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  1. Are you saying pretty much everyone who has installed this guide has this issue? I know it's not a hardware issue on my end.
  2. Ah I do have Frostfall -- is there any way around this? Sometimes it's not just when I'm going too fast it also happens when I'm going slow. But could be a combination of two things causing that issue?
  3. Hey so this seems to be an issue someone might have encountered - I have a super stable game for the exception of occasional random CTDs while scrolling through Skyui menus - particularly blacksmithing. I'll CTD and then go back in and try to replicate it and see if it was an issue with an unoptimized mesh or something, and then it won't replicate so I'm confused. If it was a mesh or texture issue it would crash consistently any time I tried to view a specific item (it did this with Warrior Within Weapons, which I fixed by resaving the textures and making sure the meshes were optimized). Any ideas? Would greatly appreciate it. PS: It definitely happens when I scroll through very fast using the mousewheel, but it also sometimes happens when going very slow and looking at a particular item etc.
  4. oh ok, thank you ! Just didn't want to break my game somehow, I'll never understand the mysteries of skyrim engine haha
  5. Okay so I followed the MCM to the T, I'm not using any other interface mods, I installed everything correctly and rechecked it, and I'm still getting and "itemcard.swf" and "bottombar.swf" message in some of my menus. Did I do something wrong?
  6. Does this mean that you actually can merge quest mods if you use relinker to relink the scripts?
  7. Er what mod makes the carriage drivers actually walk around instead of staying in their carriage waiting for me where they belong lol!? I can't find the Solitude guy anywhere!
  8. I think installing Extended UI fixed it somehow. I had skipped over that one because I didn't feel like loading up the CK lol.
  9. I also tried it, and while I don't think it caused any issues, I'd say it only loaded things maybe 10 seconds faster (takes me around 45 seconds to boot up) so kinda not worth it.
  10. But...why.... :P I don't think there would be because they're all custom, but you could try downloading a mod with bra and panties that is modular so you could then use the console to force the npcs to equip the underwear. If it's the armor you don't like then you could also use the console to force them to equip some armor with more coverage.
  11. Any idea why I'm getting the Skyui/itemcard.swf error when I open the magix menu? I followed the MCM and turned of the swf stuff in the menu, so not sure where this is from?
  12. I figured something like that, however it seemed odd that this guide would include a mod that could cause a CTD in any capacity without a note on it, and I'd think people want to be able to use the body slider? Actually, I excluded Pumping Iron (I always play female and figured it would just make her boobs get bigger which I don't need with all the CBP haha), which might somehow effect that slider. Think that's a potential cause? Side Question: I'm been playing around with getting Thieves Guild For Good Guys to work (and also Dark Brotherhood for Good Guys), but it only works if I put it after my smash patch (and not including it in the Smash patch). Is it safe to do something like this for mods that affect quest scripts? I didn't see them at all on the Trello, which DB has an LOTD patch so I thought that was odd. Thanks in advance :)
  13. Any idea why Racemenu CTDs if I mess with the body slider (and the body disappears)? I followed the video for converting it to the T, and the rest of Racemenu works fine. If it's nothing to worry about and just related to the body slider I'll be ok I just want to avoid future issues if I somehow did something wrong.
  14. Thanks guys :) my system is rocking an 11gb 1080 TI so if it takes long to boot up it’s not going any faster hahaha. But once in game the load screens are pretty short. Couple last questions I’d anyone wouldn’t mind? So I’ve installed probably 85% of the guide and a handful of quest mods I had in my last play through. I’ve been play testing for a few hours coc to lots of different places to check for crashes, running around trying some quests, etc. Right now when I try to run up the docks in solitude...I’m missing a damn staircase to go up to the city and in place of it are 2 NPCs, and argonian named Salty something and another dude named Aquelius something. I’m guessing it’s a conflict with an NPC mod? Not sure how to go about troubleshooting and I don’t think it’s from anything I installed which is mostly new lands stuff anyway. Any ideas would be appreciated ! Probably a simple edit in SSEedit if I know what to target or do? Lastly, racemenu works pretty well but I did get a CTD when I was messing with the body slider. Any ideas how to fix that ? Thanks in advance !
  15. Holy balls is it always going to take forever to load !? lol But WOW DYNDOLOD IS THE SHIZ!!!!!!!!
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