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  1. Hi Lexys! Nemesis 84 did not worked for me, Missing jumbehavior.htx and load order message when opening.... I rollback to 82 as I had a backup and it worked fine! So do you merge new version of it on old one? I did a new mod for 84 and deleted 82... Thank yo so much and have a great summer!
  2. Hi Lexys. Could it be enbseries ? I've seen there is a 415... Can you test it ? As I still have a backup I can restore it but now I'm reinstalling... My previous: Well I forgot to remove Reshade because I did not update since last october... But it did not worked either after removing it. I'm going the long way to reinstall : delete everything even Skyrim SE and reinstall and all the tools, mods, etc... I can let you know about the results when I'm finished... If you ever found out before, please let me know here! Good week.
  3. Good day Lexys, Just updated my skyrim and everything works except when "Exiting to desktop" it doesn't ! See the skyrim screen and have a background notification that it crashed or not responding.... Any idea what it could be ? Thank you so much to maintain this guide!!
  4. Thanks Shadriss for the news! Yes they are very great textures so that's why I want to keep them for now... (hopefully if he release new version I hope it will tell which corresponding packages match the old ones :-) That will make things easier. Have a great week all.
  5. Hi Lexy! Thanks for all the updates... I'm going into the downloads now... I guess I'll keep the Luxor's textures files until you add new one... I assume there is no issues to that ? Have a good day!
  6. Hi Lexy ! Thanks for the updates and your continued support... Just update everything since I'm in vacation now for a while and will have time to play when it's rainy. Enjoy your holidays!
  7. Good morning Lexy!! I have update to last build and I have the dynamic equipment manager DLL that i got an error in MO2 too... I know that for another one you said it could be deleted... Should I delete this one too ? or any other ones that show up as error? Thank you for all your work again!
  8. Haha ! Yes just saw it as an update now that I,m there! Sorry :-) Have a good day!
  9. Hi Lexy... Somehow I have the convenient horse writing patch that I guess should be removed too... I'm not sure it was in your guide or if it's me that added it... But it was not in the to be removed in latest update... Just to let you know if it was in your setup.
  10. Hi Lexy! Just update since december (I'm quite busy and don't have lots of time for now) to latest and renumbered all the mods that were switch over different places in the load order! I'll start a new character today or tomorrow to see the new things. Thank you and all your team for your continued support and all the improvement to the guide!
  11. Hi Lexy! Just to let you know the latest xLodGen works correctly as I've done yesterday the two last updates! I'm quite happy. Wish you Happy Holidays and to all!
  12. Hi Lexys. Fix my saving problems by starting a new game... Guess my old save was messup ! Thank for your new updates too!
  13. Well I guess I forgot cleaning esm... I 'll try and come back... Just read it!
  14. Hi Lexy! Everything works but I'm crashing at saving... Any idea on the possible reasons ? Thank you... I' quite busy so I don't play a lot but will do it in Christmas time loll :-)
  15. You're always helpful! I tried it and got errors (that's why I asked) so I decided to go back to previous version. I' ll try again when a new version will be released. It doesn't matter really a lot I guess! Thank you Lexy.
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