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  1. 2. When installing More perks merged, do I keep more perks, more perks companions, and traits checked in the left pane of MO and just leave more perks merged checked?
  2. Alright so maybe I figured it out. I guess I had to install the joefoxx animations with SPECIFIC options like "professional" and "relaxed stance". After doing that I can view the ini file. I still had to rename release 3 to match release 2 to get the [merge] option however. Hoping this is correct and not goiing to cause issues.
  3. Having an issue when installing the WAR-Enhanced Camera compatibility pack I have release 2 and 3 as instructed. when installing Release 3, after following the /nvse/plugins, move ini part, I am not getting the option to "merge". I tried it again but renaming release 3 to the same as the first and then I got the merge option. Is this the correct way? The next part, where you edit the ini """ This mod has some INI settings that all users should be aware of. Double click the mod in the left pane of MO and go the INI-Files tab. This setting is for head bobbing while running. It is on by default, but recommended to be turned off. """"I do not have the ini showing up in the ini-files tab.
  4. So I just installed Nevada skies and read in the guide I need to reinstall ILO and include the NS patch. What I did was reinstall all the parts in the lighting section, Nevada skies, then ILO (choosing the NS patch this time too) I also included NS in the ILO Merged file. Is this okay? I feel like this was what I'm supposed to do but no where in the guide does it describe the situation when you want NS
  5. Yeah, I'm still following the FnL guide right now. I'm doing it purely and only how the guide suggests. This time through I had PN plus JSU. No problems I noticed actually. My goal is to maybe mess with that after getting it to run perfect. Yeah I am going to start a clean save whenever it's time to play. I never liked PN really it made it feel too much like fallout 4, a feeling I like to avoid at all costs lol.
  6. Also in the part of the guide where you are setting up enboost Optional proxy use through enboost ProxyLibrary=other_d3d9.dll This is confusing. It then wants me to find where the other injector is located and change the name of the d3d9. Dll to what was put on the proxy library line. -where is the folder with the other injector? -what do I change the name to? "other_d3d9.Dll"? Should I just skip this part if it's optional?
  7. You're a life saver greg. Thank you. If you don't mind I'll come back here with any issues. I'm sure you're helping more people than just me by answering these. Quick question, In the enb boost part in the beginning of the guide. Does this install an enb? Or is this installing the prerequisites to an enb and we need to find an enb we want after?
  8. So I think I'm going to just start over and try to do this perfectly. Moving my steam directory to C:/games or something. I started getting weird issues with missing master files preventing me from launching. Like wmx and one of the big quest mods. I can still get the game to run fine but I can't live without weapon mods lol. I have a couple more questions if you're available..(sorry) 1. In the guide, there are various points where I am supposed to hit (merge) not (replace) when installing mods. Easy enough. But many times I would get a prompt but the guide would not instruct me on the option to select. Does that mean I should hit replace? When I did the guide yesterday I was hitting merge in most of those situations. 2.jsawyer ultimate. I kind of consider this mandatory at this point. Do you know how compatibility is? I have it working fine (with PN too and the jsawyer ultimate PN patch) but I don't want to screw my game down the line. I really can't find any info on F&L + JSU. I'm leaning towards using JSU and not using PN. The mod author suggests doing it this way even though he has a patch. 3.Just trying to be prepared here.. You answered my above question about joefoxxs animations. So in F&L I just follow the guide start to finish right? No jumping around needed? I can get WOTNM then the animations like the guide order insinuates? 4. Since I have almost all I need downloaded already, when reinstalling MO can I just copy my downloads folder to my new mo/downloads? Also should I get the newest MO? I'm on an older version using a workaround to access nexus (it works totally fine) 4. Lastly, are there any mods that you suggest I avoid (even ones not in the guide)? I remember enjoying a few mods that added more prospectors and wastelanders to the game and more. Startin back now
  9. Gotcha thanks. What exactly does this do, and what happens if someone doesn't do this?
  10. Hey guys can someone please help me. I have some questions. I have done 95% of the guide. Game runs great so far 1. Made the mistake of installing nv to my program files x86 directory. What are the issues I should expect? I have had some weird "access denied" issues with MO and file explorer but those seemed to have cleared up somehow (wouldn't let me uninstall mods or overwrite mods for the longest time. 2. Weapons of the new millenia. It's in the guide by itself with no mention of Joe foxx animations beforehand. Doesn't wotnm require the animations to even work? I got it installed (I think the right way at least) but I did install the animation stuff (or try to). 3. Had an issue where Nevada skies would not rain anymore. Other parts of the mod were okay though. Is it okay to Uninstall a mod like that and reinstall it? Because that's what I did and it works now. I just hope I didn't mess anything up in its wake. 4. THis is where I currently am: So you have to run this script on every single plugin to finish the guide? Like all 130~ of them? One at a time? I'll do it I'm just making sure I'm not missing a step to make this more automated One more,if you follow the guide to the t, how many plug-ins do you log by the end?
  11. Hey guys can someone please help me. So you have to run this script on every single plugin to finish the guide? Like all 130~ of them? One at a time? I'll do it I'm just making sure I'm not missing a step to make this more automated
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