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  1. Guys, is it possible to disable the ENB antialiasing without disabling all the ENB entirely? The text on UI appears blurred and it is kind of annoying...
  2. I was generating DynDOLOD while following a modding guide, but then I realized I forgot to check some tickboxes as the guide suggested. Anyway, this process took almost 2 full hours and resulted to more than 7GB of output. I then proceeded to delete it and restart it over and I made sure I ticked all the boxes I had, but this time the process strangely took much less time. something around 30 minutes, and resulted only in almost 2GB of output. Is this normal?
  3. Well, you know what they say, the best thing is not doing it, but being able to do it...
  4. Ok, I left Ragnvald and wandered a bit clearing other areas and now my saving times have become normal again, 4-5 seconds. One of the weirdest things I've ever experienced.
  5. Guys, is it normal that saving suddenly takes much more time than usual at some point? I'm level 49 and pretty much cleared Whiterun, Falkreath, the Rift and most of the Reach and up until now saving in any form (autosave, quicksave and manual save) took no longer than 4-5 seconds. I'm currently exploring Ragnvald, took a save before the bossfight, but defeating him was harder than expected so I had to reload 5-6 times before managing to defeat him. I immediately went to save but this time it suddenly took something like 35-40 seconds. I thought this was way too suspicious and I feared it was a corrupt save, so I immediately deleted it and closed the game and restarted it just in case. I loaded the previous save and saved, but it took exactly 39 seconds. I loaded the oldest save I had but again it took something around 40 seconds. Loading takes no more time than before, it's just saving that suddenly takes much more time than usual. Is it normal or is it possible my profile got corrupted somehow?
  6. Thanks, tweaking the ENB did a good job in finding a middle ground. It's unfortunate that Skyrim doesn't have different "settings" for dungeons and inhabitated interiors, all I can hope is that TESVI brings a difference between dungeons and inhabitated interiors in terms of lighting, since the atmosphere is a huge factor while playing Skyrim - at least for me - but it would be even better if atmosphere is balanced with gameplay.
  7. Hey guys, is it possible to tweak some settings to make interiors brighter? I love that caves and crypts with no lightsource are dark and that carrying a torch finally is worth something, but unfortunately also all "populated" places like inns, homes and forts and such are WAY too dark, so I think I have to find a middle ground between dark caves and "seeable" inhabitated interiors. I also found the CLARALUX Testing Facility but I don't know if it's the right setting to tweak, and I'd rather not break my game lighting playing with it lol. Maybe there are some ini files to be tweaked?
  8. Thanks for the help, but it seems I've solved the issue simply redownloading USSEP and reinstalling it. Now there's no integrity issue panel showing up!
  9. I can't edit my previous post somehow, but I've experimented a bit with the issue I have about the integrity issue with Sacrosanct. I created a new profile with all the mods in the left pane deactivated, EXCEPT for Alternate Start - Live Another Life, SkyUI and Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim. Starting a new game with only these three mods active has not resulted in the window with the integrity issue popping up. I closed the game and then I also checked the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch in the left pane, and sorted the four plugins with LOOT. Started a new game, and the integrity issue window reappeared!!! I closed the game and deactivated the USSEP plugin in the right pane, but left the mod active in the left pane --> the integrity issue window appeared again! So it's something to do with the other folders that come along with the USSEP mod, my guess is the Scripts folder.
  10. Hey guys, I'm following this guide and I went through it all, but when I start a new game after some seconds a window shows up saying that Sacrosanct has an integrity issue, and that PlayerVampireQuestScript and/or DLC1PlayerVampireChangeScript have been modified by another mod... I deactivated all plugins until I only had SkyUI.esp and Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp active, but I still got the same error. So I went to check the left pane with the mod archives, but Sacrosanct doesn't show any conflict with any other mod. Reinstalled the mod, but still the same error. The odd thing is, the mod shows up normally in the MCM Menu and I can edit things as I please, but I'm not sure if it will work. What should I do now?
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