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  1. Does that mean that the Nexus version is now the "official" and "best" version of the guide?
  2. Why is Windowed Borderless recommended now? Isn't Borderless generally guaranteed to make performance a bit worse in most games? (And in modded Skyrim, performance is critical...)
  3. Thanks! Nice to know. I see the guide uses DynDOLOD 2.54, but the Resources in the main part of the guide are still 2.45. I assume that's an oversight and not deliberate?
  4. I notice that Experience is now part of the guide. How well does it work for OMEGA? I considered Experience half a year ago, but figured it would likely it's a risky choice with the OMEGA setup. The OMEGA uses Skyrim Skill uncapper INIs to get you quickly to level 20 (the minimum level for a lot of EZs), and then leveling much slower from there on out to spend the most time in a level range that is fun and challenging. Isn't that lost when using Experience? I'm thinking particularly of the first 20 levels; the Experience mod would have me explore and do a lot of quests to get to level 20, but that's hard when most enemies and EZs are far above that. I notice that there is a custom Experience ini for this guide, but it has no further description, so I have no idea what it's like. Also, I see Skyrim Skill Uncapper is still used. Does this have good synergy with Experience?
  5. Thanks! By the way, I notice in the guide that cleaning instructions on the various mods say But AFAIK all of them should be updated to reflect the new quick clean procedure.
  6. Thanks for the input! Though release dates being what they are, is this the kind of "next couple of months" that could mean "perhaps in a year"? I would also be very interested in hearing Lexy's thoughts on my question. :) Thanks for a great and thorough guide, by the way!
  7. Hi there Lexy and everyone. I decided to update Skyrim (haven't been playing since summer) and completely ruined my beloved save (infinite loading screen, haven't been able to get to the bottom of it despite trying for a few days). RIP Freya Wolfsbane. I'm strongly considering starting anew with this guide for my end-all, be-all, slow, deliberate, meditative playthrough of Skyrim (not playing that often, so I'll play on that save for many months, or perhaps even more than a year). However, I notice that this guide is frequently updated, and occasionally explicitly requires starting a new save, which is just completely out of the question for me. Also, mod updates are dangerous anyway (in case of trouble, it seems particularly difficult to roll back to last known good state when there are lots of merges and other tools in the update process), not to mention that frequent updates take a lot of time I simply don't want to spend on a regular basis. So I'll likely be following this guide exactly once and then never updating. My question to Lexy is this: Is right now a good time for that, or should I wait a week or month for some known major mod/tooling update that might be in the works? (Remember, I need stability, so if a big addition to the guide is just around the corner but it'll be many months before it's stable, I'll probably do without.)
  8. On the pre smash steps, #7 says "Navigate to the Skyrim SE DATA Folder and remove Bashed Patch, 0.esp." For me, this was placed in the override folder. I assume this is correct and that the guide is incorrect here. Also, the FNIS.ini RedirectFiles stuff didn't work; the output still ended up in my override. I just moved it manually to "FNIS - Output". (A comment in the FNIS.ini file says that the ini file must be placed in the real Skyrim Data directory, not in the MO virtual mod folders, perhaps that's the culprit? Haven't tested that myself.)
  9. I've gotten to the "Finishing Line" page, but I get this warning in LOOT. Should I ignore it?
  10. While we're at it, on the Finishing Line page you refer to "Scarcity SE - 4x Merchant Item Rarity.esp" as "Scarcity SE - 4x Merchant Rarity.esp". I think I saw that name another place too, but I can't find it now.
  11. I see, thanks! By the way, on the Finishing Line page you list "Farmhouse Chimneys Merged.esp", but the plugin name (as instructed on the merge page) is "FarmhouseChimneys - Merged.esp".
  12. @DarkladyLexy in the guide you say that SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp should NOT be installed. But: It's required by animals merged (as noted on the merge page)It's a master of SkyTEST Less Fear SSE Patch.esp, SAFO - SkyTEST RAP.esp, Lexy's LoTD SE - Conflict Resolution.esp, Animals Merged.esp (of course), and Conflict Resolution Merged.espYour ModWatch page lists the pluginSo why are you saying in the guide that it should be deleted?
  13. EDIT: nevermind, missed a page of posts that contained an answer.
  14. And yet another question in addition to the above: Below the weather systems merge, the guide says: Please note when using xEdit to check for errors this merge will spew out errors in the Shader Particle Geometry this is false positive and can be safely ignored. Should users following your guide check merged plugins for errors in xEdit? Or was the above meant more as a helpful message to users who decide on their own to check for errors? I can't find any mention of such checking being required when following your guide.
  15. Thanks. Your guide says to sort with LOOT first and then manually move the to-be-merged ESPs to the bottom in the order specified by the guide. Are you saying it isn't really necessary to sort with LOOT first? And one more problem from me: The guide instructs to rename LightngDuringStorm.esp to MintyLightningMod.esp. But that means that "Vivid Weathers SE - LightingDuringStorm Patch.esp" is missing a master (LightngDuringStorm.esp) and can't be loaded in Merge Plugins during the Weather Systems merge. What's the correct solution here? And why is the rename needed in the first place since it is merged anyway?
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