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  1. Crystal clear explanation, thanks alot! Basically what I was going for was a copy of the stable where I could add a new mod to see if it plays nice etc. Thanks for the info!
  2. Quick Question everyone - I would like to tweak and play around a little bit with some mods in this list. I currently have a perfectly working Mod Organizer 2 Profile for this list. Can I just copy that and use the copy as a base without influencing my Dragonborn Profile or do I need to make a new profile or do something else completely? Basically I want to test some alternate Landscape/weather/Vegetation mods without messing up the very stable and nice setup that I have now thanks to Lexy and the Crew. Tips are appreciated :)
  3. Cheers for the heads up, I downloaded it yesterday and I did see improvements. It was too late to benchmark though but objectively the menu was showing faster than before! So yeah, good news on that front!
  4. To clarify fully - you are getting those errors when loading the respective files in SSEEdit, correct? Could your load order possibly be shot so that it (Sacrosanct) is loading after the conflict file? Like I said - I was shown the exact same error when loading the conflict resolution in SSEEdit, but in my case the sacrosanct master was missing/not loaded. Once I did that I no longer got that error on loading.
  5. Do you have Sacrosanct installed? I believe those lines in the conflict file refer to it so it would seem as if that particular mod is not activated? (On a previous install I removed those lines when cleaning the file because I did not want sacrosanct and those were the ones that required it as a master (if I am not completely incorrect). I got shown the same error when trying to load the file without the master enabled. Will give that a whirl soonish - have gone off them at the moment tbh. Just strange that some meshes showed and some didn't. Ah well, we will see :)
  6. They did not get copied for UNP Rogue but did get copied for Northgirl. What I did after that was rebuild the Weapons and Armor Merge without them, reinstalled them as single mods, rebuilt the bashed, smash patches etc and then gave it another try. Same problem there. No Clue as to what it is but both mods do not seem to work properly for me, no matter how I set them up.
  7. Quick bit of Feedback - I am having Issues with the Northgirl and UNP Rogue Armour Mods. The Rouge Meshes are not showing at all in game and for Northgirl some are missing (most certainly Belt and Boots). I have tried various mixes, even removing it from the Weapons & Armour Merged Patch and running them as regular mods but to no avail. Would be interesting to see if anyone else has this issue. I have removed them from my installation for now, may circle back round to them in the future if they work for me again.
  8. A couple of Quick Noob Question for all you experienced modders out there: 1) If I add a mod to my finished installation do I generally have to rebuild the bashed, smash etc patches? 2) I presume if I add a mod that changes the landscape or textures I need to rerun texgen, xLodGen and DynDOLOD? 3) Does it make a huge difference if I do not run relinker? For some strange reason it keeps on throwing errors, everything else works just fine. I read the tool description and am not fully clear on how essential it really is. Thanks for the help!
  9. So I gave this a try and had major issues running skse - my setup could not find all mods etc. For Example, I have the spinning main menu logo which got loaded correctly but the textures were not loaded. When I deactivated the plugin it all worked fine again. Most likely needs more investigation/tweaking but I prefer waiting a few seconds longer and having a stable load :D
  10. Hahahaha, enter the new Dwemer Pan Scarab Enemy :D :D Umm, from the pack of 5 or 6 Wolves it happened to 2 of them. So I guess it is just a hiccup - will keep an eye on it as I keep playing. Maybe I am only noticing it now because everything is so new and shiny with all these mods :D ;)
  11. I do have one possible Issue that someone may have come across before: After starting my game I got attacked by some wolves. I killed them but some of their legs kept twitching/jerking around which looks really wierd. I can't quite remember if I had the same thing in Vanilla (and I know that skyrim does do some wierd things occasionally) but is there something I can do do counteract that? I did run FNIS correctly and all the display settings are correct (vsynch locked to 60 etc). Maybe someone has a tip?
  12. Hi Everyone! I just created an account to be able to post here and say thank you for all the hard work with this guide and all the information in this thread. I finished setting it all up yesterday and it looks and feels great! I still have some minor niggles to deal with and some tweaking to do but all in all I am very happy. I did start with some experience (I will admit I was a convinced NMM User) and I have learnt so much, especially that MO2 really is the better choice and way more flexible. So thank you to all of you for this experience. I will be following the developments closely and will happily post any issues I might have. I originally did have an issue with the wrye bash bit, but that got updated a day later and all was good ;) Keep it up and again, thanks for all your efforts! ~Edit~ For New Modders: Make sure you follow the Prerequisites closely and have a clean setup and install base of the game and all the tools as described, it will save you some issues and confusion down the line.
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