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  1. Hello I am following the Prerequisites instructions and when I install SSE Creation Kit Fixes and launch the CK I get this error log: Terrain build dispatcher created.Creation KitUser Name: DavidCreateProcess failed (2). Should I be concerned about this?Thanks
  2. Looking through the guide I dont see any mention of patches or compatibility issues between Legacy of the Dragonborn and Immersive Citizens I find nothing about it either on the ICAIO compatibility page and no patch in the LOTD patches So can I take it they are generally compatible ? edit - I am asking in general sense; not specifically related to a full install of your guide
  3. Good - now I know where the guides are hidden :) Watched your video godescalcus - a very different looking Skyrim than I am used to And all done with Wrye Bash; nice one.
  4. I am not sure how to use the STEP wiki properly - I dont know how to find the various builds guides without someone actually giving me a link Is there a list or a special section where they are all gathered?
  5. I am awed by your guide Lexy - just saying. Even if I wouldnt set out to do it all, there is so much there that is a solid foundation for building my own game. I keep going back and forth in my mind between SE and LE. I can't decide which to use for my next play. I notice from your guide that many of the mods on Nexus SE are poorly ported LE mods and have to be fixed up or niffed to be used safely. Some of them are mods I would consider essential eg Immersive Armors. Also MO2 and Vortex are still works in progress. All in all I find myself wondering, is it still too soon for me to move to SE? Are my concerns justified? Would I be better to stick with LE for now? Just to say what I want to do this time out; although I've played several hundred hours of Skyrim over the years I've never completed the main quest or any of the other main questlines. I know - what the hell was I doing? Well strangely in Skyrim I never needed anyone telling me what to do and I've always played Skyrim DID; so I've started over many times. But this time I want to do at least the main quest and maybe some others. My main aim is to build a stable game that is basically an improved vanilla game. The main improvements being QoL and gameplay. I'm less concerned about graphics. Actually I like the way vanilla SSE looks when I switch off all the special effects (TAA, DoF, GRs etc). I hate what they do to the image - muzzy and fuzzy. I like Skyrim crisp and clear like an alpine lake. Anyway I know you're not a therapist - any thoughts welcomed.
  6. Are there any videos and screenshots showing Lexy's build in action?
  7. There is definitely a lot that can help me set up my game in Lexy's SSE Guide. I dont plan to install the entire thing - dont think my skills or my computer could handle it - but There is so much good info and advice about many mods I want to use. The very first section about SKSE plugins is excellent. I already had found a couple of them for an earlier abandoned build and there are more besides; all pretty necessary seems to me. Really excellent work. My first question concerns the ini for the Uncapper. I dont plan to use Ordinator so I want to set PerksAtLevelUp to the default value, 1 per level. This is what I see in the ini 1 = 1.002 = 1.403 = 1.20 And the instructions is "Change this to the vanilla setting 1 = 1.00" I am not sure what exactly I am supposed to do...
  8. Hello I am new to playing Skyrim SE but I have some experience with Skyrim LE over the years using NMM and MO1. Last time out a year ago I used MO for the first time and built a basic game (~ 70 mods) which was very stable. Overall I always felt a bit out of my depth with MO; I'm not an advanced geek or modder; a lot to learn and keen to. I want to build my first SSE game and I have been looking around at various guides and I found yours So I just want to say hello and make sure it's ok to ask questions etc here
  9. Thanks folks Yes it's a completely clean vanilla install. The screenshot is from LE; but I had exactly the same issue in the same spot a couple of days ago with an SE install. I came across a comment from Arthmoor saying these types of glitches and anomalies are due to bugs in the engine. What you both say here seems to confirm that. At least now I know and can try to find a fix; or just not worry about it. The textures pop in as I move (tcl) towards the area. It's just a bit unsightly; spoils the view somewhat. I never used Dyndolod or any LOD mods in previous playthroughs. Nor have I used ENBs. I have used only the High Resolution Texture pack and some very minor graphical improvements to skin and hair etc Up to this I have used mostly quality of life and gameplay mods with the focus on enhancing more or less vanilla gameplay At the moment I want to build another install for a playthrough and I've been undecided whether to go with LE or SE I dont actually like any of the graphical 'improvements' in SE and I disabled them all last week when I was trying out SE for the first time properly I like Skyrim crisp and clear like an Alpine lake; I dislike graphical enhancements that blur everything and make the game look muddy, like TAA does SE looks good without the special effects - but a little over saturated compared to LE. As you can see I'm still undecided which version to go with From what I see at STEP it looks as though most of the focus has been on LE - is that right? And if so is that still the case? Any comments or suggestions welcomed Thanks
  10. I hope this will help... https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ibh768xb1wm9c0/72850_20180713170341_1.png?dl=0 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1439974166
  11. Hello - I am setting up for a new game using Legendary and consulting the STEP guide This has to do with a vanilla issue. Not sure if it is a known issue or not. On a fresh vanilla install at ultra settings I use 'coc chargenexit' to spawn a default character at the exit from Helgen Keep I run NW to a rocky spur that overlooks the White River valley opposite Bleak Falls Barrow To the left one can see lake Ilinalta and to the right Riverwood down the valley I have a steady 60FPS as I rotate at this spot About half way down the valley towards Riverwood at the spot just below Bleak Falls Tower there is a section of the river missing A geometrical slice of river textures is missing I have tested this in vanilla LE and SE versions and the same section of the White River is missing in both There also seem to be some missing water textures on Lake Ilinalta in the distance Is this a known issue or specific to my setup or install? I think it may have something to do with occlusion culling? I know there is an issue with that in some areas of SE Is there a way to fix this? Thanks My System specs W7 64 bit i3 4170 3.7 GHz 8GB ram GTX 1060 3GB
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