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  1. Hey im slightly confused about relinker, am i supposed to activate it before i run texgen or after i run texgen?
  2. the bash tags for omega caco merged. i dont see the stats tag option. where can i add it
  3. that mod is kinda useless with ks dragon overhaul 2 doing literally everything that mod does.
  4. hey does anyone know if alpine forest of whiterun valley absolutely needed? or am i safe to skip it?
  5. How do i remove keep it clean master from lotd patches merged? ok i think i figured it out, not too sure tho
  6. ok thanks man also does it matter if i use Bijin skin unp and cbbe for classic or can i use the one that just came for sse?
  7. so if i have a copy of veydosebrom i assume i can just use that instead of verdant? also since i have a gtx1080 can i use the high preset for dyndolod?
  8. wow rustic deadric is looking pretty good. i have a question, i really wanna use the mod no more ugly effects SE, would it clash with anything else in the guide?
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