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  1. Yes, that fixed it. Looks like I'm all set. Thanks!
  2. I think I've solved the problem. It's in my Farmhouse Chimneys Merge. I forgot I removed two of the towns required for the full merged patch available with the mod, so I merged them myself. Obviously something didn't work quite right. I'll test it out tonight and let you know.
  3. I've been struggling with a CTD issue for a few weeks now and I've exhausted all the troubleshooting advice I could find without a solution. I have a large load order based loosely on Lexy's LOTD SSE build. The problem is, everytime I try to activate DynDOLOD, I get CTDs in Riverwood and multiple other locations (I've mostly been testing Riverwood). Without DynDOLOD active, I was able to exit the caves at Helgen in the ASLAL vanilla start, travel to Riverwood and Whiterun and go in and out of locations there without issue. But with DynDOLOD active, I hit a consistent CTD just past the guardian stones (and along the road before the Riverwood bridge coming from the other direction). I also tried saving inside Gerdur's house and activating DynDOLOD there, but every time I exited I got the CTD. Then I started testing. Without DynDOLOD, I could coc from the main menu to Whiterun, let all my mods load, then coc to Windhelm, Morthal, Nightgate, Blackreach, Dawnstar, Karthwasten, Markarth, Ivarstead, Darkwater, Falkreath, Helgen, RavenRock, and Winterhold without any CTDs. Then I tried the same thing with DynDOLOD active. I could get to Whiterun, but after that the first 5 locations I tried resulted in a CTD. Also, without DynDOLOD I was able to enter godmode and flew over many of those trouble spots without incident. But with DynDOLOD, I could not get far in any direction before a CTD stopped me. Following the troubleshooting advice in Docs, I turned on the logging but there were no nif references at all in my papyrus log and nothing obvious in my DynDOLOD logs either. My TexGen and DynDOLOD installs complete successfully every time (I've now tried versions 2.37, 2.41 and 2.43). I tried hiding the textures and meshes in the DynDOLOD output. Then I started slowly cutting out content from the esp and then the esm with xedit, but no amount of cutting made a difference. Eventually I eliminated all the worldspace cells entirely, leaving only the persistent lines with Minions, Firstborn, etc. Then I eliminated the Trees and Static sections. Still got the CTD. And that's where I decided I'd had enough and called it quits. I have no idea why DynDOLOD is no longer working for me. It has worked fine in the past with previous builds. I simply can't discover where the problem lies, even after stripping out half my load order and then reducing the esp and esm to practically nothing. At this point, I'm resigned to using SSELODgen for object and tree lods, too, but I'm hoping someone here might have a suggestion. Has anyone seen a solution for an issue like this? I'm using Windows 10, MO2, and a 1080 Ti with 8gb vram.
  4. UPDATE: You were right, Alkira! I started a new game, let everything load in the alt start cell, and then just selected camping outside and it worked, no CTD. And here I thought I was doing good with all that testing - I guess it did work up to a point, just Dyndolod was the last straw that broke it. Thank you so much!!!
  5. Yes I deleted them. The only other file in there when I run Dyndolod is the one mini atlas TexGen creates. I leave that because there are no instructions in the guide to delete it after running TexGen and I don't know if Dyndolod uses or needs it. Thank you. I will give that a try.
  6. I'm having an issue with Dyndolod causing a pre-load CTD. I finished my build, ran through all the steps in the Finishing Line section, and my game loads and appears to run fine... except when I activate Dyndolod. It appears to crash right before the game would normally open up from the load screen. Every time. I had dyndolod working just fine last week (got a character up to level 14 before too much tinkering finally did me in). But now I can't seem to get it working. I've tried deactivating all the other finishing line mods and Dyndolod still causes a CTD. I've rebuilt the entire finishing line section three times now - carefully following the instructions - and no dice. I looked at the handful of location-type additions I've made since my previous build. There were a couple with unoptimized nifs, so I ripped them out of my load and reran the finishing line section again. No luck. SSELodgen, TexGen, and Dyndolod all completed successfully every time. I'm not sure what to try next. How do I pinpoint what's causing this? P.S. I'm just testing it using COC Riverwood from the menu screen. Haven't even made my character yet, so there's no save issue going on.
  7. OK, thank you. It's hard to tell because some of the faces in-game look pretty close to the pictures but others don't. So the bottom line is that if the text descriptors are exactly the same I shouldn't worry about the different formIDs and whether or not xEdit calls them conflicts? That would be helpful to know when building future conflict patches. Thanks again!
  8. Yes, the merge creates entirely new formIDs for those headparts. I searched in xEdit and the only place the new formIDs exist is in the merge. I'll try to test Shadriss' query later today if I get a chance.
