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  1. Ah cool, thanks. So nothing for me to be concerned with, which I'm guessing is why no log haha...I'm probably 1 of only a couple who noticed.
  2. Speaking of logs heh... Was 79 released twice? Wondering the difference between the two, as I currently am creating LODs with the first one.
  3. Thanks for the update. Alpha 35 resolved both issues for me.
  4. Just reporting an issue with the DynDOLOD 3, Alpha 34, related to the UI. When adding a new rule (right click > insert) in the "Mesh and Reference rules" section of the Advanced window, the last line gets pushed down (as expected), but you cannot scroll down to see it. Adding further rules continues to push the last line further down, out of sight. At first I thought it was removing or overwriting the rule that you happen to be right clicking on, but if you remove a rule, it brings the hidden line back up and it's viewable again. This does not happen in Alpha 33. As a side note, I'm also getting the "Item not found" error that RockGodOne and verrik are reporting, which was introduced (for me) in Alpha 34. This issue is not present when generating LODs in Alpha 33 (which I've reverted back to for now). I'll consider posting logs for that, if I get a chance, but for now I really just wanted to mention the UI thing.
  5. Hi there, When I comment out "LabyrinthianMazeWorld (Shalidor's Maze) - Skyrim.esm" in "DynDOLOD_SSE_worldspace_ignore.txt" I no longer see it appear on the DynDOLOD Worlds list. I have "BSHeartland (Tamriel) - bsheartland.esm" commented and that appears on the list as expected. In previous versions, when I commented LabyrinthianMazeWorld, it did appear on the list. I have reinstalled DynDOLOD. Anything else I should try? Regards.
  6. I'm currently building Terrain LODs as we speak, using version 60. While it has yet to complete, I am not getting those errors anymore. I'll report back if I see any other issues, but it looks great now. You are awesome! Thanks so much for the quick update!
  7. Starting with version 59, I'm getting several of the following errors while running only Terrain LODs: Error saving textures: Image passed to TImagingCanvas constructor is in unsupported format (Image @00000000A0A9FD83 info: Width = 512px, Height = 512px, Format = R8G8B8, Size = 768 KiB, Bits @00000000A50F1000, Palette @0000000000000000.)I did not get this with version 58 using the same settings. I'm just wondering where I might start to troubleshoot this, or if you know what would cause that? Or do you need more info?
  8. Doh... through my testing, I forgot to swap back. That was it. TexGen/DynDOLOD 2.38 generated perfectly this time, without any exit errors in the logs. Thanks for all your hard work.
  9. I wanted to edit this in, but looks like the edit expired. :P Forgot to mention, \Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects appears empty, since I guess it just fails there. This does not happen with 2.36 on the exact same load order.
  10. Version 2.38 has fixed the problem I had as mentioned in post# 444. Great updated, thanks. The only logged error I had was in LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt: file not found D:\skyrim special edition\data\meshes\lod\dbm\dbmsurface_lod_2.nif Log ended at 6:27:22 PM Code: 404
  11. Just as an FYI, I had the same error, with the exception happening after the same mod. I ran 2.36 on the exact same load order and it worked perfectly. SSEEdit showed no errors in the mod.
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