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  1. Hmmm, is there not a patch to extend Know Your Enemy's armor traits to e.g. Immersive Armors, etc.? Seems a little jarring to have a cutoff past vanilla gear if that's the case, considering how much the additional armor mods disseminate throughout the game.
  2. A pair of miscellaneous minimal fuss mods: Sigil Stone Fix - Not seemingly addressed by anything yet, a simple mesh drop that gives sigil stones a pretty primo appearance. No plugin required. Upgrade for Bandolier - Bags and Pouches - Oldrim mesh mod to give fancier glass effects to the vials on bandolier models and the like; no plugin required, easy enough to run the nif files through same as others we've converted for the guide and a nice visual.
  3. Ahh, looking at the mod page again he must've changed the description after folks noted the shade being thrown--when it was first posted, it did specifically target iNeed in the mod description and accused it of having '30 broken bug-ridden scripts' etc. Definitely not keen on the attitude even post-edit, though, I have to agree.
  4. Right on; if you do manage to find a way to fix it at the ENB level I'd love to hear it. I've been trying to tidy things as much as I can condense them--my modding 'beyond' the guide's loadout is predominately a combo of trying to cover any additional mods that add content to LotD, and trying to cover some of the biggest 'bang for you buck' adventure / new lands (e.g. Clockwork, Project AHO, etc. are a lot of content for a single esp each.) I have a bit of condensing breathing room to work with yet (I've been holding off on building a bash merge until everything else is settled, and I know already that will knock about 5 more esps off of my current setup cleanly) but I am otherwise at 248 esps currently pending more pruning / merging / finishing touches. I'm very tempted to incorporate e.g. Undeath, though there seem to be multiple mods that overhaul Undeath itself and it's tough sorting between them. I'm also waiting on Immersive World Encounters and the like to finish the rapid update / polishing stages before incorporating them. In other news, Immersive Needs - For the conscious modder dropped yesterday and throws some shade at iNeed criticizing scripts and the like. Same author as Cinematic Dragon Soul Absorption. Raised an eyebrow at their approach to knocking other modding, but curious about what they've got going on.
  5. Typically from what I've seen, the common workaround for Night Eye and ENB is a tandem hotkey that disables the ENB processing effects while Night Eye is active and then re-activates them when Night Eye is turned off. Re: WACCF et all, do folks anticipate it being something that gets merged, or something that sits in a standalone esp slot moving forward once incorporated? I've been working on rounds of fine-tuning and sharpening my pencil for my mod loadout as things get settled in (and have been rebuilding my merges with the right settings this time, so that all the necessary assets are cleanly in place!) I wanted to hold off on rebuilding my Weapons & Armour merge until the new releases were sorted out though.
  6. Check your conflict overwrites in the left panel of MO2 too; even if xEdit looks swell, you might have the wrong facegen files winning the overwrite in your file structure in MO2.
  7. Hmmm. Follow-up question: when Merge Plugins renumbers formIDs, is it random every time or e.g. could you run the same merge build with the same plugins in the same order and get identical results? If you can, can you build onto merges by pinning new additions at the end without disrupting the ongoing formIDs of the original build, or do they get shuffled up again?
  8. Just out of curiosity, is there any reason not to merge the four Unique Border Gates esp files into something else?
  9. Here's a weird CTD: I consistently crash when going into the Hall of Secrets, then turning around and using the door to go back to the Hall of the Dragonborn.
  10. Corrupted Nifs Patches - CNP - Purports to fixing a variety of corrupt nif files, even from vanilla Skyrim but also from a number of mods in this guide's load order, which the author reports can otherwise cause CTDs.
  11. I plead autocorrect and haste on that one! I cannot wait for Trade & Barter to make the migration over too, it's a big missing link for that 'perfect' core of Skyrim mods IMO.
  12. Hmm, it was by disabling half my plugins on the right pane and slowly re-adding them that I narrowed it to crashing with DynDOLOD in the first place, but that was by loading a save and running to a cell border that I determined would consistently crash. I haven't tried swooping around--but you're saying to disable a bunch but keep DynDOLOD enabled instead? I am 100% sure that I've got some screwy asset issues from Merge Plugins not consolidating them along, but had tried to make sure I kept the source mods enabled till (so e.g. I would just move the esp file into optional but keep the mod enabled.) I take it that doing this without extracting the bsa files leaves things not loading properly due to no longer having the named esp file with them, even though those files are merged into something else?
  13. Woooo! Some of kryptopyr's work is here! Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes Armor & Clothing Extension Edit: LOL, talk about shared enthusiasm.
  14. Bah. I tried going on a troubleshooting safari following the more in-depth DynDOLOD instructions for ferreting out CTDs, but it proved too labyrinthine to pin down. I suspect somewhere along the way it's an issue of having a bsa that isn't actually loading post-merge somewhere, leading to missing nifs in a matryoshka layering of issues, but I've already spent hours trying to resolve it to no end. Disabling DynDOLOD entirely completely stops the CTDs I was reproducing, so I guess I'm just going to have to live without it.
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