  9. That's a good point, Shadriss. Honestly, I'm not completely sure yet. I'll have to do some research and compare. You can't see it in the screenshot, but if you expand the columns, the ID numbers for each head part number is completely different. Would Merged Plugins create entirely new ID numbers like that? I assumed they were different, but I'll open up xEdit and check the underlying values of those IDs and see if they're the same. Thanks for the response! I'll let you know what I discover.
  10. Hi, I'm having a hard time getting a merged plugin to pull in the values I want and I'm not sure if I'm missing something. I'm trying to merge several NPC retexture mods into one esp. I'm using Divine People of Skyrim, Migal's Housecarls, Improved Bards, Ordinary Women, Men of Winter, and the Bijin series. I prioritized them roughly in that order, as well. I created a Smash Patch which looked really good and had most of the values I wanted carried forward. I then created a small conflict resolution patch in xEdit to grab a few of the changed or missing values I wanted (mostly from patches like ICOW). Then I ran merged plugins and all my fine tuning seems to go out the window. Instead of using the values for the last three eps in my order - Bijin, Smash Patch, and Conflict Resolution patch (all of which are in agreement) my merge plugin is pulling in values that don't even appear in any of the relevant esps. As just one example, I want the Bijin head parts for Maven Black-Briar. The last three esps in my load (Bijin, Smash, and CR) all point to those values. The only other eps affecting that NPC record are Ordinary Women and Skyrim.esm. But when I create my merge, I don't get any of those values. Merged Plugins creates a whole new set of values. I know they must come from somewhere, but I can't see them and I can't figure out how to get Merged Plugins to end up with the values I want. I can't even forward a record into the merged esp or an external CR patch, because that turns the merged esps into masters and doesn't work. I included a screenshot of the Maven record in xEdit to illustrate the issue. But it's also happening in most of the other NPCs as well. Can someone please explain why Merged Plugins isn't pulling in those last loaded values, where those other values str coming from, and is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Thanks!
  11. I just exited the Helgen cave for the first time with my completed load order. Granted, I'm not very far into it and lots to test yet, but so far I'm loving the look and feel of this build. I had one black face which I fixed, and two invisible armor which I haven't figured out yet (they were only during the beheading scene and I couldn't really investigate). The other issue I had was the no rain issue. I solved the rain issue on my build by doing the following: 1. Loaded my Weather Systems Merged profile into xEdit 2. Under the merged esp, I opened up Shader Particle Geometry 3. I carried True Storms esp's values into the Weather Systems Merged esp - the only two values that needed changing were "# of Subtextures Y" and "Box Size" (I assume Box Size is really the important one here) 4. Saved the Merged file changes and closed xEdit, then opened my entire load in xEdit 5. Selected Shader Particle Geometry from Weather Systems Merged again and carried those two values from the Merged esp all the way to the furthest right column (in this case it was Lexy's LotD Conflict Resolution) 6. Saved the changes to Lexy's CR, closed xEdit, and fired up Skyrim Voila! I had rain!!! Not sure what needs to be done to keep this from happening with successive builds, but this worked perfectly as a one-time fix.
  12. Something in the combination of the new DynDolod standalone version and new LOD instructions solved the DynDolod master error I was getting. DynDolod just completed successfully!
  13. Thanks mtreis86... Yes, I can load my whole order in xedit without any problem. I have 249 plugins loading, so there is space to add the master you're talking about. Not sure why it wouldn't be able to do so.
  14. To Lexy and all the awesome contributors working on this: Thanks for this guide! It's been fun putting my modlist together and I've learned so much from the guide and this forum along the way. I'm at the finishing line now - so close! - and I can't get DynDolod to complete. The logs shows this error: Exception in unit process line 84: FormID [3F018F89] references a master which is not available in file [FD] DynDOLOD.esp I don't understand this because there is no DynDOLOD.esp active in my order. I searched the guide and didn't find it ever listed there, either. That particular mod only has the primary, cleaned ESMs as masters and there are no errors or conflicts at that FormID position (it's a worldspace line in Phenderix, which I added on at the end) so I'm at a loss as to what that DynDolod error means. Any ideas what causes it and how I can fix it? I did update both DynDolod Standalone and Resources to the latest versions. Also, I'm a little hazy now as to what should be active when running DynDolod. Should SSE-Terrain-Tamriel be turned off in both panes or just the right? Should the Great Equalizer, Smash Patch, and zPatch all be active in left and right? And should the SSE_Lodgen and TexGen output mods both be active when running DynDolod? Thanks for any help!
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