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  1. Any plans on creating a modpack .auto file to go with Automaton? :) Also, does somebody have a link to the Discord?
  2. I have MO2, Skyrim and a separate utilities folder (with DynDOLOD in it) on an SSD. Previously, I ran DynDOLOD using the guide by Lexy and it generated at Medium and works flawlessly. I tried re-running DynDOLOD at high and get the error listed below. The only differences between the prior run and this run was: 1. My SSD is connected to my laptop instead of my main PC.2. I installed EEK's Renthal Flora (there does exist a terrain folder with LODs for some of the landscape plants)3. I installed 3D Plants (only plant textures/meshes, I deleted the ESP, trees and am not using the LODs since they were for the trees)4. I chose the high preset The above changes have been tested with the medium preset, and look great (and more importantly, the game is just as stable). The primary reason for moving to the high preset was because I updated my video card and wanted to see how it looked. The primary problem is that I don't even know what this error means - before I started blindly stabbing away at solutions, does anybody have any suggestions? My next move was going to be excluding EEK's Renthal and the 3D plants and try re-running DynDOLOD with the exact same left and right panels, but at the high preset. If that didn't work, I was going to try that but back on my main PC. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. What is the major difference between medium and high? I switched to high and lost like ~7-10 FPS, and I'm having trouble detecting a difference without a side by side.
  4. Suggestions on LOD generation for an "Ultra Quality" preset? I just bought an RTX 2080 and I want to bring it to it's knees. >:-)
  5. I followed the guide verbatim. Is an increasing frequency of CTD on cell transition as the game continues normal?
  6. Can you combine that skill leveling rate of the Skyrim Uncapper with Experience and Level Rate Rebalance? An idea is peculating in my mind... I'm betting we could extract a list of quests out of our mod list via a script, sort by encounter zone, and then re-balance leveling and skill rate gains contingent on the total quests available within each level range. You could, hypothetically speaking, aim for completion of ~80% of the quests for a given level range before being sufficiently powerful enough to progress to the next area - similar to how Blizzard designs progression for their WoW content. That way you would experience progression throughout the entirety of your play through. Hmm
  7. I thought the guide was very concise and easy to follow. I can't believe I built a mod installation of this size in 3 days. I've been running around and using console COC trying to cause a CTD and I haven't been able to do it. This has got to be the most stable I have ever seen a post modded Skyrim. Please accept my gratitude.
  8. Thanks - I didn't realize WoL needed a patch for SE. Caranthir Tower Reborn is mostly for LOD eye candy
  9. I have the Lexy LOTD build up, running and stable. I want to add more mods (I created another profile using the Lexy LOTD as a base, and renamed my output files so they aren't overridden) - is there anything in particular I should avoid? Mostly I'm thinking another quest mod or two (like wheels of lull, clockwork, etc), a couple player homes (i.e., Caranthir Tower) and a couple small scripted immersion mods like sleep tight. If possible the knockout overhaul would be nice... I would like Hunterborn but I feel like I would need to rebuild a few of the merged patches which I want to avoid. Thoughts?
  10. Ok, I admit after re-doing it with the left side de-activated that it was a lot smoother... lol
  11. The merges are done correctly. I kept the left panel patch mods which were merged active, and de-selected on the right side, so that I could keep track of them. I didn't realize that the bashed patch still picks them up.
  12. Alright, so I think I've figured it out. The instructions don't say anything about deactivating .esps on the merge plugins tab (the one of 4 which also has tweak settings, etc). It grabs a lot of plugins already merged, and you need to right click, deactivate everything, and manually select the plugins which were in the list initially prompting you to deactivate.
  13. I bet you have masters in your bashed patch that were merged into other patches. That's what I am currently trying to troubleshoot... but if you went ahead with the missing masters you would definitely get a CTD on startup.
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