MO2, so it gets temperamental unless things are laid out perfectly.
  5. I know I saw Lexy and Shadriss talk about this before and I ran into it once. I reinstalled MO using the portable install, myself, so that all of my mod and profile folders were in the main MO2 folder. That may not be an option for you, so just make sure ALL files related to MO2 are in the same place and properly pathed. For reference, this is what my MO folder looks like: https://imgur.com/qGzpa3u
  6. In my experience, this usually happens when the copy of DynDOLOD you are using is out of date. Double check that you're using 2.43 and, all else, try rerunning DynDOLOD.
  7. Double check that you downloaded and ran Relinker version 40 and not 44 (if there is more than the exe in the folder, it's the wrong one). That and missing masters are the most common issues.
  8. Deleted navmesh or reference maybe? Do you have any followers or quest mods that aren't in the guide? They tend to be the ones that make edits to random freaking places.
  9. Since we are in a build flux, of sorts, the obvious one is to make sure you haven't erroneously update any of the skse mods to their 1.5.50/skse2.0.8 versions. Beyond that, the one time I had that happen, it was because I was using Relinker version 44 and not the older 40 version that we need to use.
  10. All three mods were heavily revised and taken off, what I would consider, more legitimate broken and bad mod lists. Granted, I just have a hard time listening to anyone who wants to blacklist a mod because they think anatomically correct mares are somehow vomit inducing (and also has no information on the page to tell when it was last updated). You can use Lanterns of Skyrim as a partial alternative to CLARALUX, but the latter does similar and more and, it's important to remember, this mod list was built and patched with it in mind. About you Reddit post, dude was having issues with Wet and cold because of Survival Mode (which many mods are not compatible with) and not the mod. If it does nothing for you, or you're running on a potato-ish PC, by all means leave it off. But it isn't a troublesome mod. SkyTEST, unpatched, has its issues. But it's been patched to Oblivion at this point and gives me no more issues than vanilla occasionally does. I run everything in Lexy's guide, plus Dynamic Things, Holidays, many more scripted mods (and then some). My 200 hour save is lean and rock solid.
  11. I know it isn't quite as useful as it was in the LE setup, as we're lacking EFF and Immersive Horses (though I've been using the latter), but I just wanted to mention I converted and have been using Easy Wheel Menu for a few months now without any issues. For a controller user, it and Equipment HUD (also rock solid) are almost essentials. If my brain could figure out scripting add-ons, I'd never want for hotkeys.
  12. I'll ask here before going to reddit, since I follow the guide almost completely, so you all are familiar with the setup. I've noticed that my game time/animations seems sped up. Everything moves a bit too fast and audio overlaps. Lip syncing can't keep up either. I can remedy it by setting my game time to .88 in the console, but that causes certain other things (Mjoll, for instance, seems immune to whatever is happening, so she becomes very slow) to mess up. I've scoured the web and the only thing I can find is almost exclusive to monitors with high refresh rates. That isn't me, I have a 59.9hz monitor, vsync enabled through my driver, and get a steady 50 fps. Has anyone else run into this issue? Or have an idea where to look?
  13. It seems to be a really disturbing trend of late. Everyone wants to throw shade at those that came before them, or anyone who doesn't subscribe to their vision of what Skyrim is. In the last two days, I've seen the crap about iNeed and RN&D, saw RW2 called a cancer, WACCF called a bloated waste of time, Vivid Weathers called garbage. And on and on. It's one thing coming from users, but when these are public comments from mod makers, it's really depressing. It also dissuades me from ever installing anything they make, no matter how good it may look. Now, to figure out what bugged out and made everyone's animations in-game speed up. The dialogue clipping into itself if driving me bonkers.
  14. There should only be one entry you need to remove, xx30781. It's under Non-Player Character, manny_GF_UncleSheogorath aka Sheogorath. Remove it from the patch and clean masters and you should be good to go.
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